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    I have talked before about the burning feeling or electric feeling of fire in my stomach and sexual organs when I feel 100 % normal and healthy. I have now came across the concept of life gate fire in tradional chinese medicine. The life gate fire is also called the ming-men and originates in your adrenals. Life gate fire is ignited by loud rock music, drugs, sex, porn etc. It might be the stuff which is used when you are in love or feeling these exceptionally powerful love/happy emotions. I do not agree with some of the texts, that life gate fire is same as kidney yang. Kidney yang tonifying herbs have just dried my stomach or increase sexual libido, but they have not increased the electric feeling in my stomach.

    It seems the concept of life gate fire has been most closely to what I´m depleted in according to TCM. General qi ( energy ) and yin deficiency I´ve been able to cure with ease. But the electric feeling to my stomach has been hard to acquire. Here are some texts about the life gate fire. According to my own observations, when the fire is strong, the foods we eat will immediately transform to sexual energy and strength. Of course the digestive system must work too optimally.

    I´ve been able to easily masturbate once a week recently after I´ve dropped porn. Somehow my body does recharge in about 4 days without porn, what it does recharge with porn in two weeks. Otherwise I do save my fire since I do not listen any music or watch too much television. I´m one of the few who considers loud music and especially when the music is used to stimulate the body to produce up-lifting feelings as an exceptionally big drainage to the body.

    “All stirring or movement is the expression of the activity of yang qi, and all the yang qi of the body is rooted in the life gate fire. Stirring consumes yang qi at the same time as it transforms and consumes yin essence. In particular, stirring of heart and/or liver fire due to emotional stress, excitement and anger or the stirring of excessive sexual desire and activity may stir ministerial fire to flame upward and become hyperactive above. Last but not least, many so-called recreational drugs which are acrid, warm, up bearing, out-thrusting, and scattering may also cause upward stirring of ministerial fire. – This includes marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiods, and hallucinogens. It also includes coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.

    “But hot flashes may also be a consequence of Kidney Yang deficiency, or weakened Life Gate Fire. When Kidney Yang is weak, the Spleen becomes unable to extract the necessary nutrients to generate adequate Moisture and Blood. This results in Dryness (dry eyes, skin, hair, and vagina, brittle nails, constipation, even cystitis). This in turn undermines shen-jing, the unified relationship between Heart and Kidney, Mind and Essence. Kidney Yang deficiency engenders Spleen weakness, causing symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, easy bruising, poor concentration, fluid retention, indigestion and bloating. It also leads to a weakening of the Kidney’s capacity to anchor the Qi, permitting True Yang to leave its proper place in the Lower Burner and surge upward, producing agitation, flushing and perspiration, followed by chilliness, weakness, and fatigue. ”

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    “Many are considered kidney yang tonics, kindling the “life gate fire,” the root of reproductive essence. They are often adrenal tonics, strengthening root chakra energy and nourishing the body’s reserves. When we ingest a plant in its whole form, we benefit from the above actions as well as benefiting from its vibration. Its life force causes our beings to pulsate with renewed vitality. This is an important component of the magic. ”

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    “It is linked to the adrenals, the Ming Men (Life Gate Fire) which represents birth maturation and death. It is our root (ground) through which we gain power, stability, and growth. “

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