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    has anyone on here had success with kegel exercises? Do you guys recommend them? Please share your experiences.


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    Kegel exercises are extremely counter-productive. They trap testosterone in the prostate gland, causing enlargement. This is the opposite of what you should be doing, which is practicing anal breathing (which traps testosterone in your tailbone). I would read Dr. Lin’s website about this.

    In my experience, Dr. Lin has been 100% right about this. Kegels caused my prostatitis. Don’t do kegels for any reason. Leave kegels to the women. And most supposed sex therapists who claim that kegels help men are completely full of it. I can’t imagine why they are posting this whole the reality is the complete opposite.

    Hope this helped.




    Word. My lasting time drastically shorten and my premature ejaculation started after the kegel training. However, there are several school of thought on this issue, one is the inclusion of reverse kegel in your routine as DoubleLongDaddy stated. Another one is that PE is caused by overworking the muscles and by moderating you should be fine. Another one however, is to just continue along the kegel exercise (which really seems irrational).

    I’m not sure which to trust, but as of now I am trying Dr. Lin’s Anal Breathing and some Reverse Kegels to revert my Kegel training.

    Anyone more experienced able to comment on this issue?



    Dr. Lin knows barely anything about science. Thinks that semen can go up into your spinal column, just ridiculous.



    There is nothing wrong in kegels itself… With fairly strong pelvic floor muscles you can easily prevent ejaculation, any guy would find that useful I believe. But it’s only a safe guard method for the moments you accidentally “cross the line”. Other than that you shouldn’t ever do kegels while you are aroused.

    Doing kegels when aroused will make you ejaculate premature. Behind PE there is usually unconscious, subtle contraction of kegels. When it becomes chronic, the tension will stay down there even if you are not aroused and cause many problems with the related organs. For these cases Kegels are counterproductive, it will cause only more stagnation and restriction of pelvic organs and muscles.

    What ever pelvic floor related exercise you are doing, the most important factor is relaxation and awareness. Never strain. This is not like working out in a gym. It’s more like getting to know what is down there and how does it work.

    “Reverse kegels” are good. It strengthens the deep abdominals and uses them to push pelvic floor muscles down. This will increase blood flow and do good things. The best way is to do a set of 5 reverse kegels, then one kegel, then one strong reverse kegel, make sure you push kegels all the way down so that there is not constriction of the muscles. Then relax.

    Really, you can play with muscles any way you like. You can try combining reverse kegels with normal kegels, doing them simultaneously, using the normal kegel to “massage” different parts of your pelvic floor… With reverse kegels engaged the range of movement in the muscles are much greater.

    When you do normal kegels, it is very easy to leave a tension down there… Always be aware of accumulated tension there, push it down with reverse kegels and release everything. This is the most important exercise, to become aware of unconscious muscle tensions and releasing them.

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