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    I was wondering how many people on here have lack of sensation /sensitivity on penis. does abstaining help it , I noticed seem like my sensation gradually decrease since the summer but can this be due to low t , high e2 also does sexdrive affect sensation my sexdrive has been low all summer and now it is completely gone

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    my opinion on your case is that your e2 is high enough that u can definetly go on arimidex. once you find the correct dosage that works for you can probably reverse your T to E ratio to a good one. this sould help you alot right there. If you still have issues after that look into your neuros.



    Beside the lack of sensation that comes and goes from us

    I do lack the motivation to live…low self esteem and no desire to compete in this life

    Its related to our hormones Cj..tester one – DHT GH – prolactin adrenals and thyroid…etc



    shell what you described in my opinion is also highly related to low dopamine and other neuros…….you have eyefloaters right?

    there were moments when I felt the same way



    I’ve been anstinent for anout 2 weeks now and I have a constant tingling feeling (very pleasant) in my penis. Apparently our self sex practices toughen the skin on our members which reduce sensitivity. I am personally finding an small but gradual increase in sensitivity with abstinence.

    I also completely understand where is coming from, but I’m finding complete abstinence is beginning to pump me up a little bit and I’m starting to feel a bit more aggressive and more keen to exercise. I think regardless of whether you use supplements or not or even HRT to begin with I think abstinence is the way to go first. Then after a long time maybe you can assess if you want supplements and HRT.

    That feeling of not wanting to compete has dogged me from the very beginning when I started masturbating. Abstinence is bringing slow but steady change. I can hold conversations well now, and I even went for an interview today feeling like I wanted it. I’m worrying less about negative people (although I still care about them) and sleeping better and feeling more confident.

    I’ve got so far to go, but abstinence is definitely helping me so far



    Yeah…neurotransmitters play a huge role in your hormone level

    Its a System Js…everything should work with the other factor, if something went wrong with a factor the system starts to suffer



    I’m sure with dedication to our cause and effort and willing ness we will all be ok. Come on guys there must be a load of people out there with the same thing who can’t or won’t admit that they have a problem. At least we’ve recognised it and are *doing* something about it.

    I wish everyone the very best of luck. Shame we can’t all meet up because we’re so far away from each other. I reckon we’d all make great friends



    I think this forum is finally going in the right direction…i think with time we will figure out how to get rid of most these problems……

    it would be amazing if a huge amount of people on this forum could get tested it would be great to see there results so we could all compare.

    it would be great to see the following for everyone on here





    cortisol 4x saliva

    fractured catecholomines


    Also an amino acid test and neurotransmitter test will tell you the levels of your neurotransmitter and will exlain alot of your symptoms.

    If people had taken this approach a long time ago i think we would be alot further along then were we are now. I think its pretty clear that herbal approaches and TMC have very marginal and temporary benefit and arent going to heal you.

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