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    All who studies kidneys according to TCM, this might come for good help.

    Kidney yin is derived from kidney essence, the main material for the semen. Kidney yang lights the fire and burns the kidney yin, and as long one has strong essence ( kidney yin ), sexual potential will be strong. Kidney yang also control gate of vitality, which locks up the possibility of premature ejaculation. Kidney yang also is the same as libido. All energy for other organs are from kidneys, so imbalance in other organs, has the ability to drain kidneys.

    “The root of pre-heaven Qi. Our Essence is taken from our parents and established at conception. The Kidneys are the foundation or primary Yin and Yang for all other organs. Kidney Yin is fundamental for birth, growth, and reproduction. Kidney Yang is the momentum behind all physiological activities. The Kidney Yin provides material for the Yang to burn, without Yang the Yin would be inert. Therefore, they each need each other to exist. If one becomes deficient, the other will become deficient (like a fire running out of wood, or like a pile of wood with a small waning flame). When treating disorders of the Kidneys a practitioner should note that treatment of both Yin and Yang is necessary. If the flame of a fire is stoked but there is little wood, the fire will quickly consume. If there is a very small fire and too much wood is added it will smother the flame. The Kidneys are the water organ, and they are also the source of fire for the body ‘the fire of the gate of vitality (Ming Men)’. ”

    Kidneys stores the essence. Excessive sexual activity ( over masturbation/over ejaculation ) , excessive partying, excessive eating or drinking and abuse of the spleen and stomach systems, excessive mental/physical stress, child bearing and childbirth for women depletes this essence. Many drugs and stimulating supplements, which makes people feel better for a while, borrows indirectly the essence from the kidneys, leaving the person more depleted in the future.

    “Essence, Jing, kidney essence, essential qi Jing also called kidney essence or essential qi is stored in the kidneys. It is the basis for growth and development and various other physiological activities in the human body.”

    “It is said that Essence has a cycle of 7 years in women and 8 years in men.” ( unless the essence is depleted by unusual means ).

    “Essence (Jing) is also thought to be fluidlike, supportive and nutritive, the basis of reproduction and development. Development corresponds with changes in Jing. The Nei Jing speaks of human development in 8-year stages:

    at 8 years the Kidney (Jing) is full, the hair is grown and the teeth change. At 16 years the Jing is abundant, the water of heaven arrives, the Jing Chi is able to flow, the Yin and the Yang are in harmony, and the person is fertile. At 24 the Jing plateaus, the tendons and bones are strong, the wisdom teeth come in and growth is at its peak. At 32 the tendons and bones are at their strongest and the flesh is full and strong. At 40 the Jing is weakened, the hair falls out and the teeth are loose. At 48 the Yang Chi is exhausted above, the face darkens and the hair whitens.”

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    I will continue posting my findings.

    Thyroid is same as kidney yang, so if thyroid is working well, there is no deficiency of kidney yang. This is when I talk about kidney energy is not really deficient in many people, very deficient kidney energies would give terrible symptoms. It is not necessary to tonify kidney yang then.

    Do not mistake spleen qi deficiency symptoms for kidney yang. They both include cold feelings, cold limps but are entirely different. Muscles equals spleen energy, so if you feel weak muscles, it indicates weak spleen.

    Tonifiying kidney yang with foods / herbs would make all the symptoms worse.



    Is this based on some sort of religion?



    If you mean Taoism, yes. This is in Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology, the biochemical name for say kidney yang would be testosterone/dopamine, yang will be the sympathetic nervous system and yin the parasympathetic nervous system, yin being the DHEA, serotonin, acetylcholine etc.



    I have learned semen can transform to blood and energy for other organs. It is also excess from the bone growth. Plenty of semen indicates that other organs are fully functional and there is no deficiencies in other areas of the body.

    The generation order is:

    semen -> blood -> qi -> spirit

    if there is deficiency in blood, qi ( in respective organs ) or spirit, semen is transformed in to that.



    I have misunderstood a little. Kidney jing ( essence ) is the precursor to kidney yin. Jing comes straight from the parents. That means nourishing the kidney jing will nourish the kidney yin.

    nourishing kidney yin is not working for people who have jing deficiency

    I posted a qigong movement to supplement kidney jing to

    Qigong, Taichi, Yoga postures -thread

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