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    I have a very strange problem, and have spent the last 6 months of my life trying to figure out whats gone wrong. I’ll try to put it out as fast and complete as I can. I am 24, around 8% bodyfat, weigh 160lb/ 5/10” lift weights regularly, and am in very good physical condition. I have never done steroids or used any strange supplements before. Before “the problem” started, I had a RAGING sex drive and never had an ED problem in my life. I was like a normal person for me age, I guess. I couldn’t get enough sex, and slight fantasies about girls would turn me on in a flash. Around 6 months ago, I masturbated for an extremely long session(about 4-5 1/2 hours), and the next day I feel a little off, but think nothing of it. As the days go by, I see my penis has shrunk down some, sort of the look when you get out of a pool, and and isnt responsive/ and I don’t have any sex DRIVE ever. I lost all spontanous/psychogenic erectile ability. I wait about 1.5 months and see a urologist, he looks at me, says heres some Cialis, it should get better with time. I take this regularly, and as the months goes on, my libido stays very low, with one temporary peak that lasted about 2 days. I felt horny and normal again, and my penile skin felt sensitive. I masturbated like normal, and it felt great. That peak was about 2 months ago.

    As soon as it came, it was gone again, and I am left with no libido, and minimal penile sensitivity, and a penis that doesn’t look or feel the same anymore. I have a ton of new visible veins in the penis, one that seems varicose, that I am 100% positive were never visible before “the problem”. I have also lost flaccid girth, but im hoping its reversible somehow.

    Here is the final kicker, that maybe will help some of you guys with hormone experience give me some possibilities. I got some bloodwork, and my testosterone free and total is high. Here is the results of everything.

    Testosterone Free and Total, LC/MS/MS Range

    Total Testosterone 1075 250-1100 ng/dL

    Free Testosterone % 1.88 1.10-2.80%

    Free Testosterone 202.1 H 35.0-155.0 pg/mL


    T3 Uptake 36H 22-35%

    T4 Total 7.1 4.5 – 12.5 mcg/dL

    Free T4 index (T7) 2.6 1.4-3.8

    TSH 2.84 .40 – 5.50 mIU/L

    The thyroid seems pretty normal, but my total testosterone is high and my free testosterone is over range. Yet, I have no desire for sex, the skin on my penis feels like the skin on my arm. I can get an erection with manual stimulation, but i’m not aroused at all, even by porn, so it doesn’t feel that pleasurable and it doesn’t last. Its so bizarre to be able to look at porn, and what once was extremely erotic, just seem like watching something only minimally arousing. Orgasm doesn’t feel anywhere as pleasurable either. What should I do from here? Aside from this issue, I have no depression issues, and am staying positive right now, cause I know I can beat this. If you rule out depression, and diabetes, what else could cause this. Also, I do wakeup with morning wood on occasion, but when I do, I sometimes don’t even realize it, cause there is very little sensation from my penis, and its never stays up for long after waking, like it used to. That tickly electric sensation has been gone for about 5.5 months. I sincerely appreciate everyones time! (THIS POST WAS WRITTEN ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO)


    Again, here are my main symptoms.

    * Zero Libido/sex Drive

    * Bad Erectile Dysfunction even when using max doses of Cialis or Levitra

    * Loss of Morning / Spontaneous / Nocturnal Erections

    * Penile Tissue Changes (narrowing, shrinkage, curving, numbness, wrinkled)

    * Penis Feels “disconnected” from head or body

    ****Complete loss of pleasure during Orgasm, this is new during last month. I know oxytocin is created by the pituitary, so I’m wondering is something is damaged there? I literally have no sensation during sex/masturbation, a slight sensation at approach of orgasm, and then nothing when there used to be a massive euphoric rush and tingly sensation thoughout my body. This is worrying me the most now.

    Here are the results: In Range Out of Range Refererence Range

    Estrogens, Fractionated, LC/MS/MS

    Estrone, LC/MS/MS 23 pg/ml

    Reference Range: < OR = 68


    Reference Range: < OR = 29

    Estriold, Serem <0.10 ng/mL

    Reference Range:

    Adults: 0.2 or LESS

    Hepatic Function Panel

    Only listing things out of range:

    ALBUMIN 5.2 H Range : 3.6 – 5.1 g/dL

    AST 88 H Range: 10-40 U/L

    ALT 81 H Range: 9 -60 U/L

    New Testosterone Results, FREE BIO TOTAL LC/MS/MS Range:

    Testosterone Total 1081 250-1100 ng/dL

    Testosterone Free 127.8 46.0 – 224.0 pg/mL

    Testosterone BioAva 301.7 110.0-575.0 ng/dL

    SHBG 44 7-49 nmol/L

    Albumin Serum 5.2 H 3.6-5.1 g/dL

    Estrogens, Total Serum 116 pg/mL Reference Range 130 or LESS

    Progesterone, LC/MS/MS .3 ng/mL Reference Range .3 or LESS

    PREGNENOLONE 39 ng/dL Reference Range 10-200

    Dihydrotestosterone FREE Serum: PENDING, will know tomorrow

    ESTRADIOL, FREE, LC/MS/MS PENDING, will know tomorrow

    CBC = everything within range

    ALDOSTERONE 13 ng/dL

    CORTISOL, TOTAL 26.9 mcg/dL H

    Reference Range for 8AM (7-9AM) 4.0 to 22.0

    Reference Range for 4PM (3-5PM) 3.0-17.0

    (I took this bloodtest at 11am, after a stressful situation trying to get the doctor to order these tests)


    DHEA Sulfate 302 110-510 mcg/dL

    FSH 1.4 L 1.6-8.0 mIU/mL

    LH 3.9 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL

    Prolactin 8.7 2.0 – 18.0 ng/mL

    T-4, Free 1.3 0.8 – 1.8 ng/dL

    TSH, 3rd Gen 2.23 0.40 – 4.50 mIU/L

    PSA, total 0.8 < or = 4.0 ng/mL

    T3, FREE 297 230- 420 pg/dL

    ************************************************** ********************************************

    I know its a lot to look at, but I really appreciate anyone’s help. IUrologists up to this point offer nothing but cialis, which barely works. Within the last month, the ejaculatory anhedonia is really scary! Is my LH really “normal”, and what causes FSH to be low? My old testosterone and thyroid results were done in June, so if you reference them, thats the date. Thanks again.

    WHEN I BEGAN EXPERIENCING NO PLEASURE AT ORGASM, I LOST ABOUT 90% of the sensitivity in my penis. This again, occured after I did some prolong edging. Has anybody recovered from this low sensitivity? It seriosly seems like some kind of nerve damage to me. I can feel touch, but its like touching the skin on my elbow. Zero pleasure. Will a long period abstinence provide any help here???

    I have taken a ton of different supplements that have no helped my libido or ED. I am interested in hearing anyones advice or theories. Thanks.

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    first welcome to the forum. second what were the supplements you took for your ED?

    thirdly it looks like you have caused trama to your penis because of that vigorous masturbation session.



    you need Armour thyroid, you are hypothyroidism!

    your TSH is to high, and Free’s are to low

    get tested for ANTI’s to see if your Hashi’s


    Reference Range: < OR = 29 ”

    thats way to high.

    get Estradiol Serum done too



    E2/shbg is high affecting his free testosterone

    Dietary imbalances, lose weight, examine estrogen based foods or possible supplementation.

    Zinc deficiency, copper excess from high e2

    cortisol is inaccurate refelcts previous stress.



    I’m been actively trying to fight back this horrible condition for the last 8 months of my life. The doses are daily, and were taken for a least 1 month straight.

    Supplements Over Counter

    Regular L-Arginine (Doses between 1gram – 3grams) = No benefit and lots of upset stomach

    Acetyl L-Carnintine(Doses between 500mg – 2grams) = No perceived benefit

    Propyl L-Carnintine(Doses between 500mg – 2grams) = No perceived benefit

    VASOFLOW (1-3 pills) = definite increase in erectile function, some nasaue

    Muira Puama (500 mg) = No help for libido

    Gotu Kola (1 gram) = No perceived benefit

    Pine Bark OPCs (50 mg) = No percieved benefit

    Ashwagandha (50mg ) = No percieved benefit

    Zinc(30mg – 50mg) = No percieved benefit

    Horny Goat Weed(500mg -2g’s standardized 10% icarrin) = the only thing so far that has helped my nonexistant libido, and has helped the decreased sensitivity of genetelia, but only for the first few weeks of use.

    Borage Oil(300mg) = No percieved benefit

    Vitamine E full spec(400mg – 800mg) = No percieved benefit

    Korean Red Ginsing(1000mg – 3000mg) = Initial increase in erectile function…some insomnia with high doses


    Pentoxifylline(800mg -1200mg) = 4 months so far, no noticeable improvements.

    Cialis(5mg -20mg) = Temporary improvement in erectile function, initially only needed 5 mg to help, now up to 20mg. (no sides)

    Levitra(20mg) = Stronger effect than Cialis, but works only for 4-6 hours, and gives me a stuffy nose.

    Trazadone(25mg) = Helped NTE’s initially, but then caused retrograde ejaculation.

    Depression specific

    Overall the hardest thing about this disease or condition is the mental toll. If I could only take one supplement to help me get through this the rest of my life, it would be SAM-E. Wow, I’ve taken the following RX antidepressant drugs in the past and nothing has come close to what this has done for my depression. These drugs include Prozac, Lexapro, Remeron, and Wellbutrin. If you have to take a RX, go for the Wellbutrin or Remeron. But neither have done anything to help my depression like SAM-E. Also, I read on the forum that SAM-E may have some type of anti-fibrotic effects when combined with PPC’s. I haven’t seen any physical improvements since I started taking it, but the mental makes it worth it for me.

    SAM-E(400mg – 800mg) = Amazing supplement. Try an expensive reputable company like Solgar or Jarrow. Its very unstable and needs to be enteric coated.

    Things I still want to try to help increase nonexistant libido and lack of penile sensation. Maca, Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali. I’m too scared to try Yohimbe, becuase of the tons of negative reports I’ve read about it. Also, my testosterone levels, Total and Free, and very high but I still have zero libido. Do you think taking products that naturally increase these levels like Tribulus or Tongkat are dangerous? I wouldn’t be taking them for the testosterone effects, only the libido effects. I don’t know what else to try. I have also tried DIM and it did not help. Thanks for everyone’s support.



    Max, how is he hypothyroid? All of his values are within range and look good.

    You mentioned having used antidepressants, plus you have the same symptoms as me, along with a bunch of other people. The usual website is the following, but has since been hacked:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    The yahoo group where everyone posts is at:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Repost your story here and explain the antidepressants a bit more, someone will have something to say.



    These antidepressants were taken a long time ago, for depression related issues. They are not at all related to my symptoms, becuase I hadn’t taken any of them for years leading up to the prolonged masturation night, and never had issues after I stopped. I have also had a penile duplex ultrasound after the incident, and it showed I have low arterial flow and some venous outflow. My thinking is there is some kind of nerve trauma that never healed, becuase what else would cause the low sensitivity? I think there is a definite relationship between libido, penile sensitivity, and pleasure at orgasm. I know had a bad porn addiction before, so bad it caused the prolonged session. I don’t have it anymore though, becuase I have no libido anymore. Pretty scary. I have tried abstinence periods of about a week, but didnt really notice any improvements. I appreciate any other thoughts. Considered getting a nerve test done, but what would the point be. There is no RX treatmens for nerve damage. I guess it would be good to hear some other guys who have recovered from lost sensation and recovered that tingly feeling of being arrosed. You dont realize how much you will miss something till you lose it.




    his TSH is to high and Free T3 is to low.

    most people want Free T3 360 or higher.



    it looks like you have a couple of serious issues. the arterial flow and venous after-flow is a concern. I also wonder if you haven’t developed scar tissue which is compressing the nerves and causing further problems. Libido is more to do with dopamine and the brain and less on testosterone. I would look for HGW that is at least 20% icarrin and preferably 50% icarrin if possible. I would keep the ALCAR and PLCAR stack because it helps with scar issue. As for your supplement regime there is good stuff in there, some hasn’t been proven to help with scar tissue like Vitamin E but overall a good health stack and I would keep at it for a months to see if improvements are made. Some of the stuff has a cumulative effect.Apart from the ultrasound has the urologist done any further tests. How bad is your curvature?




    How well does the Cialis and/or Levitra work for you now?

    How good of an erection can you get with them?



    The low sensitivity is the million dollar question, and yes, all of those are probably related to one another.

    I managed to get the sensitivity up a little bit a few months ago after experimenting with some hormone gels, but I wouldn’t recommend it and I am now pursuing other routes.

    It has something to do with neurotransmitters as well. I can’t feel anything down there and I never did anything to damage myself down there. My doc confirmed that my dopamine levels are too low so he had me take a pee test to get an actual measure of them all, which I’ll be seeing in a few weeks.

    Search, I know I’ve seen at least one topic dealing with sensitivity.



    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the responses.

    BlueShark- How bad is your curvature?

    My curvature isnt that bad. There was about 20 degree curvature as a result of the trauma, but its not like peyronies bend. It still looks somewhat normal, and the curvature is from the base, not some hard scar tissue in the middle. I feel like my penis is loose at the base now, perhaps the pudental arteries and nerves were damaged. It hangs lower than normal, and I have lost 95% of the ability to make it jump if I flex my PC muscles.

    – I can get a hard erection when I taken the 20 mg Cialis or 20 mg Levitra or 100 mg of Viagra. The Problem is, even at these doses, my penis never feels like it seals off the bloodflow. Before, when I would get an erection, once it was fully hard, it would stay hard for like 10 minutes after I stopped any stimulation. Now, the tissue can get hard, but if I stimulation stops, the erection is gone in less than a minute. It never gets hard and stays hard on its own.

    MasterShay1- Sensitivity is the million dollar question. I know my problem isnt testosterone or estradiol related. I got retested a few weeks later and estradiol was in range. So it has to be nerves, or low bloodflow, or dopamine, or something else i dont know about. I am going to try the high ALC and PLC and ALA treatment for a couple months to see if it will help my sensitivity. It really sucks to live like this.



    it might be a start of peyronie’s but I can’t confirm that. you did say that you had blood flow issues and new veins appearing. what was the doctor’s comment on those ones. I second the ALCAR/PLCAR combo. Look into a VED too.



    Thanks for the reply Joe.

    I am really starting to believe, more and more, that the bulk of my problem(s) have to do with nerve damage due to destructive masturbatory practices which I engaged in a frequent basis (i.e. 3-4 times a day).



    We both have the same problem, it’s just that you guys got there by physical means, whereas I OD’ed on a pill and woke up the next day with no feeling.

    It has to have something to do with the neurotransmitters. Maybe we both overstimulated one of them in different ways? I wish there was a fool-proof way of testing, but I’m not even sure how accurate this pee test I’m taking will be.

    There is a guy named Dr. Braverman in New York that specializes in treating neurotransmitters directly. He a few books, one is called The Edge Effect. Pretty cutting-edge stuff that I might look into later on.

    Pain, do you have any other symptoms?



    you might want to look into increasing amino acid content from diet.



    if you want to improve amino acids on diet i recommend something like this, although you should get treated if youre hypo with armour:


    protein shake with milk and cod liver oil plus half a teaspoon salt


    piece of fish with handful of salted nuts and an apple


    raw vegetables in a salad with an oil dressing and three boiled salted eggs


    orange with handful of nuts and a piece of fish


    organic meat with small dose of potatoes and for example brocolli

    snack before bed

    banana with a protein shake plus flaxseed oil

    i highly recommend protein in the morning, i notice this is a huge difference for me as to how i feel in the morning versus a carbohydrate meal like oats with milk, so take a shake which is absorbed more quickly and has a better amino acid profile than eggs, although three boiled eggs with salt is also an excellent start of the day, try to take a protein powder without aspartame and low sugar/carb content

    salt is important with iodine, this forces you to drink more water because of thirst and heigthens blood pressure (if you have adrenal fatigue)

    cod liver oil is good for omega 3s, which is good against depression, hence included the fish as well.. i can get two nice fillets of trout at trader joes for cheap and tastes great this stuff.. plus the fish is protein

    lunch is structured for me as a healthy meal with no carbs to prevent the mid afternoon crash.. an olive oil dressing with raw vegetables will delay uptake of the food you eat after this.. i.e. the eggs, the eggs also contain a good complete amino acid profile although i prefer whey

    in the afternoon you can take your second fillet of fish which is really easy to digest, can be salted which is good for adrenal fatigue

    dinner should be a good steak for amino acids and this just gives you the fuller feeling in comparison with the rest of the day, as an example i put in brocolli (good against estrogen) but any dark green vegetable like spinach will be good

    in the evening i put in a banana for tryptophan which increases relaxation needed before sleep

    the nuts are good for the healthy fats and preferably you should take unburned nuts because the burned ones create unhealthy fats alongside, also you can toss in pumpkin seeds and other seeds in your salad at noon

    at night you can take a protein shake if needed before bed with some flaxseed oil which contains omega 3 as well, and will slow the uptake of the protein which is good for at night, take it not directly before sleep but like an hour before, i notice when i take something with protein or any food in small quantities before bed i have a better morning erection

    things to take while gulping down your morning shake are a multi, a b complex and a time released vitamin c powder with maybe a greens powder

    you can optionally take the multi in the morning and move the vitamin b and c to the afternoon when most people start to get the afternoon drowsiness and stress, which will be a more appropriate timing

    additiona supps to take are maybe a good dessicated adrenal gland product one tablet in the morning and in the afternoon for adrenal fatigue, maybe armour for hypo

    this small meal heavy protein and healthy fat with low carbs diet strategy will prove to be beneficial more than the standard diet

    avoid coffee and other stimulants and cut out sugar

    good luck



    Pain, you can try out the Mucuna Pruriens. It raises dopamine, a neurotransmitter related to sex and pleasure. I’ve seen at least one member recover some sensitivity from using it.

    I ordered a bottle a few months ago when I went on an herb spree, but haven’t tried it yet. Since my doc confirmed I have low dopamine, I might as well try it and see what happens. Doesn’t seem to have any side effects, other than feeling good.

    Watch out though. It does have an interrelationship with testosterone, plus it can throw other things off track. Read the following:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Good Stuff Pimp.



    Hey Guys,

    Thank you very much for the posts. I will be experimenting with this diet advice and more supplements in the future. If anything comes up, and I get improvements, I will pass along any knowledge I discover. As a side question, what is everybodies opinion here on sexual exhaustion. Personally, I am a skeptic myself, becuase I used to masturbate up to 6+ times a day, for years on end, and never had any negative symptoms of libido loss, sensitivity loss, or anything else negative. If it wasn’t for this last masturbation trauma, I doubt anything would be different. I do know I had a porn addiction in the past, and the way my libido was, it was pretty much impossible for me to stop it. Every day I would wake up and literally crave sex immediately. Now, I mentally and physically am somehow seperated from sex. I can’t get arrosed even looking at porn. I can get somewhat hard, but in my head, im not horny or arrosed anymore. At orgasm, there is a slight tickle now, but not the mega full body oxycotin rush I used to experience each and every time I used to masturbate. I could have done it 10+ times in a day, and felt that as powerful each time. Sometimes I feel like my brain got burned out like a Meth addict or herion addict, but I really don’t know if this is possible or similar…. I do know that I have zero libido, and pleasureable sensations which may be related to oxytocin production. The problem is, when I go for periods of abstinence with no porn/masturbation, my penis shrinks up even more than its currently damaged shrunken size. And my weak noctural erections vanish. I have always read in medical journals that erections are needed to maintain penile tissue health, and if I don’t force myself to masturbate, I won’t get erections day or night. Does anybody hear think this is chemical related, i.e. dopamine and oxytocin brain burnout??? Or is it penile nerve damage which is causing the low libido and lack of pleasureable orgasms.



    I know that it is related to acetylcholine deficiency and dopamine as well. But fixing neuro-transmitters is not a difficult thing. it would take some experimentation and trial-error. You need to be doing everything right when you abstain. so your diet and supplementation has to be right. the penile shrinkage is not a good thing but not surprising. You need to get erections often, at least nocturnal erections. I would try perhaps a particular ”stack” to help or maybe the doctor can prescribe you a VED.




    i think your taking the wrong path, but good luck though.



    Hey Max,

    Explain what you mean. Not trying the abstinence, or not trying to get Armour? I went to an endo who prescribes armor, its how I got all this bloodwork done. He said he absolutely won’t prescribe anything for my thryroid becuase its completely within range, and it can still become more optimal if I get healthier. I am completely for trying the abstinence, but I feel like not getting erections morning or night can’t be healthy. How was your situation and recovery?



    just focus on getting those erections back



    Try zinc and see if your erections come back. I use ZMA, works pretty good. Don’t overdo it unless you’re getting enough copper.



    What kind of a “stack” would you suggest one try?

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