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    So, here’s the deal. Yesterday I ran into an old high school friend and couldn’t believe how jacked he had gotten. He was swole beyond belief! So we got to talking and I confessed to him that I have lower than normal T and was trying like hell to recover. We actually sat and talked for quite awhile and I feel like I learned quite a lot. Apparently, I have been going about recovery the wrong way. I asked him how he turned into such a freak and of course asked him if he was juiced. He told me “No, hell no.” I believe him. And I only do because he was always very straight up with me when we were good friends. He mentioned of course some things I already knew like eating 6 meals a day, taking in good fats, drinking a lot of water, and so on… BUT, he also mentioned importance of what he called it “Mental Penis Stimulation.” He says that he will use porn to let his Penis get hard without touching it, and let it stay rock hard by just using the porn and imagining its him there. He does not touch it at all and says that this just by mantaing an erection testesterone shoots through the roof. He said that an old bodybuilder told him about this and he does it every night before bed and believes it speeds muscle recovery and gives him better sleep. I asked him if he ever ejaculates and he said only a couple times a month. Has anyone else ever heard of this “Mental Penis Stimulation” method?

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    It sounds like a good idea, but would be hard to achieve in the sexually exhausted. When I get an erection through porn, it will sure enough go away after a while without stimulation, and eventually release precum. That fucking precum, I can’t seem to cure that problem, even though there’s much less then before, and sometimes I can get it to non at all if I abstain for a while, but one masturbation/ejaculation session and BAM!, its back the next time round. Damn you precum!

    However when I practice ballooning, i can maintain a semi hard erection 1-2 hours. No gains from it yet, and I think I gave myself friction burn under the glans even when using lubricant. The problem with ballooning for me, is my penis glans isn’t sensitive at all, so I press harder then usual to trigger the nerves to balloon.



    im pretty sure this is because the “mental stimulation” converts testosterone to DHT, a more potent form of testosterone that I believe aids muscle development.



    I been testing this method , at first when I found out I was exhausted it was hard to get a erection with mental or visual. since a month or so I been doing this every once in a while to see if I can achieve a erection it has been happening more frequent and seem to faster. I am gonna stop though because I get scared that im messing my recover process up , from burning hormones and etc doing it.

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