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    I got my blood test results today and have given them below. The doctor said the glucose is a bit high and asked if I had coffee with sugar on the day of the blood test and I said yes. Other than that she said my DHEA-S is abnormal. She is telling that I may have Cushing’s Disease. What do you guys think?


    Cholesterol = 159mg/dL

    Triglycerides = 107 mg/dL

    VLDL Cholesterol = 21mg/dL

    LDL Cholesterol = 86mg/dL

    HDL Cholesterol = 52mg/dL

    Cholesterol/HDL ratio = 3.1

    Glucose = 107 mg/dL

    Urea Nitrogen = 17 mg/dL

    Creatinine = 1.06 mg/dL

    Calcium = 9.8 mg/dL

    Sodium = 141 mmol/L

    Potassium = 4.8 mmol/L

    Chloride = 103 mmol/L

    Total Protein = 7.4 g/dL

    Albumin = 4.5 g/dL

    Globulin = 2.9 g/dL

    Alkaline Phosphatase = 48 U/L

    AST (SGOT) = 14 U/L

    ALT (SGPT) = 18 U/L

    Estrogen = 117 pg/mL

    DHEA-S = 623 mcg/dL

    Total Testosterone = 405 ng/dL

    SHBG = 22 nmol/L

    Free Testosterone = 110 pg/mL

    Free & wk bound = 230 ng/dL

    Free T3 = 383 pg/dL

    Thyroxine Free = 1.4 ng/dL

    TSH = 1.88 mIU/L

    Cortisol, A.M. = 10.4 mcg/dL

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    Can some one plz help?



    what are the ranges



    Plz post lab RANGES.

    Test levels are low.

    As far as I know from the top of my head your free t3 level is near the top of the range (420 i believe) so this is good, TSH is slightly elevated but not a concern yet.

    DHEA-s seems to be top of range as well.

    Low SHBG seems good. Do you wake up with morning wood? I see low testosterone but SHBG is low and free test seems okay. If not maybe it’s estradiol E2 related.

    Please post the ranges so we know more.



    I am posting my results with the ranges given in brackets. As you can see the only thing that is over the range is DHEA-S. The doctor said I might have Cushing’s Disease. My Testosterone has gone down from last year (598 to 405). I am wondering why so much DHEA-S is being secreted and what is happening to it… I have a feeling that one of the supplements that I am taking is the reason behind this. I also feel that my Adrenal Glands are causing my SE.

    Cholesterol = 159mg/dL [125 – 200]

    Triglycerides = 107 mg/dL [ <150 ]

    VLDL Cholesterol = 21mg/dL [5 – 35]

    LDL Cholesterol = 86mg/dL [ <130 ]

    HDL Cholesterol = 52mg/dL [ >40 ]

    Cholesterol/HDL ratio = 3.1 [ < or = 5.0 ]

    Glucose = 107 mg/dL [65 – 99]

    Urea Nitrogen = 17 mg/dL [7 – 25]

    Creatinine = 1.06 mg/dL [0.50 – 1.30]

    Calcium = 9.8 mg/dL [8.6 – 10.2]

    Sodium = 141 mmol/L [135 – 146]

    Potassium = 4.8 mmol/L [3.5 – 5.3]

    Chloride = 103 mmol/L [98 – 110]

    Total Protein = 7.4 g/dL [6.2 – 8.3]

    Albumin = 4.5 g/dL [3.6 – 5.1]

    Globulin = 2.9 g/dL [2.1 – 3.7]

    Alkaline Phosphatase = 48 U/L [40 – 115]

    AST (SGOT) = 14 U/L [10 – 40]

    ALT (SGPT) = 18 U/L [9 – 60]

    Estrogen = 117 pg/mL [130 or less]

    DHEA-S = 623 mcg/dL [110 – 370] **Out of Range**

    Total Testosterone = 405 ng/dL [241 – 827]

    SHBG = 22 nmol/L [5 – 49]

    Free Testosterone = 110 pg/mL [34 – 194]

    Free & wk bound = 230 ng/dL [84 – 402]

    Free T3 = 383 pg/dL [230 – 420]

    Thyroxine Free = 1.4 ng/dL [0.8 – 1.8]

    TSH = 1.88 mIU/L [0.40 – 4.50]

    Cortisol, A.M. = 10.4 mcg/dL



    What is the stuff you are taking at the moment? Pregnenolone perhaps or some precursor of DHEA?

    DHEA-s in adrenal fatigue should be low, so I guess this isn’t due to adrenal fatigue, but I could be wrong. Someone ever seen an elevated DHEA-s in here??

    I also wouldn’t say low aldosterone levels because sodium looks good. Do you have trouble falling asleep at night (due to high cortisol perhaps)

    Free T3 is indeed good and TSH okay and ft4 also okay. So no thyroid issues.

    SHBG looks okay, free test looks normal to me. The lower the SHBG the higher the free testosterone.

    Estrogen levels are high. This could be an indicator that something you’re taking is transforming to DHEA and / or excessive estrogen.

    If you would try DIM for a couple weeks and you get restored morning erection, this is sign that probably your estradiol levels are too high.

    What shit are you taking first of all??



    Right now I am not taking any supplements. But at the time of the blood test I was trying some herbs… They were Safed Musli, Chaste Berry, and Maca. I suspect that either Chaste Berry or Maca impacted at the hypothalamus level and triggered excessive DHEA-S production. I am not exactly sure though…. Plz read about the high DHEA-S from this link He says it can happen while the Adrenal Fatigue is in progress… and also it can be caused by supplementation.

    Also, one day before the blood test I took Aspire36 for the first time.


    It is not exactly Adrenal Fatigue but I am reading now that it is a sign that the Adrenals are under strain…


    Nope.. not at all… I sleep like a baby


    I regularly get nocturnal erections… I can feel it even in my sleep… It lasts until I start waking up in the morning… As I am in the process of waking up the erections will be there…. BUT the moment I am fully awake they are gone

    I am thinking of taking Ashwagandha…. supposedly it is the best for the Adrenals..



    Chaste berry may increase LH, and probably doesn’t lower estrogen or prolactin too much so I don’t think this is it. Safed Musli and Maca wouldn’t drive DHEA-s level up till here. I would further ask your doctor to rule out any tumor that secretes more DHEA-s.

    Aspire-36 doesn’t cause this either.


    Have read that there is a correlation between DHEA / DHEA-s and cortisol but don’t know enough to make a statement about it. I know on the Stop the thyroid madness page there is a chart with all the stages of adrenal fatigue, please look that up.


    Then you don’t have high cortisol levels in the evening. How is waking up for you? You feel tired and have a mid afternoon crash or not? What are the other symptoms you have?


    Okay. If there’s nothing wrong with a tumor or whatever there must be some problem with conversion of DHEA to the correct stuff. I would suggest getting the above checked and getting a full estrogen panel or try my test. I also don’t always wake up with wood, this could be due to estrogen as well but in April I’m ordering a full test so we’ll see.

    Ashwadanga, heard some good things about it, but it will not be powerful enough to dramatically lower this DHEA level. It might help with adrenal fatigue if that’s your problem.

    I would almost recommend Reset AD, but the high amount of pregnenolone could convert to the wrong things in your body. If you have the adrenal fatigue symptoms you might wanna try Isocort (after you confirmed levels of Cortisol during the day x4).

    What’s funny is that adrenal problems relate to thyroid issues and this is linked to estrogen dominance and this also is tied in with a weakened immune system. Kinda circle wise.



    Here man I found it for ya:

    Have not read the entire m*ther but i found a part with a high amount of DHEA (over the range). This is called zone 6.


    High DHEA is a problem. Dr Peatfield says “High levels of cortisol and DHEA show adrenals under stress. Sometimes the cortisol pathway starts to fade as exhaustion sets in, with DHEA still reasonably present. Less commonly, there may be a really high DHEA – a response to ACTH stimulation – but with the cortisol pathways responding poorly. Erratic levels in both are evidence of strain and uneven response.”

    Could be adrenal fatigue then. In the chart I see a midnight level which is low cortisol. Thus you shouldn’t have problems falling asleep. Rest of cortisol values are normal.



    waking up is okay… i love to keep sleeping. but i have always been like this. i don’t feel too tired after waking up. in the afternoon i will feel sleepy if i have a heavy meal… otherwise i am totally fine.

    other symptoms – i really can’t think of anything other than to say that i am not getting erections or very weak ones if i do get one. my libido is also fine… if i see a sexy girl in the office immediately i will start undressing her in my mind… nocturnal erections are fine… i can even get a decent erection while lying down in the bed and relaxed… but not when i am standing…

    i don’t have ringing in the ears, eye floaters, foggy thinking etc… my memory power is extra-ordinary….


    yes.. may be the conversion is simply not happening for some reason… but is it bad to have a high DHEA?

    and finally…. what in the world is causing my SE? i have no clue now…



    this is normal.. digestion of a large meal does take a lot of energy


    no spontaneous erections during the day? or only after meals?


    check my post could be bad yeah.. if conversion goes for some reason to estrogen this could well be a reason for bad erections.. i heard guys who lowered specfically E2 and had quite some success with it.. i read that these guys can not get it up even with viagra, because of high e2 level

    do you have any estrogen signs? how old are you again? how is your bodyweight and do you do cardio or gym work?

    have you tried real viagra or cialis and did it work for you? (or yohimbe or anything)


    could be neurotransmitters, low serotonin could cause more stress which would target your adrenals and so forth, really should get a urine test for neurotransmitters



    I do NOT get spontaneous erections during the day…. when I am seated in a chair i will mildly get one… but it will be in the 5 ‘o’ clock position… An erection has to be at 2 ‘o’ clock or atleast 3 ‘o’ clock right?

    This can probably be my biggest symptom -> No spontaneous erections


    thx for looking it up for me…. i checked it out and looks like it is about to hit adrenal fatigue. i am definitely going to try Ashwagandha… i read that it can reverse Adrenal Fatigue…

    My estrogen levels are within the normal range… but u think E2 could be a problem??? you almost hit the nail by saying that saying that guys with high E2 can’t get it up even with Viagra…. Do you remember? I took Aspire and it did nothing to me…. How do you even reduce this E2?

    I am 32 yrs old… I don’t go to the gym at all….



    i have no clue but i heard healthy people get this during the day and im not familiar with the clock counts, the only thing that counts for me is does the medication work to have sex?


    yeah but estrogen is made from different types estrone, estradiol etc.. so now hearing that you are 32 it could quite be possible that you are having high estrogen symptoms but not manifested outwards (nipples man boobs and shit)

    but you could have an elevated E2 level

    you reduce it with di-indolyl-methane (DIM).. i read on another forum this guy had the same problem and used indolplex DIM and said that’s the only one that’s gonna work, so you might want to give that a try

    measure of it working is STRONG wood returning in the morning on waking up.. you take one pill of this at dinner time

    once the wood stops, he explains, your E2 is too low, and after that day you continue on half a tablet

    might be worth trying man, might even get your high dhea level to convert to testosterone instead

    there’s also precscription drug arimidex which kills E2, so this might be bad for you, no E2 is also no libido and no wood

    the cause of high estrogen for you? not sure.. could be adrenal fatigue but i can not confirm this, please get E2 tested or try indolplex DIM



    oh.. by clock i meant the position of the penis when it rises during an erection. so a 1 ‘o’ clock erection would be |/ do you get the idea? for me its not rising at all….

    yea.. i am now thinking that i cud have a problem with my adrenals and high E2. both are at the early stages…. i just ordered “PhytoPharmica Indolplex with DIM”. let me try it and see how it goes..

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