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    Hi first some background info, im 23 and and i started overmasturbating when i was 11/12, at 18 i started to realise that it was affecting me very badly and ever since i have tried to recover, at frist i just stopped to masturbated which help alot, but i was not strong enough to hold it, then i saw actionlove website and bought some products which i reacted bad to immediately, but i saw that i didnt react bad at a much lower dosage so i started to take less and then slowly build it up while maintaing my nonmasturbation.

    To make a long story short i fucked up again and started after some month to overmasturbate again, but this time i was on a much stronger dosage which i continued to take because i though what harm could it do.

    Now my body is really bad, i cant even eat carrots without my body reacting very weird, and my sympthomes are worse plus i have some new symptomes like incontinence. My question is the following can my overmasturbation somehow have weakend my liver, so it couldnt take the pills i took(moodmax viagrowth 3).

    Can i have damage my liver to such a extend that i know cant recover, i have stopped masturbating and have stopped taking any pills for about 3 motnhs, but im just not recovering, although i have maybe recover a little but its hard to tell, and do you have any suggestions, i cant right now take any kinds of pill or medication since my body gets weird reactions like a weird pain in my femur bones, and even worse memory and concentration problems. I even react bad to soda and candy.

    I tried to take detoxia for a while, and it helped a little but its also made me very tired so i figured that i was still overdosing my body and stopped taking it.

    ps im sorry for my bad english i hope its understandable.

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    you need to go to a doctor and tell him your symptoms.

    i think the pills might have done the damage.

    who knows what is in those pills! i saw a case on dr lins website in which he changed the labels so they could pass through australian customs!



    What if any, other drugs or medication have you took in your life?

    Your liver cannot be damaged easily and can rejuvenate itself reasonably well unless it’s some heavy repeated exposure to powerful chemicals.

    Some people can get away with even steroids without taking Milk thistle a few times but that depends on the individual’s genes and health.

    In your bad reactions, do you have any symptoms like indigestion or other stomach problems?



    I have never taken any serious form of drugs or medication.

    and yes i have had a form of indigestion, which has gotten better after i started running, also i dont know if its a stomach problem but i sometimes after eating feel a weird pain in my left lower stomach area.



    Maybe its a weak spleen and stomach. It will go worse if eating too much cold and raw foods ( i.e. raw vegetables ). Common symptoms of weak spleen and stomach qi and their different patterns :

    ST Qi Deficiency: Poor appetite, lack of taste, dull sensation in the epigastrium, weak limbs, loose stools,

    SP Qi Deficiency: Poor appetite, distention after eating, weakness of the four limbs, fatique, loose stools, cold hands and feet

    Damp-cold: Poor appetite, chest a/or epigastric distention, sensation of cold in the abdomen which feels better with the application of heat, heavy head a/or body, lack of thirst, loose stools, cold hands and feet

    Damp-heat: Epigastric a/or abdominal oppression, lack of appetite, heavy body, thirst with little/no desire to drink, abdominal pain, loose stools with strong odor possibly w/burning anus, nausea, vomiting, fever, headache

    Dampness that does not seem to go away even when stopped eating damp-forming foods such as sweets, raw vegetables, too much cold drinks and dairy products: Just further effect of long term qi insufficiency that will take years to overcome.



    There is problaly one thing which is also important to mentions, i was at a doctor and he checked my liver via a bloodtest, he also cheched for other things like cancer, although i wasnt clever enough to ask him of what he checked on my liver, he said that everything looked fine. This doesnt meant that my liver perfect, i just dont know what else could be wrong with me, everything i take affects me, sweets dairy products fruits vegetable etc, the only thing i dont seem to get affected by is meat bread and water, maybe i just have to wait.



    I doubt its the liver, it could just be that due to your current health, your stomach is not working very well and thus those reactions when taking Dr.Lin’s products.

    Back in the days when my stomach wasn’t very healthy, my stomach feels bad when taking Dr.Lin’s products. Do you feel a burning sensation in the stomach when you don’t eat for a while? (no breakfast, maybe a pepsi and then eat at 5 p.m.)




    Now that i think of it it may be possible, but it has been a while since so i cant remember, also if i eat things i cannot tolerate, i burning sensation in my face, like fire, and some wierd pain in my legs and pain in my left lower stomach area, possibly in my spleen.



    Maybe it could be beneficial to try to avoid foods/ supplements that will make it worse and try to eat well prepared versatile foods, especially ones that strengthen spleen and stomach ( see food properties thread in foods category ). I’ve learned from the TCM that if spleen/stomach condition will go too far, it will eventually deplete kidney ( adrenal ) energy and result in true exhaustion ( empty kidney qi ).



    Try Stomach curing pills or Astragalus



    okay i will try Astragalus, but just one question, what if my kidney energy is depleted, I ask because i also have pain in my kidney area.



    By kidney area, you mean the lower back right? Not a deep pain from the interior of the body right?

    Lower back pain is closely associated with weakening of the kidneys which I believe is, a deficiency of hormones




    Yes the lower back area, could a weak stomach and spleen cause that?



    ly in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a weak stomach and spleen could and would lead to weak kidney functions.

    How bad is the pain, mild or acute? Do you feel pain in your knees too? What about any other symptoms, cold limbs, dry mouth etc.?




    Well the pain increases when i eat bad, others is my immune system is worse than it was before, I feel colder sometimes even if its really hot, I think i lose my hair more than i used too, plus i have pain in some of my joints, espesially my toes and my fingers.



    Feeling lower back pain, pain in joints and coldness in TCM they would give you Kidney yang tonics. Kidney yang roughly translates to testosterone.

    Have you tried ZMA (or zinc), Tribulus, Tongkat Ali etc.?




    I have tried a product called tribex 500, which is supposed to contain Tribulus, it had the same bad effect as all other products extreme fatique etc.



    So you get extremely fatigued when you take Tribex 500 as well as all other products, this means indiscriminatingly all products no matter what it is?

    You seem to have symptoms of what TCM practioners would say kidney yang deficiency however taking something like Tribex or any other supplements as well as some food causes you to have a bad reaction.

    This seems like it could be your digestive system, take the TCM patent formula Stomach Curing Pills and see how it goes. Stomach Curing Pills are used when there is intolerance to other herbs according to “Chinese Medicine in the Western Clinic”. You can get it by typing it into google, there are a few TCM sites that carry it.




    Well now i get extremely fatiqued of all products i have tried, when i first tried moodmax at recommended dosage, which was the first product i tried, i didnt get tired, but reacted very weird. I could feel a weird feeling, not pain, in a part of my brain, plus i got more confused, lack of memory an concentration. Then i lowered the dosage and i didnt have these side effects, as far as i remember, but now i even react to very low dosages.

    Will these pills do.

    Should i still try to take Astragalus, and do anyone know a good place to buy this in europa, since all of these products seems to be made in the US, and sometimes it can be hard to get i through customs.



    Yes those will do. I took the same thing but a different brand.

    Just go with the Stomach curing pills for now, Astragalus is only one of many herbs used in combination for stomach disorders.

    Do you improve when you eat? More specifically, which foods help your condition and which seems to make it worse?




    I improve when i eat good things, but the symptomes also seem to come back when i try to eat things like sweets, but i havent tried to eat alot, so i dont now if i would come back to how things where before, which where very bad, so right now i have improved,but its also weird because i seem to react differently to each type of food, when i try to eat carrots i react one way, when i eat a apple i get tired, also when i eat alot of sugar i get tired.

    The only things i dont react bad to as far as i can see is water, i can drink all the water i want, and i dont seem to react bad to bread and meat.

    And another weird things i have noticed is that i feel worse when i sleep alot, i must only sleep aroudn 8 hours per day, or else my symptomes will increase.



    i really reccomend that you do not take any products. you should defintely get your thyroid checked because most of your symptoms resemble its symptoms.

    symptoms of thyroid condition:

    feeling cold

    hair loss


    low concentration

    memory loss


    stomach digestive problems

    and other stuff.



    I suppose you could do what said and get a checkup of your thyroid. I’ll say have them check your insulin level too because you seem to have problems with sweets and sugar.

    If after checkup they seem to be normal then you could proceed with the Stomach curing pills, not that they would do any harm.




    I have resently had my insulin level cheched, and they should be fine. I will go and get my thyroid checked too, and if that checks out i will try the pills.



    I have tried a product containing milk thistle, and the effects where the same as with everything else, i get exstremly tired and get some other effects.

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