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    emotion: anger ( “Among the seven human emotions, only anger is of an intense nature. It dries up the blood and dissipates the hun spirits. The person who understands the way of nourishing the liver, therefore, never throws fits of anger.” )

    color: green

    seasons: spring ( allergies, good time for cleansing the liver as it opens in the spring )

    tastes: sour ( sour foods are good for liver )

    In TCM, there is a condition called liver qi stagnation. If there is bad blurred vision and plum pit syndrome ( A subjective sensation of blockage a/or constriction of the throat. Common in disorders with a clear emotional aspect coupled with Qi stagnation ) it indicates more a psychological source of the problem .

    Read more if you suspect you might have it:

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    The physician who knows how to harmonize the liver knows how to treat the hundred diseases.

    General liver function:

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    According to TCM, one must get up early in the morning. This is my experience too, if I sleep long, my mind and body is more sluggish.

    “The eyes represent the orifices of the liver. When a person closes his/her eyes and falls asleep, the blood returns to the liver. From there it is transmitted to the eyes, and the ability to see results from this. When a person sleeps, now, the nameless fire within grows dim in order to revitalize. Although it may be impossible to refrain from sleeping altogether, it is advisable not to just let this energy dissipate for the mere sake of falling into a slumber.

    Insomnia caused by a cold deficiency pattern of the gallbladder is accompanied by symptoms of restless thought and a sensation of extreme mental weariness. Excess heat in the liver will typically cause a person to sleep too much, resulting in the mirror of intelligence gathering dust and a deterioration of the root of good health. None of these conditions, obviously, are the result of proper nourishing of the liver and gallbladder nor an appropriate way of subduing the sleep demons.

    This is what you should do: do not get angry, do not lay down during the day, and always retire your body but not your shen. The essence of sleep, after all, is the soul of the body. If you can manage to sleep little, then the master mind will be bright and alert. Not only will your shen qi be flowing freely and purely, but you will also not be disturbed by dreams. Every time you are overcome by a craving for sleep, blood rushes to the heart and the original shen is forced to leave its abode. The clouds then cast a gloomy shadow over the heavenly realm of spirit, and the shen itself will grow dim and unconscious just like its domicile.

    The Daoist master Zhang Sanfeng once said: ‘Grasp the dream in the dream; behold the darkness within the darkness. Since I saw the face of the girl, I can happily view the paradise, Penglai, right in front of my eyes. This is precisely what I mean! The Neijing , furthermore, states: ‘The three months of spring are the period of commencement; heaven and earth are born, and all living things are flourishing. Get up early in the morning, walk around in the courtyard, loosen your hair and relax your body. By doing so you will generate mental strength and act in harmony with the qi of spring, thus following the way of nourishing life. If you live contrary to this principle, you will harm your liver.’ Everybody should be aware of this basic principle.”



    I have become more and more interested in liver according to TCM, it seems the liver will easily become stagnated when under mental stress. Anger and depression is accosiated with liver conditions and will go worse when behaving ways, that hurt the liver function ( i.e. sleeping too much or during the days, excessive dreaming, eating hot spices, feeding the anger and depression with conscious thoughts. )



    can mid-day sleep for 2-3 hours affect the liver function

    what about being easily agitated and extremely angry



    According to TCM, excessive sleeping and dreaming affect negatively the liver, and its not recommended to sleep during the days. Doing streching and massage every day will help achieving normal and effective sleeping pattern.

    Anger is the emotion associated with liver, shouting releases this negative energy which stores in the liver gallbladder.

    Signs of liver fire ( taken from the sites already mentioned ):

    Headache, irritability, explosive anger, dizziness, tinnitus, bitter taste in the mouth, red face, red eys, dream-disturbed sleep, constipation

    tongue: Red, dry w/yellow coat, possibly redder along the LV/GB area



    Massaging and pressing the urinary bladder acupuncture points is especially good for liver. Try pressing hard UB18-26 points and find hard spots around that area from both sides of the spine.

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    I posted to yoga / taichi -thread a superior yoga posture for solving qi stagnation in the liver, spleen and inner organs.



    Interesting, sleep deprivation -page in wikipedia describes deprivation as a method to treat mental depression.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    “Recent studies show sleep deprivation has some potential in the treatment of depression. About 60% of patients, when sleep-deprived, show immediate recovery, with most relapsing the following night.”

    As described in the previous TCM links, liver is the basic cause of mental depression and too much sleeping stagnants and weakens liver.

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