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    Ok it seems some guys on other forums are realising the importance of pathogens/toxins and autoimmunity (inflammation, , which we both have obvious in our skin). And I want to share this with everybody here. I received some message by via.swiss and this guy has posts from 2007, he obviously has some trail. Hope he chime in this thread. Here are the private messages:



    What I have to contribute to this whole scenario its the heavy metal connection. I have proved I am mercury,aluminum, copper, manganese and Iron toxic with hair analysis tests. I only wonder how much of my problem comes from metals and how much from any of those pathogens. because here comes the BEST part… they are ALLIES!! Candida thrives when mercury etc impairs the immune system (appendicitis and tonsilitis are obvious markers in my case), and many of those fuckers make their biofilms with the metals, furthermore lyme has a very close relationship with mercury as you can research in curezone, especially in the posts by Newport.

    Anyway, im happy we are all getting near to the core, as im 21 years and I want to lose virginity before 25 LOL

    Getting those tests and doing nutritional balancing are my ultimate plan. Then, heavy metals will begin to get excreted I will be more clear minded and with the results of the pathogens I will know which of those I have and concentrate in reducing or killing them. But its important to notice this is a very complex problem and those are two fronts but theres also methylation and genetic mutations… So just killing candida or lyme etc will just release a lot of metals and you need to detox them too. Candida stores mercury… and so do dysbiotic bacteria. Genetic testing its in my mind for the future too.

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