Mineral Check via Hair Analysis shows NEAR deficiencies.

Sexual Reboot Forum Mineral Check via Hair Analysis shows NEAR deficiencies.

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    I mentioned a while ago that I ordered a hair analysis mineral check.


    They test 11 essential minerals and 9 toxins

    When I first got the report, the only thing out of normal is that one toxic element is slightly high……Antimony, whatever that is. Levels should be less that 0.016 mcg/g and mine was at 0.019 mcg/g

    But after looking at it for a few more times, I noticed that many of the Essential Minerals were BARELY over the minimum. And just like adrenal fatigue, just because a value falls within “normal” range, doesn’t mean that it isn’t sub-optimal. There are a few that I have supplemented with over the last couple of years…Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc.

    I’ll give the mineral, my value, the range and the % that I am above the BOTTOM of the range.

    All units are mcg/g

    Calcium 786 (192 – 1588) 42.8%

    Chromium 0.18 (0.01 – 1.58 ) 10.8%

    Cobalt 0.01 (0.001 – 0.129) 7%

    Copper 23 (8 – 136) 11.7%

    Magnesium 38 (11 – 122) 24.3%

    Manganese 0.14 (0.04-1.93) 5.3%

    Molybdenum 0.03 (0.01 – 1.24) 1.6%

    Strontium 2.01 (0.01 – 4.4) 45%

    Sulfur 56,691 (41,781 – 60,894) 78% I guess I should watch my sulfur intake

    Vanadium 0.052 (0.003 – 0.108) 46.6%

    Zinc 160 (119 – 245) 32.5%

    Molybdenum, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Chromium are all near the bottom of the range. And if you look into deficiencies for any of these, they all have health implications ( or I guess they wouldn’t be called “essential”)

    So I am going to add liquid trace minerals to my supplements. I might add a higher dose for Molybdenum, Manganese, Cobalt & Copper.

    One article I read said that it can take months or years to rebuild you mineral stores at the cellular level.

    Possiblly many of these minerals are expelled with sperm. Or perhaps stess causes them to be used up or not absorbed. Whatever, the reason, several are very low and could be inhibiting cellular functions.

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    Frank how did your testing work, was it easy to recieve, take the hair sample, and mail bacK, was it a long process?

    im thinking of trying the mineral hair sample test and the performance test which tests dhea,testosterone, and cortisol



    This very important part of healing, we are made of minerals!! that’s why sometimes im iffy about using herbs and stuff, were not deficient in herbs, some herbs do help but I believe there effects will wear off eventually and you have to keep cycling and changing dosages, minerals are they key. I think this is a very good test to get.



    so do you recommend getting the test from bodybalance? do you find them accurate?



    hmm there is no Iodine or selenium included in the first one? is every mineral test like that?



    well about this mineral test, your test are being compared to the average joe, where this average joe probably already is highly in need of minerals. you compared your results to someone who lived here 100 years ago, you prolly be really really low compared to them.

    i think the average tradtional person has 10x the mineral content of people today.

    one thing is our food is so depleted, the soil was depleted since the 50’s, plus all the processing, plus the over ejaculations. all of our bodies are most likely way out of balance in minerals.

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