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    Been around her for a while, posted in the past but want a clean start.

    30 yr old now here is a bit of a run down

    Teens: Very horny, into porn/masturbation but nothing extreme

    20-25: Tired, low energy, low libido, testicle ache, lots of drinking/parties on weekends. Sexual experiences with randoms or new girlfriends mostly always had erection problems. Long term girlfriends not a problem

    25-28: Adrenal fatigue symptoms, crashes after meals, afternoon lows, brain fog, flu symptoms, watery semen, tight muscles & ache after ejaculation

    Started treating adrenals, Vit C, B vitimins, low GI foods, Saw Anti Aging Dr thyroid meds, cortisol and DHEA sups, T cream. Did not notice any change.

    Biggest change came with eliminating dairy intake (brain fog dissapear) and following a candida diet of no foods that feed candida, high intake of coconut oil and butter which resulted in extreme die off symptoms, elimination via diarrhea. I can remember one episode after I did the diarrhea I felt really horny, I had a strong erection and my orgasms felt like it did when I was a teenager!

    This diet was very hard to follow because of the foods and prep and die off and diarrhea to the point I felt like I was shitting glass

    28 – 30 (present): I no longer have crashes after meals, even if I happen to eat something bad like sugar, refined carb, its nothing like it was before.

    My diet is good: High quality fish oil, zinc, B vitamin – proteins, vegies, good fats, salmon etc. I dont eat sugar, refined carbs or dairy anymore. Not even pasta

    As it stands now: Libido is absolutely shot if I see a piece of hott tits or ass on the street, there is not limido, no dry mouth or tingles. Nocturnal erections are rare but do happen. I do not masturbate. I have looked at porn to test erection and usually nothing!

    I am not overweight, solid muscle build but have fat around belly (this is not from overweight or inactive but I feel more hormonal) I feel my flaccid penis and testes are not alive and thick. I seen too many other guys at the gym with full penis like you would expect after a gym workout. My penis is only like this very rare in the mornings when I wake up, but after walking around a bit it goes back to be small.

    If i have a girlfriend and we get sexual, I have no problem getting erection. But If I ejaculate I feel little tired next day, muscles tighter and feel weak, I lose momentum for gym. 3-5 days I’m back to feeling my normal average. I have started training again and have not ejaculated for 3 weeks now and scared too as it will reset my training and I lose strength. I am not training too intense fyi but focus with a PT on buiilding my weak lower body, glutes, hamstring, quads, lower back. So for example with this training would be expecting blood to be pumping and assist with flaccid blood flow bit its not

    My stools are not thick and solid, more thinner and never feel like I am emptying completely. 1-2 x a day

    If I get a stressed situation usually from my ex (daughters mum) i will tense in my stomach and get this anxiety feeling. This is only a recent thing over last couple years, Previously stress was help in my shoulders/neck. Over all though over the last year stress is less frequent.

    I feel like I have this tightness/knot in my lower abdominals. When I hit them with my Theracane it refers pain into pubis region. It feels so hard and difficult to treat and like I cannot make any progress.

    My mind is not quick, sometimes I lose what I was about to say, my short term memory is bad. I sometimes get a yellow vision in my sight. I have eye floaters when Im in sunlight. I just have no spark and motivation. I want to mount the world but I cant!

    I’ve worked in IT for about 10+ years, sitting at desk. I’m not motivated anymore and not happy. I hate transport to and from work on packed public transport and its just another stress. When I finally arrive home I feel better

    The road forward: I wish to make a new start, with the kind help of over Pm from an older post he has suggested I find a good Dr to work with and found this testing center. Here are the tests they do

    you suggested I do

    Cortisol Saliva

    stool comprehensive, to detect parasites and candida and other problems

    comprehensive min-vit-amino blood or urine to detect defencies

    Toxicity test

    Allergy test

    What do these equate to in their test menu?

    What about things like testosterone? I cant find it on the list.

    Based on my history and current problem can anyone offer further advise.

    Many thanks again, I hope to keep updates here as they come.

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    Hey , I remember you well. Congratulations in the improvements, sad to see they wasnt enough. For what its worth, you actually have hard flaccid. Most of people agree its muscle tension in the pubis as you experienced. I am not sure but it seems to not be hormonal at all. Knowing this can help you in searching for specific solutions. People say meditation, yoga, alpha blockers, physical therapy are useful. PT have not been useful for me except for the occasional torture, I am going to try Alfuzosin/Uroxatral and hopefully forget about hard flaccid. If not I will have to do the /Epoh way.



    Hi and Ive read your posts regarding pelvic floor and I actually have the book and recently bought a teracane. The other thing i forgot to mention as it just happened now is i urinate about 4 times a day but if Im in the car approaching home when i get around the corner i feel urge to urinate. th e closer i get the more intense and Im tensing my pubic region to hold it to the point Im dancing like a kid. is this common?

    i didnt think i had hard flaccid as i thought thats when your flaccid but have a mild erection? mine is shriviled and relaxed

    Some other info when i was a child i remember getting kicked in the nuts. come to think of it all my life felt my testes were very sensitive. if i got flicked id be down for the count.

    The other thing is in my teens i was a little chibby and used to hold stomach in. i think ido this still feelingconcious especially on transport not feeling comfortable.

    your note about “going to try Alfuzosin/Uroxatral and hopefully forget about hard flaccid. If not I will have to do the /Epoh way”

    what are these things and Whats way?




    thanks sarg and shell. I just came back from gym workout and my penis definatley lost size during and post workout.



    Heavy weight training can cause more stress, thus it will put your body in an catabolic state (hormone and muscle breakdown)

    you are already exhausted, and you may need to modify your training into just for 45 minute of jogging and light exercises that your body tolerate .

    Look into the old posts back on 2007-2008 in this forum, many suffered from extra exhaustion due to there behaviour in pushing their bodies into the edge.



    Yeah sadly when you are in a depleted state the body shouldnt be getting extra stress from exercise so I would do something light. I feel good with some running and light bodybuilding.

    My penis becomes a hardened caterpillar when I do weightlifting.



    Noted. I dont go too overboard. I had 6 months off the gym and my aches didnt improve.

    One thing i also didnt mention is under my eyes are dark. you think this is more stress/adrenal/hormone related or more to do with my gut/candida

    Ive started taking 300mg magnesium powder 2 x day and my PT has me on digestive enzyme and wants me taking glutamine.



    Cannot hurt, glutamine its very useful for leaky gut they say. It never was for mine lol Anyway, its a good supplement also for muscle gain/recovery and caloric deficiency. I would try micronized. If you really wanna get an idea of how your gut its you should buy a stool test, GI effects its best. But that shit its expensive, I have diagnosed myself over time with candida, leaky gut and fat malabsorption its was quite easy with some hints. Candida causes for example my multiple chemical sensivities, leaky gut causes all my IgG allergies, and fat malabsorption its easy to spot because my stools float. Possibly I also have some degree of pancreatic defficiency having in account that when taking enzymes stools are darker and better formed.



    Backaches can be improved by massage, walking , improving your sitting conditions while in work or home.

    Look if its from blood congestion, it may indicate from a nutritional point of view of low blood circulation, or high inflammatary markers.

    Starting with magnesium is great, look for the better form like magnesium glycinate or citrate, since they are highly absorbed.

    The gluthamine is good for gut and muscles




    If you’re going on an anti-candida diet then your best bet for information is the forum. Lots of very knowledgeable on their.



    looks like just another forum maze to get lost in. Not like there is a sticky somewhere of a protocol to follow.



    thats fine, doing the tests one by one can be good, and it will narrow your targets.

    youll have a motive to save now, for future goals .

    as for libido, from my point of view, fixing your deficiencies from mineral and vitamins and improving your gut can have an impact on your hormones, but it varies some people get a clear improvement while other get slight improvements

    in both cases, it depends on the impact of candida on your body, parasite, or deficiencies, and stress.



    So I found a physio who treats CPPS by internal triggerpoints. He has a copy of headache in the pelvis and was aware of hardflaccid when I mentioned it but doesnt think I have it.

    Anyway the only internal which reproduced my tight lower abdominal pain/anxiety feeling was on my right

    obturator internus.

    He mentioned i should be happy as this is a good sign that there is a problem. However Im not seeing the connection of how this one trigger could be therootofmy problems particulary my lifeless flaccid penis and low libido.

    I have abstained foriver 1 month now my diet has been very good. Ive most nights had erections. so I wanted to test. I looked at some porn and absolutly no libido and no erection.

    I really feel like i need to address the testosterone/penis testes issue.



    Yes, sounds like. You need to find someone effective at reversing your hormonal problems or finding the root cause as well as the CPPS thing, no doubt you HAVE hormonal problems. I have libido even with hard flaccid and what not, even if low some days others its rather high, and if I look porn I am gonna be somewhat horny yes or yes.



    I can relate with you 100% my penis is steady getting lifeless. for about almost 3 years. I believe it must have to be hormonal ie testosterone related. my muscle mass and body correlates with it as well.



    ok guys some important updates..

    so Ive been on a paelo style diet for 3-4 weeks, abstained for 4-5weeks and I had my internal pelvic trigger treatment few days ago. I did feel some release in the rest of the evenig to my right hip area but next day seemed to flare up but got better after the gym.

    Well 2 days after the physio I am bed ridden extreamly weak with muscle fatigue and having to sleep most of the day. Is this example of retracing? or coincidence that i get some virus or flu? not sure

    So later in the day feeling a lot better Im watching Jack Preacher.. Rosamund pike and her fantastic tits get me curious so I switch over to some porn and Im horny and erection is good and i ejaculate ( i know bad bad) i sleep it off and next day Im feeling ok later that night watching tv and playing with balls I get this random semi hard erection again curious and excited i switch over to porn with intention to ejaculate (bad bad again) well my erection is bigger and has great blood flow and sensation. I ejaculate and time for bed, it takes me hours to sleep this time and today here are my findings…..

    Im feeling a little tired and a little stiff but know i will get worse in the next 24hrs. So I check my abdominal trigger points with my theracane and MAN!! have they flared up! they are so tight and tender when i hit then my entire front up to my chest explodes with sharp pain and anxiety feeling.

    now i may be highlighting what we already know but this has just confirmed to me that this is the root of my SE symptoms.

    My abdominals and/or pelvic floor is being setoff from the orgasm If i can stop this then i believe i resolve my symptoms. its a chain reaction effect.

    So will continue trigger therapy my abdominals and see how the internal pelvic treatment with my PT goes on Tuesday. I also need to control myself when i see some improvement with sign of random erection or libido.

    I also decided to start skin rolling my pubic region with a lot of soap in shower for lubrication. What initially feels like there is nothing after a few sessions it flares up and you identify the painful spots (so I encourage you to investigate this)



    what about your flaccid penis appearance and etc during these findings ?



    it was much the same but after my first masturbation after ejac my flaccid penis was thicker but more like it was swollen from the rubbing action. this stayed like this till the next morning but then dissapeard.



    Hey . Yeah same goes for me, whenever I see improvement in libido/penis function I either masturbate like a monkey OR (and this is the odd thing) I get almost complete erections while walking with skinny jeans in the middle of the street. This started some months ago and it has increased. They just dont go away in 15 minutes or so even if I sit down and watching women will flare up them badly. On one hand this is very good because I dont have ED but on the other its a setback. The skinny jeans and the erection, and especially the movement of walking create great hard flaccid friction/tension and I feel this worsens me. So I am thinking in using always very soft and open trousers.



    you made me laugh re the skinny jeans, haha

    Ok so i want to throw a theory out there that my ejaculation is causing a stressful response for what ever reason and sets of the chain reaction of problems. This is something that hardasnails once mentioned to me over a PM and was interested to know my cortisol levels before and after an ejaculation.

    Now I mentioned that the first thing that seemed to flareup/tighten after my 2 ejaculations the other day was my abdominal triggers, they got really bad and so tight. Years ago this used to be my shoulders/neck and I knew it was the tightness that caused my tiredness, cloudy thinking/emotion because whenever I got a massage and released some tension and stress my symptoms would ease.

    On day 2 my lower back became tight and achy and I had a deep testicle ache to go with it.

    So I’m feeling pretty shit, I’m very susceptible to stress and even doing something I enjoy like having a quick little acceleration in my sport car for example, I get this rush but its more of a panic/anxiety feeling, it really sucks because this is my joy! I love cars. I love going for mountain drives on twisty roads but I can end up being so stressed. Now one thing I notice was that in the moment this is happening I have stopped breathing.. I dont know if this is a normal response when someone experiences a rush or excitement of some sort.

    Anyway moving on, So I’m at home feeling lousy and the thought of masturbating kicks in (I figured well I’m depressed, feel shit anyway and have a little bit of libido thinking of it)

    One thing I notice as I’m jerking off and getting close is I am holding my stomach in like im clenching, now concious of this I force my belly out and ensuring my pelvic floor is not activated. When I get to the point of release and during I am still focusing on pushing my gut out and not tensing. I felt great! all my symptoms I was feeling went away, even my tight abdominals seemed to ease off. This high lasted for about 1 hr and then the only symptom I got was a bit of panic/anxiety feeling. Its now the next day and I’m not feeling that bad.

    Thoughts? Could this action of tensing be the start of that chain reaction for my muscle tension? I know its not the absolute solution and want to come back to this possible stress response from orgasm and possible cortisol spike.

    So i looked into this and ways of blocking this cortisol spike and the guys over at POIS have found some relief of symptoms and even cured by taking Relora.

    i’m very interested to give this a go but concerned as If I have adrenal fatigue then during the day I have low cortisol and this stuff would be lowering it because there is no control of when it takes effect. For example I could take it on the day I’m going to ejaculate but it may still be in my system the next day.




    Ok something else to add, really random but just experienced it. I called up my chiropractor to cancel my appointment and it was stressfull for me! i feel a little tighter in my stomach and a little anxiety/stress. Its the same feeling I was referring to when in the car.

    Basically I wanted to cancel my appointment and stop going but she kept trying to get me or lock down another date. This will happen.

    Is this just another symptom of my condition? What is it? I feel like its just another thing thats stoppping me from getting better. For example if I get this feeling on my public transport commutes, dealing with people on the phone, trying to enjoy my fun drived then I feel like Im always creating this tightness and stress



    The last thing you talk about I have it also, exactly the same, and also for example dealing with people over the phone AND when rejecting someone like a health professional that doesnt help you. I dont know what it is, but its easy to see how it makes life less pleasurable. My best guess its that it comes from an unhealthy body that has unbalanced neurotransmitters and what not, the real reason behind social anxiety for example. It has been experienced by many people how this vanished when they cured the underlying problems. If this theory its true in my case, curing my whole body problems should take care of the stress/clenching factor in hard flaccid.

    To avoid being narrow minded, I always think that living in some paradisiacal place doing what makes you happy could also cure hard flaccid or any other muscle tension. We wouldnt be wanking to begin with, which really worsens my muscle tightness/discomfort.



    Yeah i’m confident too that take out the things we dont like doing, like a job you dont enjoy , commuting to work, this problem we have, just general things you wish were better would help ALOT.

    I always dream of if I won the lottery how confident I would be to cure this problem because of not having to work, getting best doctors, nutrition, physio’s personal trainers etc etc oh man…



    aarrhh itchy eyes, congested nose and anciety/tightness in chest today! its driving me insane. Diet still spot on so is definatley from the ejaculation.

    Continued with trigger point therapy directly on the pubic region and skin rolling in the shower. Have seen good flaccid size at times during the day. Will see how this continues during the week to see if its related to the TP therapy or just a 1-2 day affair due to ejaculation ie slight increase in T

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