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    So where did manny’s post go to? No censorship please, we want all the possible solutions. I’m certain after this forum has been up for a year, our regimen may look different….

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    Yes, there was a long topic, I saw it too. I´m not 100% sure it was made by manny, but there was very much information about supplements and research and benefits of massage. It seemed very useful post, but when I visited the site again, it is missing.

    Maybe he deleted it himself.






    So you have recovered 100%?

    Perhaps you can try to recall some of the things you mentioned in the article for some of the forum members here…

    To prevent accidental erasals, I have set a limit to only admins being able to delete threads.



    i am going to write the whole post again for this forum. i recovered 100%



    Thank you, manny. It will benefit all of us greatly if you could tell us your story, and your road to recovery. I am nearly healed as well, but I’d love to hear your story! =)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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