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    I’ve been absent for a while. Been very busy at work.

    I finally got the paper copy of my LabSafe blood work. There is a massive amount of data, so I’m not going to post them all. I’ll post only the labs that are off or are values we usually are concerned about.

    FSH 4.1 [1.4 – 18] So I guess low normal

    LH 3.6 [1.5 – 9.3]

    Cholesterol, Total 202 [100-199] High

    LDL 128 [0-99] High

    UIBC 129 [150-375] Low

    Iron, Serum 194 [40-155] High

    TSH 1.908 [0.350-5.5]

    T3 35 [24-39]

    T4 9.3 [4.5-12]

    B12 1195 [211-911] High

    PSA 0.5 [0-4.0]

    Estradiol 29 [0-53]

    Homocyst(e)ine 4.0 [5-12]

    sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 24 [13-71]

    Growth Hormone 0.3 [0-6] Seems Like low normal.

    24hr Urine Cortisol 18 [0-50] Not surprising. Only my morning saliva is high. But my average is OK.

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    Free Testosterone?

    if i can remember your T was around 300, but that was blood spot and sex hormones need to be blood test

    this is from a friend of mine, hes dam good on hormones.

    Needs niacin would lower cholesterol, ldl, and raise homocysteine levels

    His testosterone / e ratio may give him symptoms of elevated e2 even though they are in range.

    in mean time for homocysteine support

    5000 mcgs methycobalon subligual

    4800 mcgs folinic acid

    1000 mgs TMG

    1 tsp fish oils

    600 mgs NAC

    50 mgs P5P

    1000 mgs niacin 2-3 times a day (work up slowly for flushing effect)

    Check for heavy metals enviormental exposures and estrogen metabolism imbalances (meaning he is not getting rid of estrogens that may be reciruclaring back through)

    Where does he work at?

    500 mgs calcium d glucurate x 3 times a day will act as insurance policy

    High iron is probably from multivitamin need ferritin level to reconfirm things Could have been from taking multi late at night with vitamin C in it”



    Oh yeah. I forgot my Test.

    Testosterone, Serum 494 ng/dL [241 -827]

    Testosterone, Free 16.66 ng/dL [5-21]

    Test. is not the problem for me. I’ve been taking Zinc, which may have boosted it. Regardless, I still feel like crap, even though my Test. is not too bad for someone 41.

    My Growth Hormone is low, which explains the muscle loss.

    So my next move is to send this massive bunch of lab work, and all my old ZRT lab results to Dr. Mariano and schedule a phone consult.



    either that or go see Dr. JOhn or even Dr. Shippen

    that T is still a bit low 600+ would be nice to see…



    dr. shippen gave me a chart. you use it to figure out where your T levels need to be for optimal functioniong.. for me i need to be at 700, and i was around 360, so im about half of what i need to be…

    from your results you need around 800ng/dl testosterone for optimal functioning




    I think the biggest problem for me is my low epinephrine, which was tested via urine. It is extremely low…well below the minimum. My Growth Hormone is also very low, which explains my sluggish skin and muscle wasting.

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    I fail this test.

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