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    as far as i know i can give this to my girl, to be humble

    but really violent shaking and shit, she’s really like fucking contracting and stuff she squeezes something together in her body good stuff!

    i think this is the reason she stands my failure every now and then

    im happy with her!

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    Free Advice from Dr. Lin: 3/28/1998>

    According to my 3-point Excitation Method, the level of women’s orgasm, based upon the trigger point(s), should be classfied as

    Level 1 – Clitoris

    Level 2 – G-spot

    Level 3 – Epicenter (the deep end of the vagina, between the uterus and bladder)

    Level 4 – Clitoris + G-spot

    Level 5 – Clitoris + Epicenter

    Level 6 – G-spot + Epicenter

    Level 7 – Clitoris + G-spot + Epicenter

    The Orgasmic Level can also be classified, in term of orgasmic wave cycles, as

    Level 1 – (1/2 – 1) cycles

    Level 2 – (1 – 3)

    Level 3 – (3 – 6)

    Level 4 – (5 –

    Level 5 – (7 – 10)

    Level 6 – (8 – 12)

    Level 7 – (10 – 30)

    Using my 3-point Excitation Method, you have a chance to experience these 7 levels. However, after you break your orgasmic barrier, the sexual stimulation must have the same rate as your uterus contraction. Otherwise, you will be forced to stop at the first 2 or 3 orgasmic cycles.



    yeah itll probably be a level 2 or 3 if such a thing really exists knowing dr. lin

    7 inch huh? damn im only 6 so no orgams of that level

    thx for the info anyway ill have to read up on that shit.. might be some interesting things in it

    i remember the finger pliers thingie from the past have to read about it again




    i used to give my girl level 7 when i was around 18-19. she used to have violent multiple-orgasms sometimes she would come 4 times continuosly. it is possible – Lin is right. But with the exhaustion i doubt i can achieve that any more. it’s also possible to give a girl an orgasm with just your voice. theres an orgasm guru called David Shade who i once heard on a CD describe how to take women to those levels even over the phone you should hear this guy. even his voice is sounds erotic and kinda hypnotising.



    thats true , there was a guy on the howard strern show who gave girls orgasms but rubbing there hips, i think he did it to like 7 girls in a row.

    i mean theres so many other ways of pleasing a women without gential contact

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