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    3 weeks of not masturbating and I feel soo great!

    I started lifting as well and that makes me feel even better!

    No depression, no fatigue, no ANXIETY (yay!),

    Memory getting a bit better as well as concentration, but I believe thats a result of the calmness and relaxation I acquired.

    But the best thing is that your feeling your getting back to life, your feeling them old feelings you had about certain situations, everything you look at seem brighter and more beautiful, especially the ladies!

    When I look at them I don’t feel horny and that kind of superficial feelings I used to have. I feel like I did when I was 13, like this is a beautiful creature.

    Oh and I just wanna tell everyone – If accidently watch porn or something that makes me horney I get into really horny mode, all week long! That time I try going out as much as I can.

    I take 5-htp 150 mg a day and I can tell you that without accidents or going out all week if you get horny, you can overcome the temptation! Garenteed!

    That plus not touching your dick and fighting your sexual thoughts!


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    What kind of anxiety do you specifically suffer from? I suffer from anxiety here too…and I haven’t been wanking for three weeks too (going for 6 month) but I have suffered from this problem for 5 years and close to 8 months now so I will need a much much longer time than you to see any improvements.



    I can’t explain my anxiety… It’s like a phobia gets stronger. I don’t have all the physicall symptoms, mabey some nausea…

    In the past it was very strong, so I worked on my self. In order to kill the anxiety first I killed the fear.

    The fear of an anxiety is like a big shadow coming towards you and when you turn on the lights you see it’s just a cat…

    What I did is just understand what I’m affraid of, understand what exacly is the pain expected for me, and just accapting. I decided that I prefered what I’m affraid of over the anxiety, and that little exercise really lowered the anxiety levels.

    Once you understand what your affraid of, accapting it, let it be a part of you and decide you will come on top of it it fights the fear, you can really feel it.

    Problem is most of the time you can’t hit the exact point of what your really affraid of. You have to get to the core of it. for example; I believe that people with social anxiety, beside of being affraid of social contact, their also affraid of the anxiety itself. Why? Three reasons – one is the feeling itself, its not a nice feeling. second is that the anxiety itself leads to bad social contact, hence to pain. Third is that the anxiety will take control of their life and will take control of all of their parts of life…

    I think that after understanding REALLY what your affraid of, and deciding you WILL take the risk, slowly the anxiety will go away. Just know what you want, exept the consiquences, be bold and go for it.

    Or mabey I’d never have an anxiety so I may be wrong. If so I’m sorry, I don’t mean to disrespect.

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