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    I started my celibacy and abstinence on January 24, 2007.

    I am attempting to go for 3 months without ejaculating. No masturbating. No sexual relations with any girls. Trying my hardest not to look at women on the street. No porn. No trying to meet girls. No internet dating. No giving out my phone number. No taking phone numbers. No dating. No kissing. No touching. No flirting. No giving or taking sexual energy.

    I am a 35 year old male.

    I’ll keep you posted…

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    Huu, i am curious how long you manage it, i lasted roughly 4 weeks before the addiction was stronger than my will.

    You know what? I join you. I also was going for 3 month. Lets do it together this time. I start today for the next 12 weeks.

    I have buyed some books on willpower & selfdiscipline. I will try the discribed methods to preventing me from masturbation. I keep you updated on any useful method. Maybe i start i new thread soon about developing willpower and some exercises. I think this is the nearest thing to a mind-filter for porn.

    Ok we will do it a person, keep us updated. Breaking the addiction is the fundament for healing.



    I started my celibacy as a new years resolution, so i’m going strong since 1/1/07.

    Alpha, heres how i do it: Once I realized that man has nothing to solve this problem, I had to turn to God and the answer was clear:

    “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” – 1 Corinthians 6:18-20



    I wouldn`t take this program you are self-imposing literally… The desire to live a healthy porn free life should be natural not imposed .

    On the other way I would say its rather benefic to admire a beautiful girl on the street . Dont be so absolute , this behaviour will have you more frustated and you will become a stranger to your society… don`t let others the occasion to consider you savage….



    feb 6, 2007.

    feeling a bit ill this morning. called in sick to work. ive been feeling sickish for a few days. feeling like i have a fever, but not actually having one. feeling some body aches. also i started going to a gym the last couple of weeks. dont know if my bodies insides are hurting because of the cardio workouts.

    also a couple of weeks ago i was in a situation i could not easily leave and i had to urinate very badly. i held it for 2 hours. the last hour was bad, the last half hour was very bad. i have read that this holding of the urine can lead to a bladder infection, so i need to have that checked out. i dont seem to be having any of the symptoms of a bladder infection, except for the feverish feeling.

    back in december i did 35 days abstinence (ending january 5th or so). the end was hard. and i got sick back then too. i had a fever and loose bowl movements and was quite miserable. found a doctor in mexico who gave me some antibiotics and i got better, but now im wondering if those antibiotics killed all the invaders or not.

    well see what happens.

    today is day 21. i am fantasizing quite a bit about sex these days. very intense fantasies. but not masturbating.

    more later…




    those uncomfortable feelings seem to have disappeared for now. my sensations all over and inside my body are so heightened these days, and i think subconsciously i am at times looking for a ‘good reason’ to go ahead and masturbate and release. but if i wait a while, i feel just fine and dont feel like i need to release. until i go into fantasty and then can get quite aroused again. need to learn ways to control this area my brain seems to like to go into.

    working on it…



    Was your need to ejaculate / masturbate result of this good natural desire, or was it because you did not feel very well overall. We have noticed on the forum that there is desire to start masturbating when one is under some mental/physical conditions that cause emotional imbalances.




    3 weeks complete and i am not feeling as crazy as i thought i would have at this point. maybe this is because i actually did go 35 days when i started back in december 1st. 2006. i ended up ejaculating 35 days later, and then started the abstinence again. anyway…

    i feel pretty good. considering that before 2 1/2 months ago, the longest i had ever gone without ejaculating was 14 days or so. and that was because i was in a meditation course that required that i not have any sexual activity. but ever since i have started ejaculating in my early teens, i have ejaculated many times a week, and often several times a day. several times a day daily. maybe usually several times a day. no wonder i feel like i have so much energy these days, and it even seems like i need less sleep. and i have so so much more time on my hands, without all those wasted hours looking at internet porn.

    so things roll along. i will again enter the unknown after 35 day, but that is still a ways away, so for now, the here and now.

    i am still having intense sexual fantasies. just fantasies of having sex with women who i may know, or who i may have met, or whoever. my mind can be very persistent. its unreal how much i think about sex, even at age 35.

    more to come…




    sitting here sunday night. no date, no dating, no sex tonight. celibacy is a sometimes rough ride, but i am still doing better that i would ever have thought. sex does come to mind often enough, but is not dominating my mind as much as i would have though. intense sexual fantasies do come to mind, often very powerfully, but they pass rather quickly. seems like i look away from women somewhat automatically sometimes. not gawking at every booty that walks by. sometimes this is hard too, the not looking.



    Hey Alpha. Thanks for taking time to post this log. How is your progress, symptom-wise. Thanks.



    this isnt Alpha’s log…its a person’s log



    2/24/07 – late friday night

    31 days of abstinence. seems that if i keep myself occupied, i am ok. once i have some time on my hands, i drift off into fantasy. not all the time, but sometimes. and the fantasies dont last long, just a few intense seconds. sexual fantasies. this is my major symptom at this point. i start fantasizing even before i get horny, and then get horny as a result of my fantasy. this leads me to believe that i dont fantasize because im horny. i get horny because i fantasize.

    one of the main reasons i am seeking help and trying to change my ways is because i truly believe that it is unhealthy for me to think about sex so much. i dont think it is healthy for me or for society when i am constantly checking out women on the street. i am 35 years old. i dont want to be doing this in 5-10 years. i dont want to be another oversexxed 40+ year old playboy. i dont want to be a playboy at age 50+. i want to be different. i want to be polite. i dont want to measure any part of my self esteem by how many women i can get into bed in a year. i dont want this. ultimately i want to find one special lady with whom to share my life, and honestly i dont think i could keep a good woman if i did happen to find her today. i dont think i have the skills to keep a woman like that. i would end up cheating on her, or finding some reason to dump her, just so i could go out and find some other girl to have sex with. i want to break the pattern. i need to learn new skills. so i am taking advise and taking some suggestions and taking a chance. only i can break my downward spiral and patterns.

    so i am taking some spiritual advise and being abstinence for a while. it is hard and stressful at times, but i am going to do it for me, and for every woman i date in the future.

    i am glad i have this site to post my thoughts and feelings and intentions and progress and lack of progress.



    It seems abstaining is working well for you.

    For you having strong sex drive, although you may not like having that big libido, it indicates that body’s working well and energy/blood is flowing smoothly in the body and internal organs. Also, there is lots of vital energies in the sexual and other organs which will also make sure the healing takes place, like you have noticed increased energy and other advancement while abstaining from sex/ejaculation/masturbation. I take that you have this natural high sex drive without herbs or anything, so it is not result of ‘beating an already tired horse’.

    If you were seriously exhausted, or have some other major health problems or imbalance in your body, there would be low state of vitality, possible panic attacks, depression, signs of aging, slow movement, concentrating problems, eye floaters, hearing impairment, general weakness and no natural sexual libido at all. Maybe only addictive urge to watch porn and start masturbating/ejaculating together with basic mental symptoms.



    today is day 36, which means i again enter uncharted territory. i say this because last december/january i did abstain for 35 days before ejaculating. so now im entering an area ive never seen. the unknown. the unknown can be both exciting and scary. so i am both excited and afraid. more excited though i think…




    doubt and angst and anger and fear and on and on and on…

    the sexual fantasties are sometimes overwhelming. amazing how far out of reality they can take me. if i pay attention to the space im in when i come out of a fantasy, maybe a 10-15 second fantasy, i see that i had completey left myself and my immediate reality. talk about checking out! not wanting to deal with my immediate reality, which is not involving sex or women right now, may be leading me into the world of fantasy. phew!! i think all those things i used to do to check out only have the one outlet now, and that is fantasy. i have noticed however that i am again starting to look at women on the street and elsewhere. scoping out an ass here, some legs there. trying to make eye contact here taking a peek at some breasts there. im not doing this with the zeal i used to do it with, but it is happening. i am quite horny right now, and sometimes its a struggle…




    been meditating twice a day for the last few days. i think with all this built up energy i need to meditate, also, i think i can maybe channel some of this eneergy somewhere more needed. i have heard that sexual restraint can aid in mediation. that energy is needed and can be used in the spiritual self. not that i am feeling that exchange yet in really.

    still amazed that i havent masturbated for so many days. over 40 days now. unbelievable. i really truely would never have thought it possible. thats how hooked i was on sexual release. so hooked that i never though a life without it was possible. not just unattainable, but not possible. funny thing. sexual energy is so everywhere in out society here in the usa. seems to fly everywhere and in all directions. im truely glad i dont have to be part of it for a while. it sure does free up lots of time.



    How is your abstinence going, you still have not ejaculated / masturbated? Any problems?




    yes, i still havent masturbated or ejaculated. feeling pretty good about that.

    honestly i have been a bit reluctant to post recently because i have been having this problem. i about it in my second posting on feb 6th (see above). i have still been having frequent urination and i am full of fear about it. i had the incident that i mentioned in the feb 6th posting and since then i have been urinating unusually frequently. it seems to have gotten a bit better, or different, maybe since i have reduced that ammount of water i intake. i am wondering if any of this frequent urination can be a result of my celibacy/abstinence? i just dont know. i live in the usa and i dont have medical insurance so it will take months to see a urologist to ask questions about it. i saw a general practice doctor who checked me for a urinary tract infection and it came up negative. she said i should see a urologist but again, that will take 3-4 months.

    what i am trying now is to stop fantastizing about sex. i wonder if all that fantasizing, and then not ejaculating could have some negative effect with built up semen. sometime i still urinate in a double stream like when i urinate after masturbating or after sex.

    so that is what is up with me. any advise?



    i think its your body’s own reaction to what is going on. it should resolve by itself over-time, unless you have an infection. I have found that cleansing can help with quite a few of such ”strange” symptoms.




    i know i dont have an infection because they tested me for it. i took the antibiotic anyway, because they gave me the antibiotic the same day they took the urine sample, which tested negative for any infection.

    but why would these symptoms be lasting so long? its been over 2 months now since the incident.

    also, when you say cleansing, do you mean the drinking lots of water and flushing it out type of cleansing?



    the antibiotic might have actually contributed to the problem. unless they can find the actual bacterial strain then taking an antibiotic is a waste of time.

    what sort of tests did they carry out by the way?

    for the cleansing I meant a whole body cleanse, colon cleanse and in particular liver cleanse.

    hopefully your symptoms should improve. I think your body is trying to get accustomed to the new situation and hence why you’re experiencing all sorts of these weird reactions.

    you could also get a C-reactive protein test done, to see if you have any inflammation.



    they did a test for urinary tract infection, came up negative. then they tested for normal routine stuff, and sugar stuff, because they thought i may have diabetes, since frequent urination is a symptom of diabetes. they have dont a test on my prostrate recently, which i have not recieved a call-back for, which tells me it came back negative also.

    i have heard that holding your urine can stretch out your bladder, which is a muscle, and then it takes time for the bladder to heal itself. i have heard a “few” weeks time for healing. so maybe its still healing.

    what are these cleansings you talk of. i mean, how can i do them, and how do you think they can help me in this situation?



    what did they do for the prostate? PSA, DRE, semen test etc…… just curious thats all.

    also, how much water were you drinking when you experienced this frequent urination.

    the healing part , for me, took realistically speaking 12 months. I think your body is just re-adjusting at this moment.

    for the cleanses I’ll come back to you with more info on them. sometimes certain molecules or parasites get stuck inside the body and can cause pretty much the symptoms you’ve experienced and many others.



    PSA test for the prostate.

    drinking little water at all and still urinating 7-8 times a day. if i drink 30-40 ounces of water, i would urinate double that ammount of times.

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