My erection & ejaculation determines my SE symptoms

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    Sexual Exhaustion Symptoms post ejaculation


    I usually know straight after the ejaculation if I’m going to experience symptoms as I:

    – Had a bit of premature ejaculation during sex

    – My ejaculation was not thick, but watery and less thick and white, And my erection goes down straight away

    – A little hot flushed, dissapointed and trouble getting to sleep

    Wakup tired with the following symptoms throughout the day

    – Tired, Lose strength and motivation for gym

    – Moody

    – Irritated

    – Back of eyes feel compressed and irritated, sensitive to sunlight

    – Tight Neck and Shoulders

    – Brain fog & concentration problems

    – Bad Flatulence

    – A little bit of Allegy, like itchy nose or runny

    – Lower back ache

    – Tailbone ache (office sitting job)

    The above symptoms will last 2-3 days and slowly subsiding

    I find that my symptoms are at there worst (as above) when during the act of sex I dont feel that horny or have a desire to ejaculate. I have premature ejaculation and my ejaculation is not strong and semen is not white and thick.

    I then imediatly feed bad and know I’m on the path to sexual exhaustion symptoms.

    Minor or no Exhaustion Symptoms post ejaculation


    There have been times when during the act, Ive really had the desire to ejaculate and my erection feels good, and with this I have confidence to ejaculate. I dont experience premature ejaculation as much and my Orgasm is strong and my semen is alot thicker and has a a bit of white and less watery. My erection also stays after ejaculation for a couple minutes

    When this happens, I usually feel more awake and confident I wont get severe symptoms and can get a good sleep.

    I might then only wakeup just feeling a little weak, and usually dont experince the above symptoms.


    Whats everyones thoughts on this?

    I’m going to start taking Lecithin in the hope that its choline that i’m deficient in and hopefully this corrects the parasympathetic nervous system

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