Low DHEA & Cortisol, Thyroid , Positive ANA. Results.

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    Hope someone can assist especially the likes of Max or Pimp.

    My DHEA and Cortisol was low and I have had my thyroid tested.


    > SHBG 19.1 nmol/L (13.0-71.00)

    > Total Testosterone 17.58 nmol/L (7.00-30.00)

    > DHEA-S 5.7 umol/L (2.2-15.2)

    > Cortisol 248 nmol/L (120-1000) 9:55am collection

    > Prolactin 232 mIU/L (40-450)

    > LH 3 IU/L (2-12)

    > FSH 3 IU/L (1-8.0)

    > PSA 0.40 ug/L (<2.50)

    > TSH 0.80 mUI/L (0.30-5.50)

    > FT4 13.6 pmol/L (9.0-24.0)

    > FT3 4.3 pmol/L (2.50-6.5)

    > hs-CRP 0.4mg/L (<0.1-8.0)

    *High *> Testosterone Free 461 pmol/L (120-470)

    > IGF-1 327.0 ug/L (52.0-328.0)

    > ALT 86* U/L (0-40)

    I have been prescribed 35mg of DHEA and 10mg of Cortisol SR capsuals.

    My ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antibody) test came back positive with

    1:320 which mean I could have SLE or some other connective tissue disease.

    My symptoms are Muscle pain, weakness and tenderness, Fatigue, Depression, Brain Fog, irritable. I feel like my body is not recharged

    I need to work out where my problem is, Is the ANA the cause of my adrenal problems, or is it the other way around.

    Is my thyroid ok?


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    you might have lupus or some auto immune disease get this figured out further by a specialist..

    get your liver values rechecked and see a liver specialist if worried.. did you do prohormones or something like that?

    i would try to go anyway with the cortisol and dhea first as you are pretty low

    then after a 2 months or so get retested for ft4 and ft3, if the cortisol works and ft3 is lower you know the cortisol works, and you might need thyroid treatment alongside it

    your tsh is good, but ft4 is low and ft3 isn’t optimal either

    total testosterone looks somewhat decent and could be helped by adrenal or thyroid intervention (you have reasonably low lh and fsh and still pump out good test, so your nuts are good)..

    please also test vitamin d you could be low, this is a biggie

    things to perhaps add are zinc picolinate and concentrate on a higher fat content in your diet and more sleep (coconut oil etc.. more red meat) you would need a more complete nutritional analysis for that



    SHBG 19.1 nmol/L (13.0-71.00)

    Total Testosterone 17.58 nmol/L (7.00-30.00)

    From dr Vermulen chart

    FreeT=140(160-300)————-> Low



    DHEA-S 5.7 umol/L (2.2-15.2) ———–>low




    Cortisol 248 nmol/L (120-1000) 9:55am collection———->low


    Prolactin 232 mIU/L (40-450)———–> highish

    LH 3 IU/L (2-12)

    FSH 3 IU/L (1-8.0)

    4.3.3 Prolactin

    Clinical Use: This test is used to diagnose and manage pituitary

    adenomas. It is also used in the differential diagnosis of male and

    female hypogonadism.

    Clinical Background: Prolactin is a protein hormone secreted by the

    anterior pituitary gland and the placenta. It may modulate the number of

    follicles developing in the follicular phase of each menstrual cycle.

    During and following pregnancy, prolactin, in association with other

    hormones, stimulates breast development and milk production.

    Prolactin secretion is stimulated by sleep, stress (physical and

    emotional), and the hypothalamic hormone, thyrotropin releasing

    hormone (TRH). Prolactin secretion is inhibited by dopamine and

    dopamine analogs such as bromocriptine.

    Hypersecretion of prolactin can be caused by pituitary tumors,

    hypothalamic disease, breast or chest wall stimulation, hypothyroidism,

    renal failure, acute exercise, stress, eating, and several medications (eg,

    phenothiazines, metoclopramide). Hyperprolactinemia inhibits

    gonadotropin secretion and can produce hypogonadism in men and

    women with accompanying low or inappropriately “low normal” LH and

    FSH levels. Hyperprolactinemia may also stimulate adrenal androgen

    production contributing to the hirsutism, oligo/amenorrhea, and

    polycystic ovarian appearance seen in some hyperprolactinemic



    PSA 0.40 ug/L (<2.50)————————–ok


    TSH 0.80 mUI/L (0.30-5.50)

    > FT4 13.6 pmol/L (9.0-24.0)

    > FT3 4.3 pmol/L (2.50-6.5)

    not enough information


    *High *> Testosterone Free 461 pmol/L (120-470)



    Thanks for the responses.

    Some more info and questions please.

    I did not do prohormones I used to binge drink every weekend when going out with friends, but have not done so for at least 2 years now.

    25 OH Vitamin D was 90.7 nmol /L (40-144.0)

    “your tsh is good, but ft4 is low and ft3 isn’t optimal either”

    what should the ft4 and ft3 be? Which should be high and which low?

    My brother the other day was tested and has a over active thyroid and aparently my father had thyroid issues.


    From dr Vermulen chart

    FreeT=140(160-300)————-> Low

    What do you mean, where is the 140 coming from and what unit is that in

    I thought my Free T was good?

    Can you elaborate on

    “TSH 0.80 mUI/L (0.30-5.50)

    > FT4 13.6 pmol/L (9.0-24.0)

    > FT3 4.3 pmol/L (2.50-6.5)

    not enough information ”

    What am i missing

    Thankyou very much



    Also couple things to add.

    With regard to my thyroid, back in 2004 when I had symptoms of tiredness, memory problems , my TSH was at 1.34. So does that mean it has dropped or gotton worse? Is that a clear indication or does TSH flutuate througut the day and with age

    I am going to see a new doctor next week and would like to know what I should be bringing to his attention based on my results and where my problem could be




    ok vitamin d looks okay could be a bit higher but not too bad, just get some more sun daily



    tsh does fluctuate.. normally a tsh around 1 is really good but tsh >2 can indicate hypothyroid

    you would like your ft4 and ft3 levels in upper 1/3 range both

    especially ft3 being low could indicate low energy, or buildup of reverse t3

    anti bodies test would be good addition as well for thyroid



    There is no low TotalT and high FreeT together.

    you use the chart to figure out Free T with Total T and SHBG.

    To be able to adjust thyroid hormones,

    all these tests are need:

    T3, Total

    T4, Total

    T3, Free


    T3, Reverse

    Ultrasensitive TSH

    Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin Antibodies

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