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    We have talked with Raven llittle about watching pictures of naked people. I decided to start a new thread about this.

    I now do not think just looking for couple of naked pictures or seeing naked people in real life is very harmful for healthy ( or not-severe case ) persons. I know this because of:

    1. Humans and animals have always seen their natural fellowmen naked for millions of years. Animals do not have any clothes in the forest and they play around, but yet they do not watch porn or masturbate/over-ejaculate ( they know all the secrets and how to stay in perfect shape, otherwise they would become too weak to survive ).

    2. My experience is that, if I for example see non-pornographic naked pictures of women or naked people in real life for a couple of minutes, I think it stimulates the testicles and ignites the sexual energy in a good way, and reminds me what wonderful energy this sexual energy is giving pleasure for just seeing beautiful things. When I then turn the images off or get the clothes on, soon I feel exactly normal again.

    But if I continue watching these images in a stimulation purpose for too long at a one time, it will gradually start to ignite my prostate and make myself ready for sex / masturbation. This is good if one plans to have sex / masturbation that time. Watching images that have intercourse, bodily fluids or are very pornographic in nature is sure to stimulate the body way too much and is not recommended if one is not planning to ejaculate this time. I did abuse my body for several years with very pornographic pictures, videos and I just looked them and masturbated/ejaculated every time. This is really not called masturbation, but ultimate self-destruction.

    Sometimes I take naked pictures of myself and get quite horny but then I just stop, meditate and go to sleep. It has never done any harm to me, although I´ve become to do this more often since I no longer get precum or anything from this kind of light stimulation.

    If one gets precum, annoying feeling or sexual exhaustion symptoms for just looking for some casual naked pictures or nude persons in real life for a while, the situation is very severe and masturbation/ejaculation/porn watching should be stopped for a couple of months and then practice very healthy frequency ( many weeks ) until the situation normalizes. Keep also the mind positive and do not feed anger/hate towards anyone, including yourself. And try to realize how these excessive and un-natural pornographic images and movies have poisoned your mind.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    So I would like to also make a point, that exhausted persons are weaker almost every way possible than non-exhausted, so you do not have to keep the very restricted lifestyle for the rest of your life once you acquire some healing energy and get yourself better. Just keep the basic principles in mind what will lead to disease and weakness.

    The more better I have got, the more there is in daily life as things do not exhaust me and I have energy to actually do something other than just wait for getting better.

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