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    Good idea.

    Solid exercise, light muscle training ( push-ups, back exercises )

    Well prepared tasty diet

    Relaxing practices with breathing methods

    abdominal breathing ( holding mind centered behind navel while doing deep breathing through nose filling the stomach with energy )

    Avoiding pornography altogether, just real sex or masturbating without porn

    will take you very far in healing.

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    Meditation is also very powerful for curing this disease.

    In the end, you will figure out why your body does not recharge. Just sit in silent meditation and try to figure out what the hell is going on.

    No recharging = no healing = methods won’t work = frustration

    methods work = body recharges = healing progresses = good feeling



    i used to be addicted to masturbation at a stupidly early age! now i focus on other activities such as fantasy football, weightlifting, swimming, rugby, cooking and reading. I like your approach to quitting, and if you want my e-mail i can keep you in check. It always feels good to discuss a touchy subject with someone who can relate. My libido is low to the point that i dont have very much desire to look at porn. which is both a good and bad thing LOL.

    as for breathing/meditation:

    i definitely agree that proper breathing and respiratory health is crucial in curing SE. I think it’s what’s holding me back.

    I was a collegiate track runner so not only was my body taking a beating everyday but i was forced to compromise regular breathing. AND i was under a lot of stress so it threw my body out of whack. I have had breathing problems all my life. I sleep with the fan every night because i am frequently hot and dehydrated. I notice that when i take 10 minutes to breathe deeply my penis is inflated, almost as if it was suffocated, and that my body temp goes down.

    I wake up everyday with the feeling that i’m on autopilot- not much awareness, liveliness or brain function. I strongly believe that part of my case can be solved through delivering more oxygen to my body. i wonder if anyone else has this problem?

    I signed up for yoga class at school but it was full.

    In religion class they speak all about how buddhists and hindus practice yoga and stuff.

    Ying yang can you introduce me entry level techniques of deep breathing and meditation?



    Li0neL v1

    Start with the silent meditation.

    Sit in cross legged position. Then still your mind first, then the body. Be like a rock.

    Feel the energy condensing on the navel area.

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