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    I just noticed something else today. It was very hot out. I went for a casual bike ride. Got a bit too much sun.

    But I don’t sweat anymore??? It could be because I seem to be dehydrated even though I drink a fair amount of water. For some reason,

    Because I don’t sweat anymore…..I don’t seem to be able to cool my body off. I checked my blood pressure this evening and it was very high for me. It’s sort of like I put my body in fight or flight since I am not able to cool myself.

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    i don’t see a relationship there bro. the sun was hot but you were cycling casually.

    would you normally sweat in situations like this?



    Yes. I mean it wasn’t super casual. It was casual compared to the way I used to bike, which was extreme. But biking up a steep hill, even slowly, in 30 degree C, in the sun should cause some sweat.

    I mean I got a sunburn, so I was obviously hot, but no sweat all day? Somehow, my severely exhausted condition may be making it very difficult to hydrate. My skin is extremely sluggish, which is a sign of dehydration. However, drinking lots of water doesn’t really seem to help. Senior citizens have a very hard time staying hydrated regardless how much water they drink.

    Whatever it is….I know it is related to my exhaustion. Here is a possibility.

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    have you considered testing your DHT levels?

    and what do you propose for a solution




    i heard mercury poisoning can cause one not to sweat etc. have you checked for mercury levels. also have you tried chelation and mercury cleansing?



    I’ve had a hair analysis done and my mercury is fine. I’ve had my DHT checked and it was fine.

    It could be an electrolyte problem. I may be retaining sodium, but losing water.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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