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    I was talkin to some rep over at herballove and he was telling me for someone my age(17), I sholdnt be taking so many supplements because since my body is still growing and it will become dependent on me taking these supps. He also told me that I’m not sexually exhausted because I’m not 18 yet. If I was 18 and these problems were still here, then I’d be considered sexually exhausted. Do you guys think the whole thing about my body being dependent on these supps is true?

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    yes, its possible, i told you you way back i rememeber, try healing through not ejaculating, no porn, eating good and exercise



    Max Damn…how long would be too long to take them and cause my body to become dependent? I was just about to get the three ginsengs and the gingko biloba. Oh man this is driving me crazy…should I not get the ginsengs now? Should the fish oil and borage oil be taken forever?



    If you are under 18 you shouldn’t be taking testosterone supplements. Otherwise it seems like the rep. is trying to not get into legal issues by having an underage taking their supplements.



    so anything besides testosterone supplements are ok?



    I’m 18 now and was sexually exhuasted way back.

    I take supplements but make sure they are of good quality and not any old generic crap you buy in the vitamin store.

    At the moment I’ve only been taking 5-htp and some normal multi-vitamin, anti-oxident supplements just because I need to use them up, and time being I can save my good supplements up after a good few months of egg yolk taking.

    The reason I want to do this is I haven’t recovered so far and my main belief is acetlycholine deficiency, so the next time I start going in a routine using Dr Lins supplements, I will actually recover this time then just getting horny.

    I really need to buy some more fish oil sups.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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