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    This is it guys, I always knew there was some link between my chronic fatigue and my masturbation addiction. Today I know for sure….

    I jerk off like 2-3 times a day, I’m always very horny… always thinking of girls, it’s a real ADDICTION, it’s so sad. Why is the media always trying to sell sex to us? Maybe the system is just trying to keep us weak and hooked. It’s just like Adam’s Apple story, the snake trying to lure us into eating the apple…. lol

    I remember once I quitted for one week, and felt great. Not amazing, but a lot better, a lot more energy, I actually felt stronger… Though, it just took one masturbation to return to my addiction: I don’t know why I do it so much, it’s like my body begs for it, mind and body.

    How can we fight temptation? Shitty food, masturbation, laziness, etc? I need a wave of inspiration, but not just a burst that lasts one week then go back to zero, I need multiple waves, and ocean of inspiration. I need to make a promise here and now to change my life forever, I need to have high tolerance to failure, and I need to burn this energy I dedicate to masturbation busy in something else.

    I have some questions… for me to heal fast, can I “slip” a few times? Let’s say, once a week? Or is it just going back to zero?

    Tomorrow I have an appointment with the neurologist to check me out, maybe there’s something wrong with me? You know, fatigue, joint pressure, fogginess, mood swings, anxiety. Or should I just wait a few months without masturbating and see how I feel?

    Anyway, here’s a toast for day 1

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    Fresh blood! You look full of energy, man, go for it! Destroy this shameful addiction. The best is to see how much you cant go without porn/masturbation, my record is 2 weeks, and then, just low the fequency to once a week.

    I just have come from a pornsite but I didnt masturbate, I just wanna heal but this have gone too far, thats the truth, and I dont know if I care anymore…

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, hope to see improvements from you in a short time!




    I also have often that pain! What are your thoughts about it, ? Could it be a symptom of prostate problem of some sort?



    I also have often that pain! What are your thoughts about it, ? Could it be a symptom of prostate problem of some sort?

    I didnt meant a specific pain , but the general weakness , fatigue , emotional irritability, brain fog , depression…and prostate.

    when you take a decision in cutting MB quickly , the symptoms can be self treated with time, but since me and others are stubborn we continued with this habit and the symptoms became more persistent and the refractory time became more than 3 weeks or more

    the pain you have Sargonas could be from prostate , due to DHT or estrogen excess in there since excess e2 for a long period can help cholesterol and inflammatory structures to bind in there leading to enlarged prostate that lower the strength of urination flow and ejaculation power, not to mention the irritability and mild painsevere

    and it could be from another issue , but iam sure that its not an bacterial infection in your prostate.



    Thanks for the welcome guys. I think you are right , I can’t go half assed with this attempt, every extreme is bad… hence to cut this addiction I need AT LEAST one month spank free, at least.

    Anyway, it’s day 4 now, haven’t noticed any big difference. I don’t have a big urge to masturbate or anything, but then again, for days is NOTHING… I need more time. I will post again to tell you how I feel when I reach week one, wish me luck.



    Btw, I haven’t posted anything about my condition and why I am doing this.

    I have some mild pain in my knees and jaw, but the most annoying symptom is lack of balance and/or motor skills, sometimes my speech is all fucked up too, sometimes I just don’t feel like myself and feel all “foggy”, tired and sick. What I hate the most is the fact that some days I’m fine, there is no symptom whatsoever… but other days I feel like shit and every little symptom comes back. I think I might have hypothyroidism, since I have most of the symptoms (weak motor skills, coldness, dry hair, speech issues, etc). I think masturbation is fine, but if you take it to an extreme like I did (2-3 times a day ) it can F*ck up your hormone balance, right? I mean, every extreme will take you out of equilibrium.

    Concerning the sexual thing, I used to have ED, etc… But here’s the catch, when I was with my ex (we lasted about 2 years) , the first month I had a lot of problems with ED, but when I started really getting into her, and feeling calm around her, the problem just disappeared, well… I actually had amazing erections and had the best sex of my life in those 2 years, that’s because I liked her so much… and I just completely forgot about my ED, so mind over matter guys, if you put your mind to it… you won’t have an amazing erection/sex, but if you forget about your mind, and return to your animal instincts, well then it’s all in the past. So sometimes you just need the right girl, so you don’t feel judged and pressured. Though masturbation definitely plays a role here, if you take it to an extreme… it can F*ck your balance up.

    So that’s why I am doing this, overall, I think my hormone balance is sort of messed up… maybe not masturbating every day won’t fix it by itself, but it could help.

    Best of Luck.

    Regards from Chile.

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