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    Amazing forum. Way ahead of us. Most people there have gotten tested and post their results. Alota knowledgable folks.

    I just introduced the ‘hard flaccid’ to them. So they can’t help much with that unfortunately.

    But every other kind of SE, ED, PE issue has been covered millions of times. You can find all answers there.

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    I just noticed AK was on there..

    I wonder why he’s trying to consult with Crisler. Did Mariano not work?



    muscle chat is the shit.

    everyone sould join

    alot of good knowledge

    im sure AK is just tryin to learn as much as possible from as many sources as possible



    yo after reading through that forum it honestly makes me feel stupid

    there so much further then us its not even funny

    they actually have a thread talkin about this forum and chrises post on tylenol and PE if you wanna check it out



    damn they do have a post about us.

    If the guy took the time to register on this site I don’t understand why he couldn’t refer us to that site right away :S



    no joke that forum is phenominal

    its like a steroids, TRT, sexual exhaustion, depresion forum all rolled into one with all the smartest and most knowledgable people giving advice.



    I just registered, my username is Pavement88



    I will check it out.



    I AM c** btw

    see you over there as well, it’s good to keep on checking out all sorts of forums that may be of help to us

    i am also on the propeciaboard

    EDIT: please don’t go spewing around that i am on this forum thanks



    your c***!!!

    i fucking knew it!!

    oh god im becoming such a loser



    fo sheezee

    i will post up a report and my opinion on han later



    solution of PE is balancing out the serotonin and dopamine interaction then you will get your answer.



    Another gem here.



    to be honest theres actually truth in that…..GABA is important to though and so is cortisol, and testosterone and E2….if after all that you still got PE you gotta look at other stuff like tylenol and retrainin yourself…



    I know there’s truth in that. It’s the fact that he’s adding nothing to the conversation. We already know what we NEED to do, it’s HOW we do it that’s the issue.



    All i have to say is that its a real good forum but BE CAREFUL. There are a few people there that will push you on TRT and lots of medication in order to ‘heal you’. Don’t just go on those medications as per their advice, always talk to your doctor as those guys ARE NOT DOCTORS, and you can get more screwed up if you take the wrong drugs.



    fair enough



    Another gem here.


    this is what dr lin is telling us since the beginning of times nothing radical here

    this is the problem with han he posts something and then leaves never to comment on it again

    how the hell do we balance serotonin/dopamine?



    i think the best way is to get an initial urine neurotransmitter test and a urine amino acid test before you supplement anything.

    look at the results and figure out a high dose amino acid protocol based on them.

    In my case I use high dose tyrosine, glutamine, tryptophan , alpha gpc and p5p for conversions. I also throw in 75 mgx2 subligual 5htp . I need to raise all my neuros. I honestly feel alot better on this and its only been a fews weeks.

    also the key is doign retests every few months to see if you have reache proper levels and can reduce dosing to maintanence.

    This aproach worked for chris and it worked for YUHU both of whom have basically gotten over any SE related issues.

    also just last night some guy from musclechat told me did the same thing . Im gona be talkin to him later today so will see what he says. This could be another person whos taken the balance hormones and aminos route and is healed!!!

    if all that dosnt work for your neuros you could take a MAOI like parnate or nardil. It would raise all your levels to really high and iv read that delayed ejacualtion is very common while on either but especially nardil due to its added GABA effects. THis is last resort though espcially since MAOIS really interfere with what you can eat and can cause hypertension.

    just my two cents on all this



    chillin, hardasnails, jansz, pmgamer are best on that forum and know a ton of info.

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