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    Well the run lasted around 7 months but i finally broke today.

    The thing that broke me was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6omsDyFNlk

    Lasted a couple of minutes of very reluctant but at the same time very fast masturbating. I’m not to annoyed though as she’s enough to break even the strongest of wills lol.

    On the plus side i had high semen volume with 2 squirts almost going over my shoulder lol.

    Also had very powerful orgasm, which was partly because i concentrated on relaxing my pelvic floor.

    I had a tape measure on my desk next to me so measured my length in case all the abstinence shrunk me, and i’m happy to announce that there is no change to my length at all. My girth is still not as it should be though, but thats because of my constricted pelvic floor and nothing to do with my penis.

    If i do have any symptoms in the next few days after masturbating it’s because of the effect it has on my weak adrenals and nothing to do with some kind of alien disease that nobody knows about. I also get symptoms if i have a workout which is why i don’t lift weights anymore.

    I also ordered some things for a Hard Flaccid protocol that i’ve put together so i’m looking forward to getting started with that. I’m quite optimistic about it working and i’ll give you more details when and if it’s worth giving them to you.

    peace and love to you all

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    Well , sometimes you may burn yourself if you still play with fire

    the most important thing is t have self control when slip happens, to avoid overmasturbation.

    Peace, and take care.



    Well i don’t consider watching a pop video on youtube of a woman dancing as ‘playing with fire’ but 7 months is a long time to abstain. I was starting to get worried i was going to completely shut my reproductive system down.

    Also we shouldn’t forget that for those of us with adrenal fatigue there’s nothing wrong with our reproductive system, we have a low libido because of low cortisol levels.

    I enjoyed the wank though TBH and i’m glad i did it.



    Good to know about you lee. I still feel better without masturbating, whatever the reason its. Im certain ejaculating, and especially alone, its a loss of etheric energy. But hell, energy its for sparing it right? We just need to have some balance.



    Yeah I have noticed that frequently watching hot videos etc makes me much hornier overall, like strong morning woods etc No doubt that the sexual system its better with rather frequent stimuli… but too much stimuli its dangerous.

    I see you display moar acronyms lol TBH? whats that?

    And certainty that video its nothing to worry about. I managed to find almost-porn on youtube can you imagine. Now I cannot be safe even there. The fight against pornography continues. It will last until I am more balanced and with a girl, im certain of that.



    , I am glad you lasted this long for abstinence. The fact that had a high semen volume and two squirts is a good sign that you’re recovering. I wished you haven’t done it at all because I think you would be more healthy abstaining from it altogether. Good job nonetheless.

    For me, I try to avoid anything that might put me into that situation. If there is a sex scene on the television or erotic music I just leave the room or change the station. I believe that keeping my semen and not masturbating will keep me and my body strong.

    I believe when says “tbh” I think he means “to be honest”. It is just my guess though.



    well it’s the next day after beating off and i’m still pretty much OK. I didn’t sleep to well last night though, which is typical for me (after masturbation) since all this began. I got about 6 hours altogether but broken up over about 10 hours being laid in bed.

    The cause of this is higher night time cortisol levels i think.

    This is where my symptoms differ to yours slightly . You say you sometimes need to mb so you can get to sleep, but for me it’s the total opposite. I found out early on that if i can’t sleep and then i mb i would have NO chance of getting to sleep at all and would get heart palpitations and a racing mind (all signs of adrenal fatigue)

    Usually after abstaining for a while, when i do masturbate i will get a recurrence of symptoms these are: loss of drive/motivation, mild depression, heart palpitations, muscle twitches, increase of inflammation in head. decreased ability to handle stress (feel like i’m going to cry in a situation that needs cortisol) increase of precum through thinking about sex and insomnia.

    This time as i said i didn’t sleep to well but still got 6 hours and without any supplements, just a small bowl of porridge before bed.

    I don’t feel tired today so it must have been good quality sleep.

    I also notice my head inflammation is a little worse to, but nothing major.

    So i take this as an improvement and i am going to try and abstain for an extended period again starting now. I am still going to carry out all my other plans and protocols too, but the abstinence is worth doing because it takes pressure off my weak adrenals.

    All of the symptoms i have had after masturbating i feel sure are because of weak adrenal output.

    When i start my HF protocol, if it works i wonder if that will help more than just getting rid of HF. I wonder if all the constriction in my pelvic floor could be the cause of my low libido. I mean when i masturbate if i relax my pelvic floor i have an immediate increase in feeling and my orgasms are as powerful as they’ve ever been. I wonder if pelvic floor constriction could affect your testosterone levels even. With my protocol which i should be starting in the next week i hope to find out.


    Yes Thundercat is right i meant “to be honest”

    How’s the NB going ? Are you still doing coffee enemas, infrared sauna’s etc?



    hey lee.

    Respect for lasting 7 months, I could never do that personally.

    Its been a while since I posted. I am basically fully on board with the pelvic floor dysfunction now. It started a couple weeks back when I was really trying to look for evidence that would prove this is pelvic floor dysfunction and trying to connect the dots, and I stumbled upon an article that said tylenol (acetaminophen) is more of an analgesic (muscle relaxant) than it is anti0inflammatory. And I thought bingo. The tylenol helps by relaxing muscles down there. Weed relaxes muscles down there rather than being inflammatory. Then intense green teas have allowed me to relax down there.. basically everything started to make sense and come full circle.

    I ordered the two books: Triggerpoint Workbook by Claire Davies and A Headache in the Pelvic 6th edition.

    I finished the triggerbook and in the middle of the second. They are both very interesting to read and discuss how to improve overall health, not just our condition. The Headache in the pelvis blew my mind because the symptoms they named hit so close to home, reading it I thought the book was written for me. ALL THE ANSWERS ARE THERE. It talks about how we got pelvic floor tension/hard flaccid an how to treat it.

    After reading the triggerbook I realized I have a shitload of trigger points around the body. For example I have at least 1 trigger point of each: innr thigh, outer thigh, 1 on low abdomen, a few on hamstrings, a few on top part fglutes.. basically everywhere.. and they are whats causing me chronically tight hamstrings, tight pelvis, possibly tight lower back..

    Trigger points keep muscles contracted and short an weaker by the way. As Obitoo said.. the more trigger points one has the more his body is in ‘sympathetic mode’ because these trigger points tense the body and arouse the nervous system. So in order to break this cycle sympathetic mode and fix pelvic floor one must treat trigger points, do deep relaxation exercises everyday, paradoxical relaxation, and then stretch the muscles.

    So I’m fully committed to this now. And this isn’t a quick fix like taking supplements.. this is true work.. its a lifelong commitment to practicing the art of relaxation and trigger point therapy. The book says in order to relax the pelvic floor fully we must do 45 minutes routine in the morning and 45 in the eve of meditation, deep breathing, tension release, trigger point massage and stretching.. for months and months..

    But the upside obviously is our recovery is fully in our hands and depends on how commited we are to this and we don’t need many supps and meds because when Obitoo reversed his condition.. ALL his symptoms disappeared.. so hopefully the same will happen for us.

    Since I started practicing the protocols a bit I already got rid of a few degenerate symptoms. I no longer have urinary urgency and can hold my bladder for a while if I need to, like i used to before, and not run looking for the toilet every couple hours. My balls are no longer constricted like they were for months before. I still have hard flaccid and low sex drive but that will change in 2013.

    Anyways just wanted to pass that for anyone who has hard flaccid on this forum. Read those two books and everything will make perfect sense right away.

    Lee as far as adrenal fatigue goes, its possible that you have that despite pelvic floor dysfunction, just like I suspect my liver will still be under methylating after pelvic floor is fixed, so I’ll supplement for it later.

    But for the love of god don’t start taking any medication until you’ve wen through the Wise-Anderson protocol and fixed your pelvic floor and hard flaccid. Most of your symptoms should auto correct as a result like it did for other at hardflaccid.org.

    And about testosterone – you have trigger points in pelvic area, your muscles are tight there both externally an internally, it limits bloodflow, shrinks your balls – smaller balls = less T production. The low T can cause a bunch of other sysmptoms like lower thyroid, messed up cortisol, higher E2, high prolactin, technically but not for sure. The best strategy is to follow the protocol mentioned in the books, in which we have nothing to lose, and then if needed supplement from there..







    hey frenchi,

    Yeah this is basically the route i’m taking with HF. I don’t know what those books teach because i haven’t read them, but i believe after the initial injury the reason why it doesn’t relax (pelvic floor) and go back to normal is because after it’s been constricted for a while your brain has kind of retrained itself to believe that the way it is now is normal, so unless you have some kind of physical therapy it will never heal.

    Another problem is being sat down so much, when i’m sat down i’m automatically clenching in my pelvic floor so until i stop this i can’t hope for a recovery.

    I do already have the Triggerpoint Workbook by Claire Davies, but never got round to reading it. I have the ebook version, just a scan but still very readable. I remember when i flicked through it noticing there was a lot to read so it put me off lol. I’ll have another look though.

    THe other book A Headache in the Pelvic 6th edition i don’t have but i’ve been planning on getting for a while now. Is that the book that go’s into detail about accompanying symptoms of pelvic floor disorder?

    Does it say anything about loss of libido and maybe precum as a symptom?

    Are you going to be able to do this all yourself or will you need to pay for physical therapy?

    I know had internal massage (anus) for sessions that could last a few hours a time. will you be doing this?



    Well, lee, I still do coffee enemas because my liver ask for them, plus sometimes they provide a “high” and I have an addictive personality. But I stopped NB supplements and my diet its more balanced now. I have got weight, thats for sure, but I still skinny. Now I am doing homeopathy, forced by my parents. Its amazing how some of my symptoms are so accurately described in the remedy the homeopathic doctor reciped me: http://www.vithoulkas.com/en/books-study/2095.html

    He is willing to prescribe me ALUMINA (for aluminum) in the future.

    Overall what I am REALLY looking forward its to see the DAN doctor in one month, that specializes in methylation and instestinal problems. My brief adventure with methylsupps proved this is something important for me (intense reaction).

    I have also bought a cream for varicose veins to use in my penis. Im positive I have some kind of physiological damage on it from the fact that the notorious bumps (of which I became aware only some months ago) the pain/discomfort and veins apparead right after the “exercises”. One day I even saw exploded capillaires for fucks sake. But it never hurted, so I kept doing it for around 3 months…

    Now that I am consistent in abstaining, I have erections almost every night.

    I am realising my struggle its in its core spiritual in nature. The battle its very intense at this point, at times mental problems become evident. But thats part of the fun lol There is also the possibility that optimizing the gut and methylation cycle take care of much of my crazyness and internal suffering. Everything its possible.

    I have came to a point I like similar music to what you told me. No longer stressful stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZhdXhOr8AA&list=LLsuL8i_XXFj1iiLScbpw4JA

    Summary: in the road to recovery or ending!! Or should I say “in the road of discovering my real self”.



    Good to know your feeling more optimistic about your future anyway bro. We’ll all get there in the end, and this experience will make us all stronger people.

    I’ll keep updating on my progress and you do the same.

    Here’s a gift for you: Gift for



    NOD32 blocks that download and page, lee! Streamflix.net shows very bad reputation in some google searchs o_O



    Can’t you just make an exception in the noD32 settings, or disable it by right clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting to temporarily disable, then click the link.

    I use avast internet security myself. I’d never give my anti-virus so much power that it’s actually censoring the web.



    I will find a way. Im too curious to dont find out what its the “present” about heheh



    This site is so informative and interesting. I’m a guy, a virgin ( never laid down with a guy, I’m a “g0y” for lack of a better term), and my sex drive is extremely high. I get SOOOO turned on at the sight of a hot guy with a deep bellybutton ( hey that’s just my thing). I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue too. Been trying to abstain from masturbation, but this video gets me every time.

    His deep innie and hot body gets me every time. I REALLY need a boyfriend of my own so I can have an emotional connection. Until then, while I’m trying to heal my adrenals and kidney’s, I NEED to slow down on masturbation. I just went 7 days without masturbation and am proud of that. 7 months?????? Don’t know if I ould do that considering I feel so love starved being a 30+ year old virgin. Major props to you Vicente for that.

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