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    I firmly believe everyone with a debilitating and chronic illness such as “SE”, “CFS”, “Adrenal Fatigue” etc its deling with what I like to call “an austistic body”

    Once I asked myself WHY if we have a trascendent essence, a soul, why there are people that born completely limitated and humiliated, dominated in fact, by their defective flesh. Lately I have come to the conclusion that our bodies are the hardware, the needed mechanism to allow the software to interact with the enviroment. Our mind in this state, in this planet, its actually our BRAIN, as agnostics believe, its caged in it and that would explain why it depends of the level of damage on our brains to apprehend or interact. Hence, the fact that there are people who born with similar intelligence and behaviour to animals not destroys the idea of soul. It just means the container its damaged and it blocks the normal functioning of the software. Even the slightest distortion in the hardware (brain etc) have the ability to cast big distortions and usually suffering, as you are forced to live in the material realm with a damaged device which in reality even distorts your connection with your soul and even with God. Thats what the chemtrail, vaccines etc dispositive its about, among other things. If this theory its true, when a person with Down syndrome dies, he recovers the full clarity of his mind, before seeing the tunnel, the light, Jesus or whatever. I also think memory its indestructible and we can access this software in the astral world.

    But damage in the hardware has at times unpredictable effects, such as the Asperger etc syndrome that I present. There is a spider in the Rainforest whose poison has the side effect of inducing priapism.

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    My rational intelligence its enhanced, whereas common sense and emotions are distorted, which casues me great suffering but allows me to grasp the world differently.

    Yogis and other spiritual faggots can spend decades drinking urine and workshipping the Sun until their mind/spirit or their connections with “divine or demonic forces” has got strong enough to start mastering flesh, but only to some degree, for many reasons. BUT if you start SCREWED enough, like someone that has chronic depression and develops some other shit or someone that borns with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome THEN its hard for your limitated software to start the process of mastering the flesh or even acknowledge this process exists. All this lead to the simple fact that yes the spiritual its more important and more powerful than the material, but if you wanna see results you better treat the flesh primarily, as at this day and age most of us dont have the ability to control matter with the mind/soul nor we have the connections with those or that one that can.

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    I liked it, i will take my time reading both links and come back.




    its an amazing conclusion

    i intracted with it in my own perception.


    now this point carries that some humans arent capable of living normal due to the biological mutation that happened during the pregnancy, or due to accidents .

    nonetheless, it also provokes a point that what if human can make others incapable and wired to materialsillusions?.

    addictions ( to work, money, tv, net), psychological issues due to old saturated memories….are all things that hinder us from thinking clearerly

    since we are wired simultaneously, we cant expect good outcomes.

    its also a behavioural approach to command, putting others into diffculties, and convincing them that there is only one way.

    limitation to physicality is also noticed.

    alot of food caused people to grow fat, lazy…and ill.

    thus they cant entract normal to the surrounding in general.

    i would think that biological mutation is normal

    so humans can cause damage to their bodies and minds ( like us for instance)


    yes i truly agree

    but with belief and faith… self resistance or denial can be controlled.

    then you can think positively and react toward the problem, who few can make

    (regular people keeps spinning in the same loop)

    for instance how we react before our SE, and how we reacted afterwards.

    so knowledge can be a key (whether it was an answer for a How, Why,What or any another form of a knowledge.)

    once yo u know, humans are capable to break thru pain and disabilities.( as an example there are many productive and highly motivated handicapped people or people who lives with cancer…better than healthy people)

    the major joint can be knowledge of your abilities, if if its limited…and how you can make the surrounding more smooth to your situation.

    thats what i think,,



    Yes, exactly. The limitations of our flesh devices its in the agenda of the Ruling Powers. They never have enough. Even while our bodies are theorized to be cages for the essence (this would explain the vileness of fucking or shitting hahah I mean the antinomy of me for example being all philosophycal now and then an scene of me jerking off to memories, I think the jerker and the thinker arent the same entity but I could be mistaken), they dont have enough with that, but want our experience to be worse and worse, our perception and autonomy narrower and narrower etc.

    I could be somewhat cool with how its set up this realm (having to kill animals for food etc necessary evils for saying so) if they werent pushing genocide, poisoning and etc since the rise of the main empires. I mean, life its tough, but they make it tougher gradually. Thats what its all about the fabricated financial crysis, the 11-S and etc. I cannot stand that they have made my social interactions painful, me paranoid and depressive etc etc since 21 years because of their vaccination/intoxication plan.

    The craziest shit of all its how Al3x J0nes its actually Bill Hicks, who supposedly died or dissapeared. The disclosure project gives me the creeps. You virtually cannot trust anyone with fame in the “truth seeking” movement.

    And you are right about overcoming our problems if we can, . I am proof in the sense my life its certainty horrible but I have managed to keep thinking and researching which its the only thing that drives me since some time. Knowing why, the why of my “illness” and the why of the illness of the world. And despite of my problems I think my mind its sharper now than a year ago and I know more.



    No one can change the world, unless he changes himself.

    sometimes obstacles hinders us, but with trials and consistency there must be be a way through the loop , pain must be stabilized whether it was a physical or psychogical.

    The agenda is there so long, its more of commercializing than exposing, they are presenting facts in a humorous way so people wont believe it …sometimes they benefit from those who whine a lot or talk about them .



    Yes indeed, no one from the system can talk really openly about the system without being or becoming a shill. Those that arent are either not important or will be eliminated. Their commercial agendas are really telling.

    Btw my porn abstinence record its now settled at aproximately 10 months, and today I slipped partially not willingly, are you up to the challenge? Getting new hobbies or relationships with women can do this task a lot easier.



    Does BIG PHARMA send these fucking spambots? Now that we know how to recover they want to make profit out of poor SE people not knowing about how harmful those drugs are.

    Anyways,I’ve just ordered a hair mineral test.If you ask me one year ago I would have said it’s quackery but after seeing a friend almost dying from pharmatectual drugs and got saved by these testings,and these “harmful” herbs and vitamins that has not been approved by the FDA now I am non-skeptical.

    Soon I will have all the 3 tests that are crucial for recovery.Genetic test already done,hair mineral test and stool test are what’s left.

    Stool testing is the most expensive of them all.

    Currently I’m taking the following supplements daily:

    750mg GABA (3-4 days on 1-2 days off)

    1000 mg vitamin C with rose hips

    500 mg Yucca root (for my genetic mutation,I have sulphur sensitivy)

    1/3 capsule of Molybdenum Picolinate (needed to bring down ammonia)

    500 mg calcium D glucarate (again,I can’t take DIM because it’s sulphur based and I’m sensitive to sulphur)

    1-2 140 mg capsules of Magnesium Citrate

    The list will grow when I know my mineral imbalances.Based on my genetics they say I’m highly likely to have copper toxicity,zinc deficiency and estrogen dominance.

    You can’t take zinc without knowing if you have deficiency or not.

    Zinc and copper have a direct interaction with each other.If you have high zinc you will have low copper.Vice versa.

    You can get your heart stopped from copper deficiency,it’s definetly not something to experiment with without knowing your results.

    Sorry if this is considered off topic.




    Its very on topic. I added my thoughts because I felt like they have to do with having genetic mutations and the other stuff explained in the PDF.

    Read it!



    Yes Iam in

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