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    Bought book, did well for a week, then watched porn (home alone bedroom trigger). Tried re-reading, mindset didn’t shift again. Filled with doubt regarding stopping.. Think it’s due to doubting my decision and watching again.

    What can I do from here?

    I’ve read Alan Carr to stop smoking, so I know what you’re doing here.. I had the shift, but lost it.. How do I get it back?

    Appreciate any input.

    Also, could you please remove/inform me how to remove my email on this thing?

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    I’ve hidden your email address. If you want to hide your avatar too then make a new account for the forum with an email address that doesn’t have a gravatar assigned to it.

    As for your question, can you let me know what PTR(s) you have set for being alone in your room?

    Is that the only PT you would say you are struggling with?

    Have you been able to stop for 1 week before?




    Thanks for the email help

    The PTRs to replace being at home alone include:

    Walk Dog
    Go socialize with roommates
    Play video games
    Watch a documentary

    I have been able to go a week before, but it’s pretty consistent that on Sunday I find a way to be by myself and work my way from some super soft stuff all the way back to a tube site.

    The most recent incident was rooted in seeing some atteactive girl at the grocery store when I was with my gf. I did my best to keep from checking her out, but I feel resisting the urge stuck her in my head until I got home. From there I began my routine of ‘just checking out Instagram for a minute’ and ‘just wanting to see what this hot Instagram girl is into’ eventually cascading into a coma on top of my covers.

    So I’d say attractive women might be one:

    Feel the attraction and the pull
    Enjoy the positive feeling
    Transmute that pull into love of life and gratitude for your current situation and partner
    Use the attraction as a catalyst to feel good

    I’ve since deleted Instagram until I can wrap this thing up.

    The one other PT I would have to say is an issue is the “I’ve done it once already, might as well do it a million times more” one after I’ve broke the seal.

    I’ll write up some PTRs for this one now. Any suggestions?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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