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    Kingfisher and myself had a discussion and I learned that he was diagnosed with Damp heat by a TCM doctor.

    He told me that his TCM doctor doesn’t know about the over-masturbation problem but is trying to treat his digestive problems at the moment which is mainly diarrhea.

    I recognized right away that Damp heat is considered a major cause of impotence in TCM. I highly think that Kingfisher will gain his sexual health back if he successfully treat his digestive problems.

    I on the other hand suffer from Kidney yin deficiency and I’ve been having dry stool for over four years now. If I am able to correct this, I will also likely solve my case. However, even treatment with Kidney yin tonics and strong heat clearing herbs, it’s not that easy at all to resolve the problem as myself and forum member rockcml has experienced.

    It would be great for rockcml to list the formula/ingredient names used in his one year TCM treatment for Kidney yin deficiency so that we can analyze. Note also that the stomach and spleen is at the root of yin fire so treating yin deficiency must never ignore the stomach and spleen.

    It would also be great for Kingfisher to describe more of his experience and give us the formula /ingredient name he is being given by his TCM practioner.

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    Sure, I will dig up my previous records on the ingredients of my TCM treatments. But as you know, they did not work for me. My problem is insomnia and hair loss, now I can not have any sexual activities. I also tried Acupuncture for insomnia. Didn’t work for me at all. 5-HTP is best for me as I feel so far (for sleep only). Will get back to you guys with the TCM I tried.



    The TCM doctor was trying to fix my sleeping problems directly. All the herbs he gave me directly addressed this problem. I am suspicious about this method because it did not address my real reason behind the insomnia. Below are the ingredients:

    1. Shu Di

    2. Long Gu

    3. Huai Shan

    4. Shan Yu Rou

    5. Dan Pi

    6. Zhe Xie

    7. Suan Zhao Ren

    8. Da Zao

    9. Fu Xiao Mai

    10. Qian Shi

    11. Dan Shen

    12. Du Zhong

    13. Ye Jiao Ten

    14. Lian Zi

    You may not easily understand what they really are. I don’t have enough knowledge with them either. But if you take this to a TCM doctor, he will be able to tell you what each of them does.




    Shu Di also known as Rehmannia, a known yin tonic, seems to not work here for me either.

    Still trying to figure out why all these things, yin tonic, stomach yin tonic, stomach and spleen tonic, heat clearing herbs etc. don’t have much effect.

    Do you eat late at night often?



    Dr.Lin claims that DHEA is Kidney yin but recently I’ve come across an article that said that Cortisol is Kidney yin.

    Cortisol has the ability to stop inflammation and symptoms associated with what is known as Kidney yin deficiency.

    At the moment I am researching what is needed to be done to get Cortisol levels back to normal balance. I’ve gotten a better idea of how Kidney yin tonics work now and apparently they increase cortisols. Licorice is one of these herbs but is not often used for this purpose in TCM. I’m also trying to determine whether adrenal extracts helps to restore adrenal function and therefore cortisol balance.

    Rockcml, I would be interested in knowing how much did it cost you for your TCM treatment for one year. This will give me an insight into possibly the quality of the herbs you took. And exactly, was it one whole year that you took these medications and how many times a day (and doses). And you did not see any signs of a difference right? Including any non-sexual health differences.



    Hmmm, cortisol linked to kidney yin? That is interesting, keep us updated CheeXiong! =)





    The TCM treatment was not cheap. It is like one package of bitter soup per day, about $5. I guess it is not that TCM does not work, it is I didn’t find the right recipe or doctor. I am thinking about trying it again with some more research on recipes. Do you have any recipes that you are sure worked for you?



    You should try Licorice, Rehmannia Six (Liu Wei Di Wan) and Adrenal extracts…I’m about to try them myself

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