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    Hi guys.

    I”ve noticed that on days when I wake up at after having slept 5-6 hours, I have a very hard erection upon waking. Other days, if for whatever reason I wake up after having slept 5-6 hours, at the 5 or 6 hour mark, I notice an erection as well. However, if I go back to sleep and wake up after having had a total of 8 (usually) or more hours of sleep, I don’t have an erection upon waking.

    Now my question is, has anyone else experienced this? Is there some peak time after which one ceases to have an erection during the night?

    And I know that not getting morning erections is typically seen as a sign that one’s testosterone levels are low, but how about if one is getting them d uring the night, but not in the morning? What does that indicate?

    Help needed here guys.

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    that’s tough, since everyone body is completely different, i often wake up in the middle of the night and have a good erection and wake back up in the early morning and do not have an erection.

    i think it all depends on hormones and how deep your sleeping.

    you need REM to get good erections.

    when my thyroid was about 12, i couldnt get an erection, as my TSH came down i started to get morning wood.

    morning / night erection are a strong indicator your body is doing well.

    it keeps your penis very healthy.

    if i take a zinc or 5-htp or even drink a glass of milk, this puts me a deeper sleep and therefore bettter erections.



    So Max, in short, is it a good sign? Or is it just an “OK” sign and in order to be “good” I would have to also be having them in the morning upon waking?



    well the more wood you can have the better.



    Like said, if you´re walking around your house with a morning erection, it is extremely good sign.

    Only on my best days do I have this.



    usually i lose my morning erections once i get out of bed.

    i think maybe like once a month i’ll hold an erection like 5 -10 minute after waking.

    i think its pretty normal to lose erections when you wake up.

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