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    okay, well i decided to ejac. tonight and it was great , long lasting session : D and good thing is i felt great afterwards, i told dr.lin i felt good after ejaculatng as if i could go to the gym and work out or whatever, he told me this is a sign that im not sexually exhausted…. it seems theres a chance i could be nearly healed; its hard to say; i added a new supplement 2 weeks ago and it works great with the organs, its called pure synergy, plus cod/ shark liver oil….. this is quite amazing, i need to find a girl to make sure these are good results

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    it sounds like the organ supplements together with the other stuff is starting to kick in.

    how long did you manage to achieve a spontaneous erection for?




    wicked man



    hm i dont really get spontaneous erections, but if i give myself stimlui i can keep an erection up to 20 minutes or till im done, but i get great daily morning erections



    And prior to the organ supplements, did you get morning erections?



    no and when i masterbated i would only acheieve a 3oclock and would only be 70% hard….. but then again maybe the fact of staying away from porno and not ejaculating is whats healing me and my supplements are doing nothing or maybe there doing all the healing, its hard to say ….



    maybe both as well.anyway thats really good news. it seems those organ suppls might be a preferable jumpstart to something like tongalkai 1:50



    yeah the only reason i ever tried or thought of using organs was because of lin’s story when he was exhausted his chinese doctor gave him organs/herbs to heal him…



    You do have the same symptons I have now Max.

    This gives me some hope!

    I have to try those organ supplements.

    Dr Ron right?



    yes but i also avoided porn / ejaculations during my healing so that could be helping me the most, i dont know whats doing the trick, it’s most likley a combination of everything i been doing

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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