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    Has anyone had a loss of muscle mass or having a hard time gaining muscle since being exhausted?

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    Holy Shit..did I ever. Check out my Log. ( – Severe Case) I lost 15-pounds of muscle in like 2 weeks! I went from 160-lb to 145-lb I strongly believe it is cortisol related.

    I had been having trouble keeping on muscle mass when I just had libido problems, but it was after a stressful week that I lost 15-lbs.

    You guys should really get a copy of “The Cortisol Connection” and “Adrenal Fatigue: 21st century syndrome”. Many of our symptoms are described.

    Here are are couple of quotes from “The Cortisol Connection”.




    i did not lose any muscle mass or strength while exhausted. i can still bench 550lbs for 5 reps.

    But exccessive soreness after every training session is a good indication of low testosterne and/or elevated cortisol.

    my case was moderate. I think that my true exhaustion was going for a period of 2 years.

    I’ve bought Adrenal fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome and will see what the guy recommends. If indeed adrenal faitgue is our main problem then it just means we can easily focus on the cause. sadly it would have been much easier if I could get the saliva testing done.



    whaaat really?



    yeah bench has always been my strongest ever since i was 15.

    but don’t ask about my squatting numbers



    [quote=””] i can still bench 550lbs for 5 reps.


    Wow… I’m lucky if I can hit 50% of those numbers!!!



    How much do you weigh ?

    When I weighed 158-lb I could bench 250-lb for 2 reps on my 3rd set. I would incline press 235-lb. I’m small, but lifted like a freak. Bench was always my strong exercise as well.

    This is of course before my body went catabolic and I started getting muscle wasting.

    I know I sound like a broken record…..but there seems to be a lot of weigh-lifters here



    i weigh around 350lbs. if you can bench twice your weight thats pretty impressive.

    But I kinda grew bored of it to be quite honest.

    now Frank is gonna tell us about the cortisol connection.



    350 !! You’re a beast!



    Hahaha, wow. That’s impressive. =)

    I have to do Smith bench right now, because of my rotator cuff. And it fucking sucks. Haha. =(

    But at least I’ve gotten my deadlift pretty high!



    What is your deadlift? We are around the same size from what I remember. My max deadlift was 405lbs a few months ago.



    Raven….you lift too !!

    That makes…..oh…about 100% of us.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.



    Yeah, I’m an athlete(basketball and football). I dont know man, I cant give up lifting since I play sports.



    Yeah, I’m an athlete(basketball and football). I dont know man, I cant give up lifting since I play sports.

    I understand, but you might want to switch to higher reps instead of trying to build mass, which requires heavy weight and low reps. And don’t work out too long.

    and possibly take cortisol control supplements

    maybe do some deep breating in between sets to keep yourself out of fight-or-flight.

    I used to have panic attacks in the gym when lifting heavy.



    most of my training is based on drop-sets and rest-pauses. low reps don’t exactly build muscle mass. just make sure you have a good pre-workout meal, perhaps gatorade/powerade peri-workout and another protein+ dextrose psot workout.




    heavy lifting + food = muscle mass



    heavy lifting and getting stronger in the required rep range which is usually 8-12 and on occassion you can go down below to 5-6 but personally i wouldnt go down below that.



    For deadlifts, I rep 335, 5 times. My max is around 385 or so. =)



    hehe not bad bedwards. have you ever done singles or triples?



    Lin said that taking Whey, CellMass and things of the sort will F*ck up your liver. Also, he said that weight lifting directs DHT to the building of muscles and away from the penis, making it shrink. Is this one of his half-truths or is it just a lie?



    the liver issue is debatable and very person specific. with whey it depends on the brand quality and what type of whey it is: is it cold-filtered,micro-filtered, concentrate, ion-exchange, hydrolyzed etc………….

    I get mine from

    also some people have a very sensitive system and or liver and can’t handle the whey and others do just fine. some may need extra stuff to protect the liver e.g taurine, milk thistle, nettle root etc….. its all a matter of experimentation.

    as for the penis shrinkage thing that may happen with AAS use but otherwise its pretty much amped up. the rocket in my pocket looks just fine to me. if you wanna truly shrink your penis keep masturbating and see what happens.

    generally speaking bodybuilding isnt exactly a healthy lifestyle nor do doctors understand it either.most physicians can’t tell the difference between an aromatizable and a non-aromatizable anabolic steroid.lets also not forget the millions of ‘cosmetic’ users who make up the vast bulk of the AAS population. it sounds a lot like sensationalism to me.



    He told me to take Whey.

    As far as penis goes. Something makes it shrink, that’s for sure. Could be less androgen



    It can grow back to normal size right?



    is the erect penis actually smaller or just in its flacid state?

    i never noticed it smaller, and i never lost muscle mass but can gain muscle quite easily.



    Max the erection penis. Thats actually what matters right?




    It is smaller in both states. And trust me, it also very upset when it is small in the flacid state.

    As noted in my log, mine did get bigger again when all my other symptoms improved.



    i think that over-masturbation and in some cases AAS use is to blame.



    sorry thats one thing i dont belive..lifting weights makes your penis shrink,

    does talking out of your arse all the time make your mouth shrink? no! somthing thats been proven time and time again.





    Do you lift too?[/quote]

    i have not lifted for a while im setting up my weight bench in the next hour or so.

    somthing ive found good is cold barths.say 10 inches of water..stay in there for 5 minites right after the morning does somthing to make you feel good.

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