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    These days Im worried with estradiol. It is the key hormone in me and no recovery will be achieved without lowering it, because notice that nettle root and DHEA, or pregnenolone (I will need to take them) increases estradiol and I already have it high (and tests show a gradual increase from 44 to 56)

    I dont know what to take to control it (the liquidex I have seen is expensive and looks fishy,no herbal supp for estradiol seems effective so I dont know) and I need to see a doctor. He probably wont recipe me nothing but I wanna try.

    I really think it is important to discuss this now because time is running and the time when I will need to order the new supplementation plan is getting closer and I dont want to wait til then to realize that I still dont know how to deal with the fucking E2.

    So, falcor, buddies, what are your definite suggestions for estradiol?

    Any NATURAL way to lower it significantly?

    Im seeing doctors as soon as I can to see if they will to recipe something to lower it but logically im skeptical.

    If the suggestion is liquidex, please say where to buy and the exact way to use it, but as I have said, I prefer not to choose liquidex, although obviously if it is the only option will be used.

    BTW how you doing on Arimidex, pimp? If that works well with time, I will try to get it from doctors.

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    i am doing fine on arimidex, i have perfect labs on 125 mg test e and 1 mg arimidex weekly

    for wood it’s not working, but lowering e2 definitely




    When you where taking stinging nettle, you should have taken an AI along with it to prevent circulating, free testosterone from converting to various estrogens.

    Did the stinging nettle you used have 3,4-divanillytetrahydrofuran listed in the ingredients? That’s what you want it to have.

    Did the stinging nettle inhibit your SHBG, in labs?



    Thats awesome pimp! If that continues working we know what to look for controlling E2.

    You know man, this shit is really complex, so fixing estradiol is a good step, even when it doesnt make a change in your SE, thats just apparent, because the more things you fix, nearer to a normal sexual/body function.

    By the way if you wanna enhance erection quality with an herbal supp Horny Goat is the best for boners in my opinion. Jobe27 is using one that is so expensive but have a incredible amount of icariins.

    I have used in my noob SE times the NOW horny goat dosing at 2´5 grams per day (no percent of icariins listed) and it gave me harder morning good (harder but not completely inflated, it was just more rigid)


    Hmm the nettle was NOW brand, so you could expect crappy quality but indeed it worked, but no Dhejhsbjas-divanil listed in the ingredients hahaha I know that substance, it is the key in free test right?

    Let me take a look to labs… Nope, my SHBG seems unalterable, from the several tests ive had it is always is 39, only one time was 36.



    sargonnas thanks for the advise, i know and have read the story by jobe27

    in fact i ordered it a two-three weeks ago from uk, and it was erroneously sent to canada ???????? and now i have a notice it was delivered last friday but wasn’t home

    so as of tomorrow i will be receiving the packet and be starting at two tabs 60% icariin daily like jobe has done

    i had a period without libido and bad wood, this was definitely due to lack of hcg, so i also ordered hcg again and will be taking my shot again tomorrow

    instead of 2×250 ius i will take 1 shot of 1000 iu and see how that works

    even though my last shot of hcg was 10 days or so ago i still have somewhat size in my nuts and had amazing sex yesterday, so hopefully things will progress to become better this way

    if icariin works i will stick with it, instead of cialis / viagra

    if i have funding after that i will start testing neuros which i know i am low in

    good luck mate



    Find out why its increasing??

    What changed since last testing.

    Nettles can effect estrogen in different ways depends on person.

    There are many ways to lower estrogen through modifications of lifestyles, and nutrition.




    Please share with us some of them. A detailed description would be much appreciated.

    I will think about what changed, but I suspect that is useless. Simply my body is getting more and more fucked up like the testosterone total which also drop from the past having in account all the tests I had. I am not having a specially unhealthy life, I dont think that is what is causing the worsening of SE… because it IS worsening. And I am not taking almost any supp nowadays or while I had the tests so it wasnt that.

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