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    i experience depression but i am aware of it now and controlling my thought not to fall into negativity

    i think most of us here have the same problem mentally.

    like what would u do when some girls crush on u

    i experienced panic attack b4, few years back

    now i am aware that our emotion play a big big part of our recovery as well.

    constant fear or obsessive thought are bad for health; they pump ur adrenal gland and shake ur brain chemical, making ur whole body emotional.

    i watch some tv series to pamper myself as well as reading article to increase my knowledge to counter my negativity

    how bout u guys? meidtation? how? i tried it by listening to some medittive music and sitting there still. it is quite helpful for reaching a state of calm and we need to be calm in order to solve our problem, realizing our faulty thought and so on

    any other suggestion on how to be more carefree?


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    To me, praticing relaxation and auto-hypnosis only help to save brain chemistry. It never rebalance bochemical defiencies.



    depression can be caused by among others vitamin deficiency, hormone imbalances and brain chemistry imbalances. not necessarily from stress and psychology…check out the root cause



    fish oil helps depression, take like 15g a day



    i know but i am sure mine is psychological. maybe involve some chemical as well

    after over-masturbate, there are many worries and i over-masturbated cause i was a fool trying to release tension this way and i didn’t have a proper education on sexes and so on, a lot of factors

    over-masturbation causes weak body which makes me feel tired and helpless to do other stuff. it makes me fear of not being able to recover again

    what troubled me in the past doesn’t matter now. but SE is really does matter. it afflicts me a lot. i want to live better and healthier.

    well, since u say that it might be defienciency of certain vitamin, can u suggest what to eat for SE as well as depression.





    I suggest you do the Braveman test. I will try and dig up the test for you. it is a good place to start. you can recover but just believe in yourself and get some blood + saliva tests done.




    lots of massage, b vitamins. selenium and lots of fish oil as mentioned above. people in fish-rich countries like some cities in Japan have zero depression..due to their fish-rich diets.

    if its psychological, then i once saw an oprah show once and there was a dude there whose wife was on. he had been suffering from depression some years back. the wife knew that he had some issues though there was no sign of anything major…one day he came home and hacked his two daughters to death. ok i bet this is an extreme example but the point is that the final prognosis after the show was that the common denominator for all depressed folk is that there was a feeling of HOPELESSESNESS. thats what all depressed people have in common. that is where being around supportive family and friends counts…and then theres to your God. He’s just waiting to help…



    go to the dynamic meditation page

    start doing it

    good luck bro!



    Here is the Braverman Neurotransmitter test.



    which one is better? cod liver oil or fish oil?



    both have their benefits.



    i have nerotrammisters defiency according to website

    what should i eat for producing more of them?



    hey, after overdose the supplement for a almost a week, i feel better

    thanks man, u guys are great!!!!!

    i take two capsules of surbex zinc instead of one. this website is awesome



    U feel better only taking Zinc after 1 week ?




    i take zinc usually, but in the recommended dose, my body still feel fatigue after half day. with the guide that i can dose at most 3000mg of vitamin c and some measurement of zinc from this website, two capsules makes me more awake and this is great.

    i dun usually take zinc that much but the due date is almost here so i took one per day. but after reading this website, i have confidence that my body can handle it and it is beneficial as well.

    i heard that anti-pxidant should not be mixed with fish oil

    give me more guidelines bout this please

    is there a way to take fish oil and anti-oxidant at the same time or after few hours or what ???


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