my labs!!!! finally here.

Sexual Reboot Forum my labs!!!! finally here.

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    anyways.. here are some of the (more important) labs iv gotten.

    Ferritin 257.4 …22-322 ng/ml

    Vitamin b12 569 …732 pg/ml

    Folate 13.1… 2.8-13.5 ng/ml

    t3, free 3.8… 2.3-4.2 pg/ml

    t3 total 141 …83-215 ng/dl

    t3 reverse 330…90-350 pg/ml

    Aldosterone 10.5 ng/dl

    t4 total 8.4…6.1-12

    ACTH 22…7-69

    DHEAS 451…88-483

    cortisol, AM i 15 mcg/dl

    estradiol level i 53…13-47 pg/ml

    progesterone level i .9…0.3-1.9 ng/dl

    pregnenolone 50…23-173 ng/dl

    testosterone total 435…241-827(I thought he got me free too what the heck)

    iron level 115…28-182 mcg/dl

    iron binding capacity 291…280-400 mcg/dl

    % iron saturation 40…11-46 %

    transferrin level 207.9…180-329 mg/dl

    zinc level whole blood 620 mcg/dl

    also they took a urine sample and found a bit much amorphous phosphates and the appearance was “hazy*”. thats about all she

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    Issue number one

    Free T3 is good. But Reverse T3 is just as high as mine. So your gona be slightly hypothyroid. But mariano is definetly gona be concerned with high Rt3.

    Issue Number two

    Your E2 is crazy high. did he get the E2 sensitive done? That alone is makin your Testosterone low and causing alot of issues. Gona have to fix that.

    Issue number 3

    mediocore tesotosterone. 400s for our age is shity. I had the same kind of base line labs but my E2 was alot better then yours.

    Your cortisol is decent. Your still missing SHBG which will tell us free T.

    So for now you need to fix

    1) High E2.

    2) Low T

    3) High RT3.

    that sould be the extent of your hormonal issues.

    After that on to nueros.



    ya i thought the lab did my shbg, was surprised to see that it wasnt on the list

    do u think that my testosterone isnt low enough to catch mariano’s attention though? thats my only concern.



    & what about my pregnenolone levels? Should 50 for my age be of any concern



    Preg is always low in everyone its not a good test really. mines never been higher then 44.



    your DHEA levels seems perfect , cortisol is slightly low, progesterone is almost good.

    to his levels the optimal for cortisol is 18-20

    Progesterone >1



    thnx guys.

    hmm no wonder why many labs dont offer pregnenolone.

    So from what I hear about neuros is I dont need a doctor to sign me a lab order for neuros, correct?

    if thats so then i take it insurance companies dont pay for neuros.

    correct? im in california.



    exatly you gotta order a kit online.

    though there are some uselful tests that can be used alongside a urine neuro test to further help evaluate.

    Look back at my post about further how to test serotonin a few days ago.

    Next time I check neuros im runnin all of those and all of them are covered by insurance with the exception of the urine neuro test.



    awesome awesome.

    welp i have a phone appointment with mariano tomorrow night. lets see how it goes, though i feel im about ready to switch to crisler im a little hesitant.

    has anyone actually ever SEEN crisler as a patient? what are his responses to SE (generally speaking)?



    He dosnt recognize SE. Wouldnt even bother mentioning it. As a matter of fact would recomend not doin that.

    Your job is simply to find a doctor who will tune you up hormonally ASAP. Whether its mariano, chrisler, or a local doc is dependant on you and your case.



    No doctor will understand SE your job is to get your hormones optimized thats it , NEVER MENTION SE if you want feedback on crisler patients go to musclechatroom.



    Cannot say this enough this is exactly right.

    Once you get optimal hormones the rest is on you. Figuring out your optimal ejacualtion frequency , porn addiciton issues, confidence issues and neurotransmitters is all on you.

    But figuring out testosterone, e2, cortisol, thyroid your probably gona need some help from one of the top docs.



    is E2 the same as estrogen. i ask because i want the doc to know what i mean when i say “E2 Sensitive”. Or should i just say Estradiol


    What kind of doctor specifically deals with Hormones?



    E2= estrodial. So you can use the two terms interchangebly.

    An endocrinolgist is a hormone doctor . But chances are there not gona help you much.



    I just wanna get the blood work done and come to you and others for help.

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