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    I was having on/off fever for the past 2 weeks and so my doctor decided to get a blood test done. I just got curious and asked if I could also know what is my testosterone levels.

    The blood test results came back today. Here it is:

    glucose = 90 mg/dL

    Creatinine = 1.3 mg/dL

    AST (SGOT) = 15 U/L

    ALT (SGPT) = 20 U/L

    Thyroxine – Free = 1.4 ng/dL

    TSH = 1.84 mIU/L

    Total Testosterone = 598 ng/dL

    I am not sure what the numbers exactly mean but my doctor said “all systems working fine”. I asked about my testosterone and she said that’s fine too.

    So I am not sure what is causing my SE… and more importantly I am not sure which supplements would be the right ones to use.. now that I have my blood test results.

    Can you guys please offer any advice/suggestions? I would greatly appreciate that.


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    they look decent, TSH looks ok, could be a bit lower and testosterone looks ok, could be a lil higher, but overall they look alright




    Thank you Max. I am 31 yrs old.

    So based on these results would you recommend any supplements? I was planning to take a testosterone booster like tongkat ali but now I am not sure.

    I am just wondering whether my problem is a weak parasympathetic nervous system.



    have you tested your cortisol and can you test your DHEA-s?

    apart from that those tests look alright.




    No blueshark

    I actually didn’t have any plans on getting a blood test… but when the doctor suggested it to find out the reasons for my fever I thought it would be helpful… and also I was curious to see if my testosterone levels were low. But looks like everything is fine.

    I am now wondering what is causing my no/weak erections… may be I need acetylcholine? I am not sure.. plz advise.



    I would try to get some additional tests done if possible:



    3-free T3

    4-free T4

    also take the Braveman test for neurotransmitters.



    yeah like BlueShark mentioned, it wouldnt be a bad idea to get those tests done; also i recommend testing E2 and SHBG also if you can get Prolactin, DHT, LH.FSH; theres a chance you could have High E2 which could be causing some problems.




    Thank you!

    By E-2 do you mean Prostaglandin E-2?

    I am planning to take Fish Oil and Borage Oil to increase PGE-1 and reduce PGE-2



    hcpornaddict No E2 as in estradiol

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