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    I was wondering is whole milk(vitamin D) good for SE recovery. I havent drunk milk in about a month since I notice SE symptoms.

    I think I saw somewhere that dairy is not good on the body when recovering

    also should I add these foods into my diet read them in a muscle mag helps build muscle

    Cottage Cheese

    Deli Turkey Meat

    Boiled Eggs


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    i would not do any commercial dairy product (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc)

    only seek raw milk ( )

    only eat grass fed meats ( )

    IF you can’t get good quality sources of meat and dairy, at least seek out organic free range eggs since these are usually easily obtained.

    eat more nuts, seeds, legumes, and other grains and learn how to properly soak, sprout and ferment all these foods.

    Generally it’s very easy to ferment foods and adds great value.

    If your unable to get good quality meat and grains. Do mostly vegetables and eggs only small amounts of grains , meat. Either way grains should make up a small amount in your diet, the bulk should be coming from vegetables and animal foods. organic if possible.



    I stay the hell away from milk. It does bad things to many people’s stomachs.

    Yogurt, on the otherhand, I highly recommend. I read in consumer reports that the kinds of yogurts with probitics help with things like bladder infections and digestive problems. I also find that eating it makes me feel good.



    is milk bad cuse of all the hormones? looks like another thing im gona have to give up .



    ive heard that milk is really good for you. a lot of healthy people drink it and its supposedly a good source of calcium, vitamin d, and other vitamins and minerals. are u guys saying that its bad just for the sexually exhaustion or bad in general?



    Milk is bad in general because it’s pastuerized.

    Raw milk is good for you.




    calcium in milk is the worst form of vitamin D because body can not break it down calcium caseinate. Milk is worst form of vitamin D as well because you have to drink 8 glasses to get 800 ius. People need 4,000-10000 ius of vitamin D day to be healthy. You need to get information from a reliable source because you have been severly miss informed about alot of things.



    alright well all im saying is a lot of people drink milk who are very healthy and definitely seem to benefit from it.. the science behind milk also seem pretty legitimate. i know a lot of people who would disagree with you but its all good i dont know much enough about it to assert an opinion and im not looking for an arguement.. im just giving the other side of the story

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