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    this was me in May of 2010 when everything was working right high libido, energy , and etc.

    a year later

    no libido , loss of sensation , shrunken testicles & flaccid penis.

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    the second link does not work.

    the first one looks great CJ. looks very normal to me. if i can get an erection like that I would be so happy.



    the first picture was when I was normal with a regular libido the second picture is how I currently am which was a major difference now.



    I can’t see the second picture.




    cant see a huge difference (10-15%)

    the main thing i noticed is that the head isnt filled completely and point downward..the second observation is that the penis isnt fully erected as the first picture



    i cant see a huge difference either….



    and I think the reason for the second not so full is because of flaccid hang is always small and shrunk up and damn near impossible to get erect. it seems like a bloodflow issue



    It could be from blood flow or any other issue, but with stress and continous thinking youll kill yourself

    it seems fine and mild changes appears because the penis isnt fully pumped thats why youll get different measures in your length and girth



    CJ to be honest I really really cannot see any difference between the 2 pictures. I had to check multiple times to make sure they were not the same. In the second pic are you holding it with your hands? what will happen if you don’t use your hands? can you still maintain the erection?



    no , in the second picture if i dont hold it with my hand it will fall down like its no support to it. the appearance is also darker now too



    This is the exact same problem that I have. I cannot maintain an erection especially when I am standing. Also my penis looks pretty much like yours.

    I can guarantee that we both have low androgens.



    but do you have flaccid shrinkage/scrotum shrinkage ???



    I don’t. I do not feel any discomfort whatsoever.

    However I do feel that my testicles are “empty”. Not sure how to describe it but I can easily tell that there is no juice in there. Some times I feel like I do not have testicles at all



    With those veins, it looks like you might have damaged your penis doing jelqing or something.

    I had a similar problem, but Dr Lin’s VIP cream after a few months helped the veins build up strength again and disappear.

    BUT! I tried ballooning while on steroids again, and the veins came back. Never take steroids again, I damaged by penis veins with too much DHT.

    Anyway this week I received 5 x VIP creams, and plan on using them regularly. I usually put it on before I go to bed at night, even though it’s meant to go on a erect penis or while ballooning, it works for me even on a flaccid penis before bed.

    There is an old post of me talking about the VIP cream I think. But out of all Dr Lin’s products, this one defintely helped my damaged penis, though never recovered 100%, the veins mostly disappeared. But you could still feel hard scarring deep down.

    Also I used it irregulary, so I’m guessing if you keep in a routine and do it every night for the next few weeks, you should see an improvement.

    The other bonus is this product is value for money. I think if I used it every day, I could get around 40-50 days out of it. Comes with a measuring spoon, you don’t need much of the stuff, but make sure you use a little bit of water as well, because it is really thick.

    Anyway since I’ve inflammed my veins again with steroids and ballooning. I’ll be using it regularly again and report back on my progress.

    BTW my current condition is I can get an erection with porn, lasts about 15 minutes max before going flaccid. Libido is not really there, don’t really want to watch porn, but I force myself to, so I can balloon my penis for those 15 minutes and help get nutrients into it. Penis size is 5×5″, not sure whether I made any gains by ballooning, I don’t think I ever did, not noticable anyway, and didn’t take measurements either. I’ve started taking 25mg clomid again also. I think my E2 must be high, and I have low DHT, so hopefully clomid will help. High E2 has been linked to varicose veins, and I seem to have a problem with spider/varicose veins and stretch marks. My main goal, besides build overall health, is to build strong veins, which seem hard to do with nutrients and generally. Because I think a lot of my problems are caused by bad vein circulation.



    I don’t know how anyone can’t see a difference between the two pics. His hand is in each one, which will give you some reference regarding size difference.

    The prominent veins in the first picture isn’t a bad thing either.

    I can totally relate to your situation. What have you been doing to remedy this?



    You may have some pelvic floor tension and don’t know it. it can cause this.



    The first picture is how my penis always look I always had veins never jelq either



    Yeap thats how my testicles look like.

    And yeah my dick does look now like the second one. One thing very characteristic of this state its the fluffy, not inflated glans.



    I didn’t look at any of the pictures…

    I am not concerned with my penis size or how erect I can get it. I don’t know and don’t care. I care more about my wellness than penis size. I think that if you’re healthy then your penis will be too. I am not willing to test that theory. I am done with all that masturbation stuff or trying to get a hard penis.

    All I care about is enjoying my life. If enjoying my life means no masturbation or sex then so be it. There are a lot more things to life than sex.

    Keep in mind I am saving myself for marriage and only believe in sex for reproduction.



    But my good friend , most of the men will be at least concerned if their glans doesnt inflate properly or if their hard flaccid its stiff and painful when erected. Its not about watching penis pictures, which of course I found disgusting lol its about having a severe dysfunction.



    No, it’s not about looking at the pictures for me either.

    I was just suggesting that if everything else in your life is right, then I believe your penis and erection would be too. That is why I don’t worry too much about it. My health is my main concern at the moment. I figure once I am 100% that everything would also fall into place as well. I wouldn’t have to test to see if my penis can be erect. Besides isn’t that part of the problem anyway? chronic masturbation. If you stop playing with it, then maybe it will heal.

    btw, this post is not meant to sound malicious. If I come off that way, then I apologize.



    Well, im in day 7 of abstinence and I plan to continue forever. I dont think this will heal me, but I know it will prevent any more damage.

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