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    Good or bad to take them together?

    There is some contradictory info about these supplements being taked together in the Net and I wonder if everyone here knows something.

    Since I have ZMA and PowerFULL for nights, I am interested in this.

    Yesterday night I skipped ZMA and today I feel pretty good, at least in the morning.


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    to my knowledge, i dont think so

    the b6 or p5p have its normal role in the body with its property, methylation..etc

    i have saw supplements with this combo b6 with L-DOPA

    my opinion .. go into a trial and observe and notice any weird reactions, its better to take them alone without any other supplements .



    Yes, a lot of supps have those together. And yes, I tried then alone and this is what I discovered:

    ZMA didnt made me feel better about my non-restful nights/insomnia, it just made my dreams more common and vivid, that was pretty cool. I think it maybe worsened my sleep, but not sure. Probably it has indeed an aphrodisiac side effect.

    PowerFULL (Mucuna Pruriens and Chlorophytum Bolivianum) on the other hand, really improves my sleep (it makes it from “awful” to “bad”) and makes me feel more easily aroused and “manly” in the day. This supplement is expensive but it lowers prolactine, boosts dopamine and enhances sleep = more GH release.

    However,it is a exiguous effect. My libido stills vanished with this prostate discomfort, I just noticed that when I dont take the powerfull, it comes even lower.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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