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    Optimal ejaculation frequency is determined by your chronological age, divded by 5 (or multiplied by 0.2). So, if you are age 25, you should go without masturbation every 25/5 = 5 days or longer.

    Other caveats:

    – Use only your hand. Do NOT use any other object on your penis for stimulation. Anything apart from using a condom, lubrication, or wrapping it in soft cloth will cause the problems to be even worse.

    – Do not stretch/strain for orgasm. Straining damages prostate, penile arteries, and prostate. Let ejaculation naturally progress.

    – Do not masturbate hard. Proceed lightly and do not squeeze legs together, to prevent congestion.

    – Do not jelque (pull the penis head) and damage the penile connective tissue.

    – Every ejaculation after the 1st one will produce significantly more PGE-2, causing more inflammation.

    – Too many orgasms a day can cause a priapism, an very prolonged painful erection that will permanently destroy all nerves and vessels in the penis. The resultant damage is irreversible.

    Most of us are caught in a vicious cycle because sexual urgency causes us to need ejaculation again. By following this guideline as the bare minimum along with proper diet, sleep, and exercise, we can reach a point where abstinence is possible. The real goal is to be able to practice abstinence for several months, so that everything can recover.

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    I agree, but I think there is another important matter.

    For me, and I believe that for others as well, masturbation consists of also watching porn. It took me a long time to understand that aside from being “addicted” to masturbation I am addicted to porn, no matter how much I masturbate.

    So I think that a very important and mabey crucial part of abstinence is not to watch porn, and if I could add a rule I would add this:

    – Give yourself a period of time where you won’t masturbate (of course in that time you won’t watch porn). After that time continue with the abstinence for as long as you want, but never watch porn! just before you hit that “Play” button, go to the bathroom, and take that sexual pressure off your shoulders.

    You will be surprised that after you do that, you’ll still want to watch porn (as I said it is an addiction unrelated to masturbation), but of coursethe desire will be reduced after masturbation.



    According to Dr.Lin: If you do not ejaculate in a long time, PGE-2 is accumulated in the system causing more problems. He always talks about optimal ejaculation cycle when recovering from sexual exhaustion.



    My current ejaculation cycle is once every fourth day without losing erection power and getting sexual exhaustion effects. I have tried once every third day for a while and I started to lose spontaneous erections and orgasm energy after few weeks. According to that formula, my biological age is

    4 x 5 = 20 and my chronological age is 24. Not bad at all I think, Dr. Lin says he limited his ejaculations twice a week at his golden ages somewhere around ~35-40 if I remember right. I don´t have a link now.

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