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    Im not sure if it was on here I saw someone posted a link from another site about a person who tried testosterone restarts and etc. but later found out they had heavy metal toxins , and once they cured the toxins their symptoms disappeared and etc.

    does anyone rememeber this post it was just recent ago.

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    Who else could be? Im the Metal Brain here


    There are much more things besides hormones. Hormones are actually just a symptom. Treating symptoms doesnt go nowhere, maybe to temporary relief. I highly reccomend autism,CFS, phoenixrising ,curezone (although it sucks for posting), chelation forums etc over musclechat if your problems are something more that having high E2 because of T injections. They actually investigate methylation, detoxification, genetics… Like that dangdk in musclechat. He has “naturally” high E2 and adrenal insufficiency and he is playing with arimidex… I tried to warn him .



    yea this is the post I was looking for. my penis and testicles still seem to be shrinking daily no matter what I do .



    Are you a post finasteride/propecia user? Mine are shrunk too but they seem to have hit the plateau of shrinking. The size will come back when hormones are tuned up again and toxic substances are out of us…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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