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    I am really serious!!! , pls guide me; I need help pls help me.

    When ever I masturbate or do sex why my head get numb and I get tinnitus,

    Any of u here gets the same symptoms

    Yes naproxen sodium helps me to make it less is it okay to take it every day ……

    pls add me

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    Sameer, when you are abstaining do you still have those symptoms or only as a result of ejaculation?



    When I keep away from sex symptoms are not this level symptoms are 2 to 10

    Pls guide me [/code]



    I’ve read on poiscenter that you have blood sugar problems? How are you adrenals and pancreas?

    I know you hate doctors as much as I do.

    Can you try goat or cow kefir and eat organic bone broth?

    You need to eat these for at least a month and only these,nothing else.It could heal candida,leaky gut and rebalance the good flora.I’m sure you have malabsorption.

    What about porn? Overstimulation? Stop being obsessive with women! I know it is hard.Stop thinking about female bodyparts.If you have porn on your computer then delete it,delete every picture and video of women.

    I know some people say to abstain.I figured out everything because you DON’T need to force yourself to abstain.Once you realize that obsession with women,that fetishes and jerking off to their legs or tits is NOT NORMAL then you will just don’t want to masturbate again.

    Now keep doing this till you get thoughts where you want to have sex with a real woman.

    It works for me.



    Thankyou for your reply

    What should I eat

    And any one have the symptoms I am facing

    Which also include anxiety ???

    Btw I am also married so I can have sex when ever I want

    Pls be clear here

    Thanks again

    Pls add me

    So we can chat




    One possible cause could be heavy metal toxicity (or any other toxemia) that makes your pituitary, hypothalamus to be really out of whack and segregate huge amounts of prolactin after orgasming, plus probably high estrogen and low dopamine. The tinnitus etc are typical symptoms of mercury toxicity.

    Im saying this because its not the first time I have seen a mercury toxic man having POIS…

    Maybe you could try glandular extract of hypothalamus and pituitary. Plus you should detox and see how absorption goes.

    One thing its sure about all us CFS, SE, POIS, etc etc we have our glands malfunctioning for some reason and to me toxemia and malnutrition are the culprits.



    What glands we are talking here ???

    Thankyou again

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