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    its somthing ive wanted to take up for some time

    ive never had the onfidence to do so, am going to do it very soon though

    any of you practise any arts?

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    did some aikido for about a year

    great stuff man!

    after that i did weightlifting

    want to get into kickboxing soon when i get my own apartment



    I did Taekwondo fo a few years, long long ago.

    shouldn’t have quit back then. would have probably kept me from this site now…

    anyway, was great for my body and also my mind. had alot of confidence back then and felt great.

    when my energy levels are a bit higher I might try it again.



    Time I have been trying to get into martial arts but haven’t got the time yet but it will definitely improve your social skills and confidence. In addition to trying to deal with these biochemical imbalances we’re dealing with, the martial arts will help with anxiety.

    I would have to be the most knowledgable on the topic on the forum since I’m a big fan of the (mixed) martial arts. The most effective and realistic style is what you should look into.

    For ground control and submission: Freestyle wrestling, folkstyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo, kosen Judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, shooto, sambo, catch-wrestling etc. are good

    For clinch fighting: Greco-roman wrestling, judo, sambo, muay thai

    For takedowns and throws: Greco-roman, freestyle, folkstyle etc., sambo, judo, san shou are good

    For striking: boxing, muay thai, kyukoshin karate, san shou are good



    you know your stuff- im going to look into all mentioned

    was thinking of some kungfu-+boxing as a base for health+stamina

    need money to join-shouldt be long now



    kenpo karate is good too. for urban combat. it’s karate modified for this day and age of guns and such. karate has too much ancient theories that may not apply in a real street fight-but not to say it’s not effective. in the gym i go to the kenpo trainer was telling me how he was accosted by 2 knife-wielding thugs in the dark. after the scuffle he left one was on the ground with a broken rib cage his partner in crime didn’t wait around for his turn and run for dear life. martial arts is a must-learn at one point..



    San Shou is the modern version of Kung fu and is one of the few kung fu styles worth looking into

    I don’t know about kenpo karate but kyukoshin karate and its derivatives are say to be the only karate worth looking into



    one of the few?

    anything negative about the rest?




    In terms of health? no. In terms of effectiveness for fighting? See: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    In terms of health? no. In terms of effectiveness for fighting? See: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    how very interesting. i can’t believe those kung fu and karate guys can’t defend themselves against the kicks of Muay thai boxers. and i thought it was the boxers who couldn’t deliver.

    one of my friends said kung fu is kinda like the top of them all. i think this website will prove him terribly wrong.




    plan to take up a few over my life time,fu n thia good mixure:D



    muay thai is realistic and tough figting

    will prevail over many kungfu fighters anytime

    i enjoy the style aspect of it all, but too bad muay thai fighters are top nothc.. there training is intense and fuckin tough!

    only person who i know will beat any muay thai fighter was bruce lee, this man of course modernizes the old kung fu

    no one can beat him



    Most Mixed Martial Arts fighters crosstrain in wrestling, boxing, muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo/shooto (known for leglocks) and to a less extend, judo.



    any martial arts introduces discipline and alertness at a high level. my friends who are training in kenpo were telling me that your perception changes and you see things differently. when u walk into a party your friends first see the girls, u on the other hand do a headcount or rough estimate of people, possible weapons, escape routes etc and all these are done subconsiously. you are alert 24-7. when ur walking on the street you are aware of people approaching you etc. and the best thing is that to be provoked into a fight is very very hard



    i train in muay thai. its a form of kickboxing considered to be the most devistating way of striking. i also am learning jui-jitsu from a friend of mine and train Greco Roman wrestling with my friend who wrestles division 2. about 2 months ago my training frequency died down, my energy levels and cardio were insane when i was hard at it.

    someday i’ll fullfill my MMA dreams



    yes i have been doing taekwondo for the last ten years but i have not been very regular during the last two years . and yes it does help a lot to control such problems



    I do wingchun with some groundcontrolling techniques and it rocks!



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    Karty, what does that have to do with martial arts?

    Also, if you want to peddle your astrology theories and winning lottery numbers go find another forum. Ideally one full of morons that give a shit about this sort of nonsense.

    If you think you have something actually useful to contribute then go ahead and share it. So far, off to a bad start.

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