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    I went to the doctor the other day and i told him all my symptoms

    i told him i had smaller testicles/penis/cold penis. and fatigue. He says i should go to a urologist about my small penis. hes basically set on fixing my fatigue. one thing he said was that maybe in a few weeks “you can come back for another visit and we can talk about whats going on”. that relieved me to see that he is open minded.


    i gave him list of test to do but he didn’t do all of them because he said he didn’t know anything about most of them.

    I don’t know which test he did yet. I’ll see til monday,

    Next visit i could try to get him to do all the test i need.

    and the throbing as also stopped since i started dieting

    I mean the throbbing is still there but i barely even notice anymore.

    but i still have headaches.

    Im glad to know my symptons are healing up.

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