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    I have visited this forum on and off over 3 years and it appears my condition is worsening. When I realised I had a problem I dramatically changed my ways by reducing ejaculations to once or twice a week. I thought my condition would just remain the same if I did this, I did not expect it to get worse. The amount of precum I get now is beyond belief and even masturbating I find it difficult to fight ejaculation, which wasnt really a problem before. I wont deny the sneaky visit to porn websites though, which im now starting to believe could be a contributing factor. Surely there is no difference to fucking a girl or watching porn? At the end of the day both are very stimulating and exciting with the real thing being more intense. Does this mean fucking is bad for you too? I really cant get my head around all of this. I recognise users on this forum who have been searching for answers for years and are still here. Has anyone actually made a full recovery yet? Or even seen signs of improvement?

    I would be interested to read how you have made changes to your life, such as diet and what you feel works for you and doesnt work for you. I am actually considering going celebate for an entire year to see what happens.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    breath deep, it will be ok

    post all your labs, if possible, where are you located at?

    try getting outside as much as possible, go barefoot as much as possible, take a cold shower a few times a week, sleep at much as possible 9 hours, sleep before 11pm, eat organic mostly meats, veggies, healthy fats, take supplements like zinc ,magnesium, VIT and B’s; meditate more, be more active, meditate more, pick up a new hobby (i recently started playing guitar), do yoga, take nature hikes, these should help eliminate your need to watch porn and using a computer. j

    of all these will help…

    i mean im dam close to having a full recovery..

    the worst shape i was in, i was around 18 i think (now 25) and i was about to have sex with a girl, were about to have sex but i couldnt get it up, so i went to the bathroom and i starting maturbating to get hard, and i actually ejaculted in about 20 seconds will being completely limp; honestly this is as bad as it gets ..

    from that point 7 years i have made about a 90% recovery..

    if i knew what i know now, i could have healed in about 1 year i think

    there are so many choices for healing with some life style changes and blood test, even if you dont have much money or insurance you can still get affordable blood test online and meds online… i could easily start treating; but its still recommended to get to a doctor



    but i no longer recommend completely quitting masturbating, sex is by far superior and i recommend sex…

    masturbating once every 7-10days is good even for those who are completely drained.. sex every 5-7 days.

    i have sex about 2-3x a week, sometimes i masturbate a once a week also

    so im ejaculating anywhere from 2-4x a week…



    hey man

    like max said relax

    please if you have post any labs, if not please find a good doc (pm max he knows some good ones, or can recommend you one)

    my improvement has been great, i would say im recovered but im kindofa perfect geek.. gotta have everything finetuned so i am still staying around

    basically i can have sex without thinking or worrying about it anymore which is awesome… in winter seasons its great, in hayfever seasons i still get premature ejaculation and allergies and eye infections and so forth so health wise it could be better, also energy is far from awesome, but hey at least i can have sex and pretty awesome

    the thing im trying now to combat allergies is cayenne pepper, this thins mucus and helps in improving bloodflow and i must say after a couple weeks i love it.. it definitely helps my allergies also

    so there is tons of stuff to try but like i and max did go to a doc and get some bloodwork done

    i am on hydrocortisone and dhea and few other supps and my tool works, so it will do for you if you get tested and some good meds plus lifestyle improvements

    cheers mate!



    I am from the UK and to be honest I spend a lot of time outside. I dont constantly observe porn, only when I feel I want to masturbate. I have lots of hobbies too, I play guitar, I go for walks and spend a lot of time doing photography and things. I also do running and swimming.

    I havent had any blood tests. I notice you talk about “Blood work” but I have no idea what this is. I would be greatful if you would make things a little more clear. One thing about my condition that bugs me the most is all of the precum. I had sex with my ex and I had so much precum that the condom slipped off. Strangely I had more precum around her than when being on my own but lately after being on my own I can tell I am getting more than I use to.

    So are you suggesting I get more rest and do things like meditation? Stay away from porn (obviously) and maybe limit my ejaculations/masturbation to once a week? I think my diet needs improvement. What supplements would you recommend? I have some 5-htp handy and some vitamin b complex. I notice you mention zinc and magnesium. Any advice would be brilliant guys because I have had enough of this now. It puts me off getting close to girls and persuing relationships. I have had several chances on one night stands but being a shit lover completely puts me off. Thanks again, I appreciate this.



    I would also like to mention that I do like to drink on weekends.

    Sometimes twice and always with the intention of getting wasted. Is this bad? I would really hate to give it up



    that of course is a bad idea, i used to do this too, now i do it only once every month or so and even now i limit alcohol to the bare minimum

    its bad for the liver, estrogen increases, overall its just crap

    i dunno what age you are but with my work i am fried friday and saturday i can go out but even then sometimes feel like staying in (have a g/f though)

    bloodwork = getting blood taken and values of testosterone, thyroid levels etc.. measured from that blood

    so go to a good doc and make it happen and report back



    you mentioned avoiding porn…if one isnt masturbating to it, is it that big of a deal if one looks at porn? I like girls…I’m always looking at something, if I’m not with my girlfriend, I’m looking at porn, but not masturbating. Its like I’m never satisfied.



    i still think its best to avoid porn all together…

    if you must get drunk just get buzzed, dont get so drunk where you blackout

    make sure you take extra vit C, E and milk thistle for liver…. and drink lots of fluid



    Dude, if your sexual problems have been caused by excess masterbation and unhealthy lifestyle over the years and I’m guessing they are, then you should be able to recover. Read the whole book, it was working for me:


    If your problems are not from the above but other factors then the book may not be as much help. From the posts that I read at the forum I notice a lot of the people have problems besides excess masterbation e.g adrenal issues. I also notice that people are exercise intolerant or do nto do as much as they should. People here also seem to masterbate and watch porn which affects recovery. For now even once a week is too much. Therefore I am not suprised if people are not recovering.

    I got a chronic illness about 6 months ago so my recovery has been halt. Pre to that I was simply on the following method:

    good diet+aerobic exercise+celibacy+cold sitz bath, it was working for me.



    I am 23.

    I see that rest and relaxation is the key to regenerate our parasympathetic nervous system. The problem I have is it feels I am almost constantly in sympathetic mode. I get a lot of anxiety on a daily basis. The problem is I have social anxiety so I tend to sweat a lot in social situations and have a dry mouth etc. Only on weekends away from work and the hussel and bussel do I actually feel relaxed if I dont have anything on my mind. I just worry that my constant anxiety will avoid me from making any steps forward. I guess deep meditation would be in order. What are your thoughts on yoga? Its a little “girly” but im sure I read somewhere that it is very beneficial to your nervous system.

    On the subject of bloodwork again, how do you actually go about asking your doctor? He or she must wonder why you want the test done in the first place. Did you tell them you are trying to recover from PE?



    dont mention PE and stuff like sexual exhaution

    tell them you have fatigue and erectile dysfunction and think you might have an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism)

    mention terms like low testosterone and hypothyroidism..

    most docs will test at least testosterone, and TSH.. its a start

    but use my list though,



    I am also uk based and am somewhat bewildered by all of this

    another kick in the teeth

    max, when you talk of blood work, and blood tests, the list you refer to, to test for, is above yes ?????

    main minerals and supplements



    vit c

    yes ???

    it just so bewildering to know, what the best course is and I simply don’t have the money to but every suplement/vitamin on the planet, regulary in the hope, something works

    I exercise regularly, dance twice a week and was looking to date again after 9 years in the wilderness following an eventful kundalini awakening



    Hi Jamie Wooder,

    Welcome to the forum. Im from the UK too and I created this thread. I am no longer losing hope though! Things are looking up and its all thanks to diet changes and reasearch, mainly from books written by legendary nutritionists. I don’t take many supplements and I am seeing improvements already.

    What are your symptoms and how old are you? And while im here, what part of the UK are you from? Im from Gloucestershire. Its good to see there is a local on here, I have been feeling a little out numbered!



    Add some Antioxidants to your diet

    Green tea [ drinking or pills extract]

    stop being Alcohols/Smoking

    test your self about the ejaculation issue..if you feel that ejaculation harms or make it worse stop it.

    Because people in here have different cases..[ some cant have an erection, while other can but suffers from weak ejaculation power…etc]

    Try to exercise

    Use techniques that lower your stress Anxiety:-


    Cold Shower



    Yep, I have started to do that now

    I have 4 vitamin C tablets over the course of the day. The brilliant thing is vitamin C is not toxic so you can have as much as you like. Some people need more than others and apparently the best way to reach an optimal dose is by consuming lots of vitamin C until you get diarrhea. This way you know how much your body can handle. I also take a B complex twice daily consuming 100mg of each vitamin a day. Next I am considering vitamin E for its rich antioxidants and aid in essential fatty acid conversions.

    I also drink green tea a few times every day



    high Vitamin C over time can cause a copper deficeincy which is not a good thing. Do not believe all of what you read.



    Oh right, thanks for the advice. Would it be ok to just add a copper supplement? Or is it best to take it easy on the vitamin C?



    hi mate

    well 35, hertfordshire and the first 2 times were pretty low, however lately have been exercising 30 mins every day, eating 1 garlic clove a day and have tried some cranberry juice

    waiting for a new job to begin and as following

    about 2 weeks ago- masturbated twice in quick sucession-coulpe of days apart, and felt terrible

    10 days later- did it again and felt not as bad

    then 4 days later I relented

    and then the following day had a nocturnal out of my control

    a helaer mentioned the same thing happens to me him, before advising me to just avoid ejaculation altogether, which to me, considering i have not dated , for 9 years and am looking to perhaps do, that again, is just not an option: I have had enough crap in mylife and would like some fun again

    just found a clip of save me online and my will broke

    in the past, I have gone much longer without doing this, but I guess some of it is boredom

    it seemed the garlic and cranberry juice helped along with the daily exercise, I eat pretty healthily, but have also noticed, cold hands and feet lately , along with a lack of sweating recently if it’s hot outside that is different) the first few times, I felt like I had been kicked in the nuts

    I find the list of supplements, bewildering and simply, even when I begin my new job, am not sure I coudl afford all of them: seen so many listed (I always take multi vitamins )

    would be really interested to see what advice you can offer



    hey thanks, mate, just out of interest, did you go for tests here in the uk: I have seen quite a list somewhere on here that max posted, to test for

    just wondered if you went and how you presented it

    may well buy udos book

    and see if i can get all those vitamins

    i hear you on the protein and def on the green veg: more drawn to both lately



    is there any differnce between the oil and just buying omega 3 and 6 supplements in tablet form ??



    Jamie Wooder

    Udo’s oil is made under strict measures to retain its nutritional value. Most off the shelf stuff is just processed in the open air, in light conditions using hot mechanical machinery, therefore most of the goodness in them is already destroyed. They still work, but results would take longer. Bear in mind that tablet/capsule form are heated into the capsule, therefore more nutrients are lost.

    If you want to take off the shelf stuff instead of udo’s oil then I would suggest a good evening primrose oil (only available in tablet form) for GLA (omega-6) and flax seed oil (available bottled) for ALA (omega-3). Both GLA and ALA are the essential fats you need for recovery.

    Raw leafy salads and mostly all nuts (especially walnuts!) and seeds contain ALA and some GLA so they are a good addition to your diet.

    As for tests, I have never had any. We all have different theories and research strategies here and I personally dont believe I need a blood test as I am seeing excellent results already.



    oh well, just bought zinc, omega 3, 6 and 9, vit c and vti b complex, along with the garlic extract from tescos,

    any links/info you have to obtain the more pure expression of these(udos oil for the omega 3 and 9 aside)would be much appreciated



    Jamie Wooder

    Udo’s is the only oil I know of that contains the highest amount of high quality essential oils. You can buy it from Holland and Barrett for £17.99 a bottle – look in the fridge and you should find it. Plus all of my research is solely from books because I find the internet a pretty useless and misleading resource.



    so the others, you buy from health shops and take more of a day ??



    Jamie Wooder

    You should never take more to compensate for its poor nutrients. It will just take longer to see results.



    that is not what I meant

    I thought someone else mentioned you, yourself was exceeding the daily dose of vit c anyways

    what I was asking was if you talk of the others being watered down, where do you get the others vitamins required that compare in their pure potency to udo oil

    if you don’t over compensate the diluted versions, where do you get them ????



    Wow, this is great news !

    Can you tell us what results you are seeing and also what supplements you are taking? I know Udo’s oil is one of them but are you taking anything else?



    Jamie Wooder

    Vitamin C is non-toxic therefore you can have as much as you like within reason. If you do have too much you will simply get diarrhea and long term it could cause copper deficiency. I have 1500mg a day. Each chewy tab is 500mg and it says have up to 4 a day, so the directions permit you to take as much as 2000mg daily.

    There are no diluted versions, just very poorly produced versions. Essential oils are extremely delicate to air, light and heat. When the oil is extracted it needs to be extracted in cool, dark and airtight conditions to preserve it. Udo’s oil is the only oil I have found that is produced using these strict measures.

    I would not suggest fish oils either because they are extracted in air and then heated up to remove any contaminants such as mercury. This heating process destroys much of the essential oils. That horrible fishy burb or taste you get from fish oils is because it has become rancid. Its the same when you buy fish, it should never smell fishy. That smell means it is going off.

    Wow, this is great news !

    Can you tell us what results you are seeing and also what supplements you are taking? I know Udo’s oil is one of them but are you taking anything else?

    My precum is clearing up, my eye floaters have gone, my erections are getting a little harder and I am feeling I have more control over my ejaculation. I have suffered with social anxiety for some time now and I believe after taking the oil and supplements I have become more confident, more sociable and more outgoing to the point where I am actually chatting up women and trying to get laid. The brain is made of more than 60% oil/fat and plays a vital role in neurotransmitter production. Essential oils help your brain to produce serotonin, which may explain why I feel so great lately.

    I don’t know if you know much about prostaglandins, but I take supplements that aid in the conversion of oil to prostaglandins. Prostaglandin E1 softens blood vessels and increases your erection power and Prostaglandin E2 gets suppressed by E1 and E3 to reduce prostate irritation, which leads to premature ejaculation. We need to increase production of E1 and E3 and reduce production of E2 and to do this we need more omega-3 and less omega-6 (apart from omega-6 GLA, which acts much like an omega-3).

    Anyway, I take B-100 complex Vitamins, Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin C. All of these help the conversion of oils to prostaglandins, aswell strengthen your nervous system for a better stress response. Along side this I have made major diet changes, reducing my sugar intake and eating lots of good protein sources such as chicken, turkey, fish and grass fed beef. I also eat lots of low-sugary fruit and non-starchy green vegetables. For snacks I eat nuts and drink only water or home made fruit juice. I have replaced coffee and tea with green tea for its antioxidants and L-Theanine content, which aids in neurotransmitter (GABA) production.

    I am now concentrating on the neurotransmitters GABA, Acetylcholine, Serotonin and Dopamine. When all 4 of these are plentiful in your brain you will become an unstoppable F*ck machine. You can boost all 4 of these through diet and supplements and for a most excellent reference as of what to eat and what to take you should refer to this book:


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