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    Now that I have money to buy a better qualify machine,which one should I choose?

    I want to drink broccoli,carrot juice etc. and I need every single vitamins,nutritients to it’s fullest like I was eating it.

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    When i was initially considering a blender over a juicer (which my mum was advocating) i found this article useful ~> http://rawfoodswitch.com/raw-food-equipment-reviews/blender-juicer-juice-drink-smoothies/

    The conclusion i came to is that juicers are more beneficial for people suffering from debilitating illness, where it would be better for the body to avoid expending energy digesting, but still receive many of the benefits of fruit and vegetables. However it is important to reduce the fruit content in juices as it removes the fibre and leaves the fructose, giving you a sugar spike. Furthermore, as you are not using all the fruit/vegetables you tend to use more than you would in a blender. Juicing can also take a long time to do, and to clean the machine afterwards.

    I have a blender, which is quick and easy to clean. I’ve never tried broccoli in a smoothie because my limited research has suggested it might take a long time to break down without cooking, but i have carrot in a smoothie every day, along with spinach, kale and infrequently cabbage (along with an assortment of fruit).

    I would suggest that either a juicer or a blender would be a step in the right direction in terms of benefiting your body.



    Thank you! I will buy a blender and only need vegetables.



    you’ll want the juicer

    if you go blending things like kale, prepare to have it feel as if knives are sticking in your gut wall not fun

    juicing can also give some side effects.. i had three glasses of green juice and pretty quickly and i was really energized, then later i couldn’t sleep and next day had some stomach pain

    so start slow, and if you can get a slowjuicer it get’s more out of your greens

    you could also opt for two salads a day, one with lunch and one in the evening and toss two avocados on in the evening as well.. take 200 grams of greens and throw whatever you want on

    i believe an optimum amount of green veggies to be 500-600 g daily and juiced is better

    you want all fibre out because then a juice is taken up directly in the bloodstream, if you leave the fibre your stomach has to digest it and not have energy left to heal your body

    what amount of cash do you have?

    if you do go for a blender, start slow as well and buildup the amount of veggies/fruits slowly

    blenders can be good like a banana date spinach smoothie, you can make up things and gradually increase greens, but with a juicer i think it’s more absorbeable

    the choice is yours! either one is a good step to a healthier life



    Well the reason I only want a machine is because I want to “drink” the broccolis and carrots.

    Since I eat broccoli daily I can get erections while standing,POIS 90% cured.

    It is good stuff but to eat it everyday it’s not fun after a while.

    Drinking it would be quick and I don’t care if it tastes like poo.

    I feel like I’m on the right track but also read that broccoli not only blocks estrogen but testosterone too.

    About the juicer I don’t have enough money to buy a quality one,like that veggie guy has.How much is that machine he recommends? I think 1000 $.

    Juicer is a good idea too.Right now I have 2 day constipation.I wish I could buy one of both.



    Change your signature already! I can sense the negativity, spreading arouuunnddd LOL



    ok so you wanna drink broccoli?

    how are you making it now? just cooking or steaming it? then eating it whole?

    i believe the broccoli is not so good raw, tastewise that is

    if you just wanna drink it, yeah then get a blender.. i believe you can make a nice soup out of it, because you see all these threads on drinking the water in which the brocolli is cooked in

    so yeah, cook that shit, and then blend it up, not juice it up

    for carrots though i think a juicer is better



    Steaming it for 4 minutes,adding olive oil then I would put it in a blender.



    if you can stomach it awesome stuff! healthy, olive oil is also pretty awesome (good for the pooper as well)

    good luck man

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