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    Just got back my Thyroid Function Test results.. Today also marked a victory for me. I took my new doctor (young dude) through Dr. Lin’s theories (Plus all the discoveries from exhausted members). i printed them out and he read them. This showed all we know of the correletion between overmasturbation, glands, hormones, neurochemicals and all that… explained to him all the symptoms i’ve had and how i’ve tried to eradicate them based on the theories. i explained that i have been doing this research for almost a year mainly on the internet together with a forum and independendt research. i think he was either dumbfounded by all this “new data” or he is a very open doctor coz he just said “interesting”, and he had never heard of anything like it (ofcourse he hasn’t).

    i explained to him that it was a new phenomenon only known to Chinese traditional medicine and the findings fuse science and TCM. He then agreed to have all these hormonal tests done and even suggested that we do them in phases to avoid suspicion arising from the insurance companies.

    Did the Thyroid Function Test and the result was Euthyroid. That’s normal thyroid function. Here are the tests for analysis. what do ya’ll think. The brackets show the normal range

    Free T3 – 2.60 pg/ml (2.6-5.4)

    Free T4 – 10.36 pg/ml (5.86-13.02)

    TSH – 2.510 uiU/ml (0.25-5.0)

    Tommorrow we will do the Free and Total Testestesterone; S-DHEA and Morning Cortisol. The only drawback is that it’s blood and 2 is that i’m on supplementation (Betterman) so i suspect it may interfere or maybe not..but we’ll see how that goes. i suspect all these tests might come out negative at which point i will have to invest in ZRT lab testing (at my own cost )

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    thats good, TSH is generally the main marker of thyroid function and if it is abnormal they usually test for free TS3 and TS4. personally i think the blood tests are pretty much accurate but its better if you get your cortisol tested throughout the day.



    I agree with BlueShark, your numbers look good for Thyroid function.



    More results…

    Free Testesteterone(calculated) – 587.6 pmol/l N(174-729) pmol/l

    Total Testesteterone – 26.50 nmol/l N(9.9-27.8 ) nmol/l

    Cortisol(9:00 am) – 126.76 ng/ml N (60-285) ng/ml

    SHBG (sex Hormone Binding Globulin) 34.4 nmol/l N (14.5-48.4)

    DHEA-S – 3.8 umol/l (4.34-12.2)

    My test levels are crazily high as usual. The DHEA however seems to be low. i also think the SHBG is kinda high. any thoughts?


    Admins please move this post to the log section. thanks



    the morning cortisol test was it a blood or saliva test.

    the DHEA does seem to be a bit on the low side.



    everything was blood. if the dhea is anything to go by, it may mean that i indeed have adrenal fatigue.



    your adrenals kinda seem in the low-drive mode. but yeah if the cortisol was saliva it would have been better. a DHEA blood test ia quite accurate.



    true my doc has referred me to an endrocologist. i’ll see what he has to say..just that i’m kinda skeptical with the medical world when it comes to se issues



    hmm he might give you a DHEA supplement.



    the doc thinks the endrocologist would be best suited to interpret, and test the hormones and may be able to see how exactly other areas of the endocrine and even neuroendocrine are affected. i think the adrenal extracts, a bit of dhea, amino acids(or whey), a very good multivitamin(with nettle, ginko, and natural vitamin e and such), fish oil, sleep and excercise will do the job. i think i also need something for the cortisol.



    yeah thats the best idea.



    my consultation with dr. ron ended in him advising me to use the following supplemements from his site for healing:

    i explained to him that i have low dhea and possibly low dopamine

    CLO, 2 Tablespoons, 6

    OOD, 6, 2 bottles

    Adrenal, 3, 1 bottle

    Vitamin E, 3, 1 bottle

    Sea Vegetables Plus, 6, 2 bottles

    Deep Thought, 2, 2 bottles

    Maca Root, 180 per bottle; 6/d, 2 bottles

    DHEA, 15 mg, 90 per bottle, 2/d, 2 bottles.



    i’m thinking of ordering the adrenal extracts, organ delight from his sight, the others from different sites. example instead of dhea i use d-35 to up my dhea. vitamin E can be found in a multivitamin right? and for maca i can go with the NOW maca rror at half that price. so what i need to add is a good multi (still looking). mucuna pruriens (for the dopamine) and 5htp and something for the essential aminos. so my regimen would look like this:

    1. Organ Delight (Dr. Ron’s)

    2. Adrenal Extracts (Dr. Ron’s)

    3. Multivitamin (Still searching)

    4. Mucuna Pruriens (Solaray)

    5. 5 HTP (Now)

    6. Acetyl l-Carnitine (Now)

    7. Whey (Still searching)

    8. D-35 Complex (Natural Alternative Solutions)

    9. Maca (Now)

    10. Cod Liver Oil (Seven Seas)

    11. Adrenal Support herbs (optional)

    12. Prostate support (DHT blockers one with saw palmetto, nettle root, pygeum extract)

    i’ll obviously need to use a phased approach with all these supps to experiment on whats working or not.

    comments please?



    Dr. Ron makes a good multi-vitamin with no additives, it’s called “Doc’s Best”.

    There is also the one that Max (I think it was Max) just mentioned, which is

    In some ways, I think I like Dr.Rons better. I’m not sure I want all the herbs that are in Vita-Synergy. I don’t really like the idea of taking that many herbs every day.



    yeah i may switch and try out Dr rons multi to, im already taking his cod liver oil and some organ supplements, most of his supplements seem of good quality.



    the problem with vitas-ynergy is that it doesn’t list the source of the minerals. on a personal note i supplement with Vitamins C and E (preferrably a complex) on their own as well as the amount I have in the really can’t find a multi with optimal levels of everything. I think i will go back to my Beverly intl super-pack.



    you had a phone consulatation with doctor ron?



    dhea is tied to hair loss guys. it makes you lose your hair much quicker. be careful with this stuff. i would not recommend taking too much of it if you are younger than 50. thats if u still want hair on your head. for some guys this may be less of your worries considering symptoms u have with SE.



    yeah DHEA is something you should be real careful with.

    im testing my DHEA soon.





    for dhea mine is low. dhea creams are said to be relatively safe as they bypass the liver



    i to bill the author of the site a herbal treatment for hormone induced prostatitis (and secondary hypogonadism) here’s what he had to say about the side effects i’m getting…

    in the side effects i’m getting


    so it could either be something else in the gel (pregnenolone or progesterone) or that the DHEA/T is converting to E (maan shouldnt there be an endrocronolgist or doctor telling me all this stuff! im an IT person!! ). though theres crystin in the gel to stop that conversion.




    well the link doesn’t seem to work for a start.

    I suspect that its the pregnenolone in the cream.



    are you going to continue the d-35 dhea complex?




    i’ll try it with saw palmetto this time. if the side effects continue, i’ll probably use it a day before sex…not for treatment. i’ll just look for pure dhea and use that..

    it felt abnormal to feel normal(the erections part not side effects). like a man…i had forgotten how that felt but again i gotta look out for the long term…

    blue, maybe it’s preg though most of the research i’m finding shows how preg is harmless and is good for the adrenal gland. i was suspecting progesterone. and oh the link opens on this end



    let me know how it works out because im LOW on dhea and maybe consider this.

    is this a cream you rub on?




    yes. in hairless areas..



    i’ve resumed the d-35 and this time i’m not seeing any side-effects. maybe the side effects i was previously experiencing was the body adjusting to it



    maybe because of the break you took. but did you use it for the same period this time.



    i had used it for 2 weeks, though the side-effects had started from the first day of taking it. this time i’ve used it for a week



    how much is the DHEA dosage?




    you need a TPO test to test for ABs.

    Free T-3 is borderline low…

    i do another thyroid test FT3, FT4, TSH, and TPO

    if you have symptoms of HypO you may need armour

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