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    he said it could be a problem with L2 and L3 in the lower back…does anyone think this is possible? He thinks it could be a slight pinch (not painful) that could cause one to get an erection and then not be able to maintain it.

    He also said he is going to send me a hair analysis kit and a blood test thing.

    He said there are about 50 people who have this program where he can see all sorts of deficiences and see where to go from here.

    He claims this is a $3500 procedure that he can do for $400. I did not commit to making any payment. Do you think something like this can work?

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    he said it could be a problem with L2 and L3 in the lower back…does anyone think this is possible? He thinks it could be a slight pinch (not painful) that could cause one to get an erection and then not be able to maintain it.

    what does this exactly mean? what type of procedure is he going todo , is going to give you any herbs/vitamins?



    I don’t think he is going to do anything with the back since he is not a chriopractor. he said after a few visits if this does not correct the problem then it is not the problem. He said he has seen it as the problem with several people 20-30. i am guessing he would give me herbs or vitamins after the test (which i don’t think i will do)



    i think you should do a natural method of completly stopping all sexual activites / supplments for 6 months then if you still have problems then go to a doctor.. but its your choice, have you seen any improvements by taking supplments or stopping ejaculation?



    , the week/age ejaculation thing you’re talking about applies for people who are already healthy. For severely sexually exhausted individuals it’s probably best to not ejaculate at all for a while although this will lower testosterone levels somewhat.

    Tiger06, I think that is a scam. Don’t waste the $400. Back problems can cause impotence but it’s not like you have a spinal cord injury do you?



    unless you suffer from a spinal cod injury i don’t see a point. as far as testostorene levels are concerned i believe weight training can help with that during the period when you don’t ejaculate



    it doesnt matter if your healthy or not healthy. if you dont ejaculate then this will cause more damage then good. if you have wet dreams then its ok not to ejaculate manually. but you have to get rid of the old semen and help other body functions by ejaculating if you dont have wet dreams. below are 2 articles from dr lin.

    This is because if you don’t flush the old semen out, the accumulated semen will become very condensed and concentrated after the liquid portion is re-absorbed by the body. If you let the accumulated semen solidify, seminal stones will fill up your seminal vesicles and disable your sexual function. Condensed semen will disable sexual function and the prostate seminal production function or prostate disorders. –

    Your testosterone negative feedback controller will be locked up and downregulated. That is, the lockup threshold becomes too low to have your testicular function worked properly. Your body will have a high level of Wei Chi (extreme Yang), too stressful, not good for social life, due to a long-term accumulation of Yang and a long-term depletion of orgasmic hormone Oxytocin – the emotional and social hormone. In addition, The semen in the seminal vesicles is like a pond of dead water. If you have never ejaculated for a week, your semen become very yellowish and very thickly creamy and particulate.



    manny..which of these do you think we should do..? ejaculate in 10-14 days in the recovery period as you have said before or ejaculate once a week..? i am confused..



    i still think a good thing todo what manny said previously is todo a healing period of say 1-2 months then after that do it once every 2-3 weeks, only when your nearly healed is you can do it 1-2 weeks, is this correct manny?



    how hard can you guys get? i can get a regular erection, it just goes away. i think i may have a little pinched nerve between l2-l3.



    i usually always get morning erections at about 1 – 2 oclock but i never get an erection during the day, what do you mean a pinched nerve? how do u fix this or know if u have one



    how hard can you get when you masturbate



    if i lay down i get 3 oclock but if i stand up i get a 2, sometimes i lose it though during masterbating since i stopped watchin porn



    when can we say i have a full recovery ? of course a strong,spontaneous erection is a good indication. i think that you reach a state of full recovery when you can stay longer (but how long is the normal ?)



    how long really depends on you. everybody is different. i noticed results after around 5 weeks



    , what kind of results did you notice? did you ejaculate in that time period? what supplements are you currently on



    i have not ejaculated since 8 weeks. i’ve intially started with 1g of fish oil and 1g of borage oil. i got some terrible inflammation for the first week or so, and then it just went away. my body pains are almost gone. no more lower back pain and testicular pain. my erection has improved and my curvature has also slightly improved. i’ve also dropped 25lbs of fat.

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