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    Does anyone here recommend this fruit? Has anybody tried it?

    Looks like it is packed with vitamins and minerals… things that we may have lost due to over-ejaculation…

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    yes there freaking amazing, seriously.

    they wil deffinitly help




    Thanks Max.

    Have you used it? Where did you purchase it from?

    I am not sure if juice would be a better option…

    Did you feel any effects?

    I am thinking of drinking Goji Berry juice instead of taking a multi-vitamin..



    Very interesting.

    LeeYang talked about Lycii Berry in the diet forum.

    How may work Lycii Berry ?

    I know that blueberry is the best (now the second ? ) fruit to help the brain. Scientist use it on rats and they prove that blueberries’ antocyanins increase level of dopamine in the brain of the old rats.



    do you a link to that reserach article ?



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Other :

    Barbara Shukitt-Hale

    Neurobiology and aging 2006

    Dr Thierry GIBAULT



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]




    thanks for that. LEF is a good company.



    thanks Frank.



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    they sell the lycium berry (goji berry)

    i can tell when i eat them, they work good and are well worth it.



    They are probably the best single fruit you can eat… My wife has been buying these for some time and I find they are very beneficial when you are imbalanced…. Don’t expect immediate erections from this product but do eat them! BTW – They aren’t cheap… $10+ for 8oz at the health food store.



    Thanks for the replies guys!

    So looks like this is certainly a helpful fruit. I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals via this fruit instead of swallowing supplement capsules.

    I am also considering the juice instead of the berry. Drinking it in the juice form has a high absorption rate.

    Max, I checked out that site and looks like they don’t sell the juice form of this fruit. Do you know of any other site?



    I think you may do better with the raw berry… The enzymes are still intact… This berry would not work well in a juicer… Try both but I think you will do better with the raw berry.

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