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    I know this may not be the place to rant , but I got to get this off my heart not to offend anyone on this message board

    I think about this everyday like how did I get here , everyday I wake up it feels like purgatory. I think and regret that I passed up many hook ups in my college and teen years. my emotions and creativity is non existent and I was a guy who operated off my feelings and emotions never was overly macho but still was a man. movies I love like vanilla sky , butterfly effect and etc. feels like Im living them everyday my life just feels surreal


    I was/am VERY into new age beliefs like karma , chakras, power of manifesting and etc. praticed the golden rule every chance I got. my parents enstilled in me good holsum values so much that it also affected my views of the opposite sex. I never was the one night stand guy, I operated on love , a pet peeve I had to get to know women before I slept with them. I never wanted to be a womanizer or playa. In my late teens and early 20s I never really got around or seeked woman constantly my childlike personality and charm seemed to attract them or at least the ones I liked. my main purpose was to work on my goals and dreams and to establish a life that would complement a female counterpart. My taste in women varied alot , but I really liked socially awkward chicks they were more interesting and etc. no matter how bad I was doing in life I knew that I always had time and love on my side.


    This year was going so well for me I started on my music career as a producer , doing good in school , about to move into my new apt and turn it into a make shift studio. I started going on dates more getting into the whole dating scene. around my 25th bday thats when things started to take a turn for the worse.

    Sexual Exhaustion

    I think about what did I do differently this year and all I can think about is I was going for my dreams, fell in love . nothing out the ordinary my masturbation freq was getting less . I just considered myself a overmasturbator because I didnt do nothing different to have all this happen. I never do drugs rarely drank. no PE or jelging. but I still have all this happening. I think I wouldnt be so bummed if I was just the typical no libido and ed case, but I have the flaccid shrinkage too . I never had body issues are self esteem issues but this shit has messed my physche up so much I dont know if I would be my self when I get over this. it also hurts me that my grandma might not get to see her grandson with a woman he loves and kids. I been so distant with friends and family. I wish sometimes I had something that was on the forefront and easy to cure. I have to put up a fake facade at work , school , and home which makes it worse. Im missing out meeting creative,intelligent woman I WANT LOVE AND CHILDREN

    is this what you consider the hard flaccid, my flaccid is shrunk, prominent veins, and it just feels lifeless and light also discolored some.


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    the sexual problems dont help , but I do have problems I cant experience feelings any more no fear , aniexty, joy , nervousness or nothing. Im just bland 24/7 . it seems as if Im more of a propecia type of case than SE but I never took that dumb drug. I think back to the good days I barely even thought about my penis or worried about penis size I had other important things to think about. I was never vain when it came to shit like that , its quite ironic I remember at the beginning of the year I was thinking like wow im thankful my health is good

    during these 6 months I been on the verge of suicide bout 3 times , I dont know is it luck or angels are whatnot but weird events happened to stop me from going thru with it. I talk to god daily now and tell him all the petty shit or problems I had before was nothing compared to this and I would enjoy life to the fullest



    if uv had sucidal thoughts u sould definetyl check your brain profile. hormones can cause depresive type symptoms but i would say neuros are alot more responsible for that. Iv had thoughts exactly like yours and just take a look at my results.

    try and stay calm and grounded. its gona be a while before you feel better. you body has to readjust and heal itself



    thats what iam experiencing too…

    you feel to pale , no motive nothing

    not interested in any thing….no energy for life

    its related to hormones neurotransmitters deficiencies

    ( Iam a hypothyroid)

    i do suspect my Low Vitamin D ….and possibly zinc defenciey

    both elements have a huge role in promoting depression



    shell hypothyroid has been linked to tyrosine deficiency. One of the articles i posted today talks alot about it. alot of your symptoms match dopamine deficiency as well. im not saying its definetly it but it matches and makes sense.

    Have you ever tested amino acids or neuros?



    I’ve had a bout of about 2 weeks when I thought I’m hopeless and had suicidal thoughts (I wasn’t actually gonna do it). It was right after I got encouragement from Nicolas that abstaining has helped him alot and I started abstaining but progress would be shattered every time I had a nocturnal emission.

    I was thinking, all doctors turned out to be scam artists, nobody really healed fully on this forum, abstaining doesn’t work.. that’s it I’m fucked. Time to move to Aa with Js lol.

    Then in like the next two weeks people started posting stuff like: TRT has helped a lot, pregnenolone has helped, arimidex… then Chris posted how he recovered from every condition out there. Then the guy that started taking T shots on his own claimed that hes cured, then the guy Yuhu, then Max… so at this point Im like not only is there TRT as a backup plan but two of these dudes had the hard flaccid too and they got over it.. so what am I bitching about. And what they did is really just logical. Get tested for everything. Fix adrenals, fix testosterone if needed, supplement with amino acids if needed, tweak around, get retested and find your balance again. That’s it.

    The idea that you can just manipulate hormones and neurotransmitters in the body artificially sounded ridiculous to me at first, but if it works then it works. In the 21st century you really CAN manipulate everything in the body with supplements and abstaining and other techniques.

    So one week I’m telling myself there’s no hope. A month later I realize there are at least 5 different strategies that I can try at healing and so far I haven’t done anything but sit around.

    Yea its absolutely ridiculous that the medical community still doesn’t recognize these issues. And it’s not easy being one of us who are just inventing healing strategies and shooting for something with no guarantees. But dude its worked for people! That’s all the motivation I need.

    Sometimes I think about my past and issues a lot more than I should too and I become dull as well. I don’t think you got what finasteride users have. I think your just vague because you’re sucked into depression. That’s how I felt before too. Obviously you’re not gonna be creative if you think your not gonna recover.

    The sooner we get the procedures down the sooner we can get down with the actual healing. Everybody stop wasting time make $700 and order all the damn tests. CJ you still haven’t gotten an adrenal test. Your naturopath may help you somewhat by helping get rd of toxins and stuff but honestly the people at this forum are gonna be able to help you more and faster if you post all the numbers. What is that adrenal test she gave you with 87 and 89 results. A test that she made up herself?? Get the 4x cortisol and neurotrasmitters and then your entire picture will be painted. Then start supplementing with arimidex and other stuff, a bit of tweaking, and you’re good and then you’ll look back at the state ur in now and realize it was a waste of mental energy.



    i think if offered some sort of incentive, especially a monetary incentive canadian (or whatever country) doctors and researchers would actually want to reseach these condtions we have and look for a potential cure. But because as far as i no noone on this forum is a millionare and we have nothing to offer them except our pity stories there not gona care. iv found doctors to be very cold, especially when a 19 year old comes in talking about ED and PE . i suppose they have to be seeing that many patients every day but the solution to everything is not ssri’s ( iv been offered those 4 times and counting. so far iv only been offered TRT once at the age of 19 but will see lol )

    all im saying is the chances of the medical community devoting time, effort, money to this problem is slim to none. we souldnt wait around for them but do things on our own. sure were not doctors but i think most of us are smart enough to figure things out, especially working together and comparing results.

    the sad thing is i think these kind of problems are only going to get bigger in the coming years. with the amount of drugs , porn, and misinformation there is out there it could really get worse and worse.



    haha its not sad im excited too.

    I ordered the ZRT combo one:


    SHBG = sex hormone binding globulin

    DS = DHEA-S

    PSA = Prostate specific antigen

    TSH = Thyroid stimulating hormone

    fT3 = Triiodothyronine (T3), free

    fT4 = Thyroxine (T4), free

    TPO = Thyroid peroxidase antibodies

    I know ultrasensitive E2 n other stuff is better but this is realistically the only lab I can work with. The site is legit, unlike many others, and I don’t need to go to a clinic to draw blood, you just do it at home. It’s good enough, it’ll help clear alot of shit.

    Haven’t ordered the neurotransmitters yet though. I’ll do it within a week. Here it is:


    or this




    definetly a good start. thats the same neurotransmitter test i used but from a diffrent company. i think thats gona be the most interesting results.

    When you get enough money/time are you gona check testosterone, saliva cortisol x4?



    they’re in the ZRT one… Testosterone, E2, and cortisol 4x.. should be interesting



    o wow my bad didnt understand what you meant at first. ya thats a really good combo pack basically everything you need. sould post that as a sticky or something for newcomers to the forum.



    I hear you frenchieman , and understand what you saying , I got to do my 24hr cortisol test this week , and then a cortisol blood test. but what Im saying I was never a person that put so much importance on sex, and I never realized how much the libido was tied to feelings and emotions and creativity. its amazing how 25 years to mold myself into a person with a unique personality can be brought to shit in just 6 months. again not to sound like im better than anyone but I was in the turning point of my life. it pains me to not love , but to not create hurts me even more.

    thats enough of my ranting



    short reply: don’t worry dude everything will be good in a several months. You’ll get to love and create.. just stay patient for now.

    long lol: don’t take it personally. Everybody here got fucked over just as you did. I’m sure every person has a crazy story to share too how this happened in the worst timing. I woke up with the hard flaccid THE DAY AFTER having sex with my ex for the first time. Can you picture that scenario. The following day we go at it and I don’t have a full hard-on. And this keeps going for 2 months.. + I can’t do mdma cuz of this anymore and I loved it + I stopped working out cuz of this… or how about Turtle having to explain this to his fiancee… and that most of us are in university and some of my classes happen to be majority girls..

    It’s tough for everyone. I thought I was superman when i was popping E and getting 4 hours of sleep and going to work.. but turns out I’m not. W/e though pointless thinking about the past. Best thing we can do is pretend like everything is fine and actually go out and meet girls, get a number, and throw it out. That will set your mind straight.. Lets be patient n get the tests.



    No never tested them

    …But i do agree that their is a big possibility that iam deficient in Tyrosine and other neurotransmitters and presucors

    our depression is found because we have low hormones

    Low Testosterone or insufficient , high estrogen and prolactin , low cortisol or high, imbalances in adrenal hormones

    then our nutritional defencies which also allow the hormones to move downward and to decline

    Vitamin D defenciey




    i think the vast masjority of the depresion is due to brain imbalance rather then hormones. considering the fact that neuros govern all our emotions and the whole point of ssris is to manipulate those factors. having said that hormones do play there part as well but i think not as significant.



    also cj……….try not to think like that ur wasting ur energy. Use that anger and frustration to figure out how to heal. thinking about what could have been and how grreat your life was before this is pointless. we have all had our lives turned upside down on us .

    iv seen this quote on alot of the other forums and i like it alot

    “Its not about how hard you hit….its about how hard you can GET hit and still stand up”

    i know its corny( pretty sure its from rocky or something…..fucking sylvester stallone) but its true.




    interesting…….i dont think fixing basic nutritional defeciencies such as zinc or viatmines etc though will heal neurotransmitters though . I think something more direct needs to be done.




    I’ve been multivitamin supplementing along with supplementing my B12 — no difference. I’ve also always had a great diet. So at least for me the two aren’t related.

    I took SSRI’s when I was a kid around 12 or 13 because I was suicidal. I’ve been diagnosed as a chronic depressive. I’ve wondered if that’s somehow cause damage to my neurotransmitter balance, that over the years as I’ve grown and matured, potentially the SSRI’s set my neuro system back a year… Just a theory.



    dude no lie by posting that story you may have just uncovered whats been fucking your body up. SSRis are known to cause neurotransmitter imbalances, sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance etc etc. this is mostly because they dont actually raise the levels they just keep the neuros in the synapses for longer.

    anyway thats sorta beside the point. in your case if you had depresive symptoms as a young kid then chances are you may have had a genetic predisposition to low neuros. then by doing the ssris you made it worse. I know when alot of people discontinue use they start to fell worse because like i said the ssris dont raise neuros they just keep them around longer.

    This is obviosuly just theory but i really really wouldnt be surprized if this was the cause of your problems. there are so many forums with peoiple who have similar problems due to antidepresants.

    all that being said i could be totally wrong but since you never overmasterbated, didnt do drugs, this seems to point as to what caused some of ur problems.



    Yeah.. It’s all speculation at this point, I guess in the next year we’ll find out whether or not this is curable. Sooner for some of you. I really can’t wait for frenchi to get his results since his symptoms are the closest to mine. If he fixes it then I can. Waiting is really frustrating.

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